Ellen DeGeneres Sucks for Friendship With George W. Bush

I think Ellen DeGeneres Sucks for being “friends” with George W. Bush, a illegitimate President who was put in office against the will of the majority of Americans and a convicted War Criminal responsible for thousands of deaths.


Opinion | The Ellen, Bush Uproar Shows How Quickly We Forget War Crimes

The rehabilitation of George W. Bush’s reputation shows just how quickly we forgot about Iraq.


Dear Ellen DeGeneres: The Problem With Bush Is His War Crimes

Bush is not a “kind, sweet man.” There is nothing “beautiful” about him. He was a monster as governor of Texas and a monster as president.

Nobody Should Be Friends With George W. Bush

Sorry, Ellen, but you shouldn’t actually be friends with everyone. George W. Bush has blood on his hands.

It’s not just me who feels DeGeneres relationship with George W. Bush is a mistake… the above articles states; “Ellen DeGeneres Is Wrong About George W. Bush” and “Bush should be treated as a pariah not because he is a Republican or a conservative, but because he caused the deaths of thousands of innocent people and tortured hundreds of others”.


Bush Administration Convicted of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity – Global Research

Former U.S. President George W. Bush recently dedicated his Presidential Library in Dallas. The ceremony included speeches by President Obama, ex-President Bush, and every other living ex-president. But none of the speeches so much as mentioned to Iraq war – the undertaking that dominated George W. Bush’s presidency, and will define his historic legacy.

A five-panel tribunal unanimously delivered guilty verdicts against Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and their key legal advisors who were all convicted as war criminals for torture and cruel, inhumane and degrading treatment.

Hard to believe DeGeneres is not aware of this or lacks the principles to stand up for what is right by NOT forgetting the damage Bush has caused and never forgiving.

Unlike Ellen DeGeneres… I and many Americans have principles and will never forget or forgive the damage George W. Bush caused, how Republicans RIGGED the 2000 election and crammed this dumb-ass, SOB down our throats.

He deserves to be SHUNNED and DISRESPECTED for the rest of his miserable life. Here’s just a few reasons why…


Video exposes how the 2000 election was rigged

Secretary of State, Katherine Harris and Governor Jeb Bush had the motive and the means to make sure Florida’s decisive electoral votes were “delivered” to George W. Bush.

They accomplished this by illegally purging thousands of black voters off of the Florida voter rolls, ensuring an unfair advantage to George W. Bush, as shown in the above video.


As shown in the “2000 Election Rigged for Bush” video, ChoicePoint / DBT was given a $4 million no-bid contract under the Jeb Bush administration which wrongly and illegally purged thousands of African Americans from the Florida voter rolls.

According to the Brennan Center for Justice “Florida registrants were purged from the rolls if 80 percent of the letters of their last names were the same as those of persons with criminal convictions. Those wrongly purged included Reverend Willie D. Whiting Jr., who, under the matching criteria, was considered the same person as Willie J. Whiting. Without specific guidelines for or limitations on the authority of election officials conducting purges, eligible voters are regularly made unnecessarily vulnerable”.

As it turned out, almost everyone on the Florida purged voters list had the right to vote.


Antonin Scalia and his Radical Right Wing Republican majority of 5 “Justices” subverted democracy & engaged in partisan politics by stopping the 2000 election vote count. The above video explains the shocking details.

This caused George W. Bush to be installed as President. At the time the votes were stopped by the Supreme Court, there were only 154 votes separating Al Gore from George W. Bush.

With only 154 votes separating Al Gore from George W. Bush,  it’s easy to see how purging thousands of black voters being off of the Florida voter rolls rigged the 2000 election and handed it to George W. Bush on a Silver Platter.

If all of the illegally disqualified voters had been allowed to vote and all votes counted, the total votes would have decisively shown Al Gore to be the winner of the State of Florida and therefore the Presidency.

It was Jeb Bush’s illegal voter purge and Republicans who subverted Democracy by not allowing the votes to be counted that caused the installation of George W. Bush and the US to have a conservative majority in the Supreme Court.

Let’s not forget that Al Gore received 543,895 more votes than George W. Bush.  Al Gore was the majority of American’s choice for president so Democracy was violated.




As stated in the above article, John Bolton was one of the pack of lawyers for the Republican presidential ticket who repeatedly sought to shut down recounts of the ballots from Florida counties before those counts revealed that Gore had actually won the state’s electoral votes and the presidency.


2000 Election GOP House Thugs “Brooks Brothers Riot” also helped stop the Florida Recount which might have declared Al Gore the winner.


