Republicans Stormed SCIF During Impeachment Deposition

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Per an article posted in the here’s the names of the Lawless, Trump Brown-Nose, Ass-Kissing, Sycophant Republicans who stormed the SCIF and Put National Security at Risk;

Republican Whip Steve Scalise, Jim Jordan, Mark Walker, Andy Biggs, Lee Zeldin, Mo Brooks, Mark Meadows, Kevin Hern, Paul Gosar, Steve Watkins, Debbie Lesko, Russ Fulcher, Buddy Carter, Steve King, Bill Johnson, Fred Keller, Brian Babin, Ken Buck, Michael Waltz, Ralph Norman, Louie Gohmert, Mark Green, Carol Miller, Vicky Hartzler, Alex Mooney, Jeff Duncan, Drew Ferguson, Gary Palmer, Jody Hice, Duncan Hunter, Ross Spano, Bradley Byrne, David Rouzer, Markwayne Mullin, Randy Weber, Pete Olson, Ron Wright, Scott Perry, Greg Murphy, and Ben Cline.

You’d think these people would be ashamed or embarrassed being called “Wingnuts”… regarded as regressive, backwards, stupid, idiots, etc but they don’t seem to care. They’re fine with “going down with the ship”.

So when Gaetz and House minority whip Steve Scalise and their merry band of lawmakers literally barge into a SCIF—they finally left after a five-hour standoff—they’re not just causing a fuss. They’re making a mockery of national security and to a lesser extent putting it at risk. Especially the congressmen who, as numerous outlets have reported, brought their smartphones into the room.

“A SCIF is designed and regulated to be a secure space—and that means keeping out electronic devices that malicious actors can exploit to conduct surveillance,” says Joshua Geltzer, a former senior director for counterterrorism at the National Security Council. “Bringing those into such a space can cause real national security vulnerabilities. Doing so for a political stunt potentially sacrifices security for partisan points.”


Title from YouTube: Matt Gaetz Is Under Investigation For His Impeachment Publicity Stunts

Description from YouTube: The Florida Bar has announced that they are launching ANOTHER investigation into Matt Gaetz’s behavior during the impeaching hearings in the House in October, when Gaetz made a spectacle by trying to storm the hearings and by using recording devices in areas where this is forbidden. Gaetz was trying to put on a show for the public, and now it could cost him his law license.


Chris Hayes breaks down what we know about Congressman Jim Jordan’s active involvement in fomenting Donald Trump’s attempted coup: “As long as the subpoenas keep coming, Jim Jordan may want to start refreshing his memory of when exactly he spoke to Trump.”

Trump’s lawless Republican mob was egged on by Sean Hannity

“The Republican gang that crashed a secure hearing room on Capitol Hill Wednesday was no flash mob. Donald Trump, working with junior Republican House members, arranged the stunt, equally lawless and juvenile.

“A hint that some mob action was in the works came the night before in a rant by Fox’s Sean Hannity, who channeled Trump for 15 minutes”.

“To be a Democrat you can’t believe in truth, reason, common sense,” Hannity thundered on Tuesday night, projecting on House Democrats the barbarous tactics of the Republican backbenchers. “This is now a lawless mob. Now nothing we are witnessing is driven by facts, law, constitutionality. No, a psychotic rage and hatred at all things Trump.”
Pizza and Cell Phones

“Just hours later a lawless mob appeared on Capitol Hill, but not one composed of Democrats. Instead, we saw an invasion of a secure hearing room by two dozen white Republicans, all but one male. The mob, led by know-nothing Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.), ordered Chik-Fil-A and pizza, leaving a mess when they departed. They improperly used cell phones”.

“The dangers of this rash behavior are detailed in an essay by Mieke Eoyang, a longtime national security expert who worked for the House Intelligence Committee.

“During his rant, Hannity, and the next day mob leader Gaetz, along with others lied again and again in saying that impeachment depositions being taken in that room were lawless and that Republicans were excluded. In fact, more than 40 Republicans have the right as members of various House committees to attend and to ask all the questions they choose”.

“Trump, desperate to stop an unstoppable onslaught of facts exposing his traitorous, self-serving and criminal activity, will say anything to save himself. In Hannity, he has the perfect loyalist, a man willing to parrot whatever Trump tells him, no matter the consequences for our nation”.

“The key here is that to blindly loyal Trumpers like Hannity, Trump matters first, last and always, our Constitutional republic be damned”.

Full article at


Judge Napolitano Schools ‘Fox & Friends’ on Impeachment: Schiff Just ‘Following the Rules’

After Republican members of the House stormed the gates of the impeachment hearings on Wednesday, Judge Andrew Napolitano stopped by Fox & Friends Thursday morning to deliver a harsh wake-up call: Democrats are just “following the rules”—rules written by Republicans.

“I read the House rules,” Napolitano said. “And as frustrating as it may be to have these hearings going on behind closed doors—the hearings over which Congressman Schiff is presiding—they are consistent with the rules.”

“They can make up any rules they want?!” Brian Kilmeade replied.

Napolitano told him, “Well, they can’t change the rules, they follow the rules.” He went to explain that those rules were last written in January 2015 when Republicans held the majority and the Speaker of the House was John Boehner.

“The rules say that this level of inquiry, this initial level of inquiry, can be done in secret,” Napolitano said, effectively dismantling the primary talking point of both Fox News and the Trump White House. “Secret evidence doesn’t work in this world, so eventually there will be a public presentation of this,” he added, “at which lawyers for the president can cross-examine these people and challenge them.”


Remember Benghazi? Republican concerns about “secret” hearings are newfound in the Trump era

A band of Republican lawmakers derailed the impeachment inquiry testimony of a Pentagon official Wednesday when they stormed a secure facility on Capitol Hill in protest of closed-door hearings, a process which they previously defended under the administration of former President Barack Obama. Rep.

Republicans are HYPOCRITES and LIARS by claiming it’s just democrats who’s engaging in closed door meetings, because as stated in the above article and Judge Napolitano, they condoned closed door meetings during THEIR Benghazi witch hunt, which found no wrongdoing by anyone in the Obama administration.



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