Mike Pompeo Sucks for Praising Putin & Berating NPR Reporter

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Former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo praised Russian President Vladimir Putin’s strategy in Ukraine in a February 18, 2022 interview, saying Putin is ‘very shrewd, very capable. I have enormous respect for him.’

Mike Pompeo Sucks for Praising Murderous, Russian Dictator & War Criminal Vladimir Putin, Berating a NPR Reporter and failing to support U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie L. Yovanovitch


NPR: Mike Pompeo Berated Reporter After Questions On Ukraine

NPR’s Mary Louise Parker pushed Secy. of State Mike Pompeo repeatedly on Ukraine, and he reportedly berated her using curse words and demanding she find Ukraine on an unmarked map (which she did). Aired on 1/24/2020.


A NPR reporter says she endured a profanity-laden tirade from US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo when she questioned him on former ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Meanwhile, an audio recording surfaces purporting to show President Trump ordering her removal.

The NPR Reporter had every right to ask Pompeo any question she wanted. Trump and everyone in his LAWLESS administration are behaving like Banana Republican authoritarians.


Pompeo Criticized for Failing to Support U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch

Several senior U.S. diplomats, including former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, are key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump. As transcripts from diplomats’ closed-door Capitol Hill hearings are released, many are questioning why Secretary of State Mike Pompeo did not shield or support Yovanovitch from an administration campaign that led to her eventual ouster. VOA’S diplomatic correspondent Cindy Saine reports from the State Department.

Pompeo failed defend U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch who was fired for standing in the way of Trump’s corrupt and lawless scheme to pressure Ukraine President Zelensky into making an investigation of Joe Biden in exchange for 400 Million in aid money already approved by congress.


POS Trump praises Pompeo for berating NPR reporter

Trump acted like a wanna-be Dictator by complimenting Pompeo for Berating the NPR Reporter.


All The President’s Men Are Whiny Little Boys

We are a nation on downers, with a president on uppers and a secretary of state that is, as the kids would say, tripping. Secretary of State and 56-year-old adult man Mike Pompeo threw a full-fledged tantrum Friday when NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly dared ask him tough questions about his role in the Ukraine scandal that led to President Trump’s impeachment.


Trump Suggests NPR Shouldn’t Exist After Heated Mike Pompeo Interview

President Donald Trump has once again questioned why National Public Radio exists after it reported on Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s foul-mouthed interview with one of its reporters who asked him about Ukraine. Trump on Sunday agreed with comments posted on Twitter that labeled the nonprofit media organization a “big-government, Democrat Party propaganda operation” and asked why NPR receives government funding and still exists.

Trump Suggests NPR Shouldn’t Exist After Heated Mike Pompeo Interview

Trump went on the attack after the secretary of state’s foul-mouthed tirade was reported by the nonprofit media organization.

More proof of Trump’s authoritarian wanna-be dictator contempt for the free press.


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