In this clip from the 2015 CNN documentary Bush v Gore, John “Mac” Stipanovich admits Republicans were determined to stop the vote count to make sure George W. Bush was installed as President. This proves Republicans only cared about winning and to HELL with Democracy and the will of the American people.

The Theft of an election and installation of an illegitimate president is the one of worst possible crimes which a government could commit against it’s citizens… yet that is what our government perpetrated against the citizens of the United States, and NOTHING has been done about it.



Iraq Veteran Confronts Ex-President George W. Bush On War Deaths

Worst president ever REPUBLICAN George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq which led to the illegal invasion and war against Iraq. That war was clearly illegal because Iraq did nothing to the United States and therefore George W. Bush had no legitimate reason to attack Iraq. The Iraq war caused the deaths of over 100,000 Iraqi citizens and over 4,000 Americans.



Per article at (http://dyn.politico.com/members/forums/thread.cfm?catid=1&subcatid=4&threadid=2895278&start=271&CurrentPage=10) and copies found elsewhere on the internet, here’s just a few of the crimes and misdeeds as a result of the installation of George W. Bush as President

  • Installation of George W. Bush, a illegitimate president who was not elected by the American people
  • Lying to the American People about Weapons of Mass Destruction to justify War Against Iraq
  • Declaring and Engaging in a Illegal and unprovoked War against Iraq
  • Deaths and Injuries: Causing the deaths of 4,475 Americans, 32,331 wounded Americans and the deaths of over 112,000 Iraqi Civilians
  • Debt of 10 Trillion dollars due to tax cuts and unpaid for wars
  • Appointment of Conservative Supreme Court Judges who destroyed the voting rights act of 1965
  • The creation of ISIS due to the invasion of Iraq, be-headings and people being burned alive
  • War Crimes: In the case of Hamdan vs Rumsfeld, it was proven that numerous war crimes have been committed by the Bush Administration in the war against Iraq, including the preemptive invasion itself. This does not include the unaccounted-for millions of dollars lost in Iraq or the unlawful management by the US State Department regarding the US Contractors operating in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan. Holding and torturing prisoners being held without due process at Guantanamo Bay and the Abu Ghraib prison scandal are also serious war crimes.
  • Outing of a CIA Agent: The outing of Valerie Plame-Wilson by the Bush Administration, admitted by the CIA as being a covert agent, has led directly to Dick Cheney and possibly directly to the President.
  • Spying on Americans: President Bush has admitted to his program of warrentless spying against millions of Americans in violation of the Forth Amendment and the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).
  • Missing e-mails: Two federal statutes require presidential communications, including White House e-mails, to be preserved for the nation’s historical records. From 2001 to October 2003, the White House records system over-wrote all their e-mail files, and up to 2005, some e-mails still were not fully preserved. CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington) and the National Security Archives allege that millions of e-mails are missing from White House servers. (It is interesting that the timing of these lost e-mails is when most of the major illegal Bush activities were occurring.)
  • Misuse of e-mail systems: Both the Republican National Committee e-mail system and the White House system were used within the White House to perform partisan political activities. As the White House is public property, it is against the law to do partisan political business while on public White House property.
  • Unlawful FBI Activities: The ACLU has released documents showing that the Bush Administration directed the FBI to expand the definition of “domestic terrorism” to include citizens engaged in nonviolent protest and civil disobedience. This is totally unconstitutional.
  • Firing of US Attorneys: This was a successful attempt by the President to use his US Attorney General and the US Justice Department for partisan political gains. VIDEO
  • Response to Hurricane Katrina: This was a demonstration of gross negligence by the Bush Administration. A major, obvious betrayal of public trust.
  • Scooter Libby: Bush Obstructed and Shorted-Circuited Justice when he commuted the prison sentence of “Scooter” Libby. This was another example of TWO JUSTICE SYSTEMS… one for the “Rich and Well-Connected” and another for everyone else.
  • Koch Industries was indicted by the DoJ in 2000 for knowingly dumping “at least 91 metric tons of uncontrolled benzene in its liquid waste streams” at its Corpus Christi refinery, and for conspiring to cover it up in an attempt to deceive regulators.After George W. Bush took office in 2001, however, “his Attorney General John Ashcroft dropped 88 counts against Koch for the benzene spill and cover-up” in exchange for a guilty plea to falsifying documents and a $20 million fine (a settlement from $350 million in potential fines.)The Kochs made out pretty well in exchange for their $32,200 contribution to the 2000 Bush campaign.  [Source: http://www.bradblog.com/?p=8778]
  • And much more…

None of these things would have happened were it not for the Jeb Bush Administration and Republicans actions which helped brother George W. Bush to be installed as president.


George Bush, Dick Cheney war crimes: Torture

Rachel Maddow, guest host on countdown with Keith Olbermann, comments on the newly emerging evidence of the Bush White House’s role in promoting torture.

The ICRC report on CIA interrogation techniques concluded categorically that they were “torture”–not “tantamount to torture” as previously reported–and issued an explicit warning to the U.S. Administration that the use of these techniques was a war crime which might subject U.S. leaders to criminal prosecution. This is the real potential headline maker from the book.

– She provides a number of grueling examples of the application of the techniques including the brutal murder of Manadel al-Jamadi, the placement of prisoners in closed coffins for prolonged periods, and one instance in which a below-the-knee amputee with a prosthesis who had his prosthesis taken away and was forced to stand for hours on one foot, hanging from a rail.

– She traces the development of the torture techniques to the work of two contractors, Mitchell and Jessen, and disclosed the specific techniques they developed. She notes that the techniques rely heavily on a theory called “Learned Helplessness” developed by a Penn psychologist Martin Seligman, who assisted them in the process. All of this was done under the thin pretext of being a part of the SERE program. Seligman is a former president of the American Psychological Association. This helps explain why the APA alone among professional healthcare provider organizations failed to unequivocally condemn torture and mandate that its members not associate themselves with the Bush Administration techniques. – She describes an internal CIA investigation by IG Helgerson which concluded that the program violated the Geneva Conventions and U.S. criminal law. Vice President Cheney intervened directly, calling Helgerson directly into his office and speaking with him, after which the CIA report was stopped in its tracks.

– Steven Bradbury at DOJ was asked to resolve this by crafting opinions that gave CIA full latitude to torture, with no restraints–setting aside the opinions crafted by Dan Levin which authorized techniques only within narrow constraints. After Bradbury rendered opinions exactly as solicited on his “probation,” Bush personally expressed his pleasure with Bradbury’s performance and nominated him to head OLC. – According to James Comey, AG Gonzales repeatedly told him that he fully appreciated that the CIA program was torture and was criminal but he couldn’t oppose or block it because “Cheney wants it.”

– The role of the torture lawyers in crafting the system is far more intimate than they have acknowledged. John Yoo, Michael Chertoff and Alice Fisher reviewed specific techniques which clearly amounted to torture and blessed them as fine to use, and then lied publicly and to Congress about their involvement. Yoo is said to have given his legal blessing to torture techniques and their application by DOD operatives on the squash court as he played rounds with Jim Haynes.

– A staff attorney at DOJ names Jessica Radack was fired and then hounded by Chertoff and Fisher after she dispensed correct advice to the effect that John Walker Lindh could not be interviewed by the FBI without being Mirandized and having his attorney present. This advice was overridden by Alberto Gonzales and Jim Haynes, who then had DOJ files purged to remove any evidence that the correct advice had ever been rendered. The purging of the files was carried out by Alice Fisher, who went on to head the Criminal Division. When a district court judge demanded to see the DOJ’s internal communication on the matter, he was told that there were no records.

– Mayer believes that there was criminal obstruction, carried out by the head of the Department’s Criminal Division. – Mayer portrays Cheney as the man who introduced and pushed torture from the beginning and David Addington as his “fixer.” According to her, they never lost a battle.


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This Bush Lie Mashup Will Make You Angry All Over Again


Secret 9/11 Memo Reveals the warnings George W. Bush Ignored which costs thousands of lives


New report reveals what President Bush knew leading up to 9/11 attack


Secret 9/11 memo reveals Bush rewriting the history of the 9/11 attacks and the warnings he’d tuned out

George W. Bush’s answers in a newly declassified 9/11 Commission interview helped him escape blame and win reelection. But they don’t add up.

Secret 9/11 memo reveals Bush rewriting the history of the 9/11 attacks and the warnings he ignored

What the new memo makes clear is that the White House’s lack of urgency in facing down the domestic Qaeda threat wasn’t all that complicated. Tenet, the record shows, did everything he could to get Bush to focus on Al Qaeda. Bush just wasn’t interested.


This is the REAL George W. Bush… a Piece of Shit PRICK who’s responsible for THOUSANDS of DEATHS and a ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT.  Some “Friend”!

(If you think the above photo is photoshopped, click the photo to see the video which proves it’s authentic)





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