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Alex Jones goes on an insane rant berating teenagers in Anti-Mask meltdown with a bullhorn. Love how one of the kids stays glued to his smartphone and totally ignores Jones (LOL)


Infowars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones attacks David Pakman, calling him a “predator”


Ex-Wife Of ‘Infowars’ Host Alex Jones: ‘He’s A Really Unhappy, Disturbed Person’


Alex Jones’ lawyer says “Infowars” host is a “performance artist”


Alex Jones and Roger Stone Interrupt “The Young Turds” Republican National Convention Coverage. One of my favorite “Alex Jones” videos


Glenn Beck mocks Alex Jones


Alex Jones Runs Around Yelling At People


Alex Jones Shirtless Rant Against The “Young Turds” LOL


Alex Jones’ Hilarious Rant and Rave on CNN


Alex Jones goes nuts on the BBC. Andrew Neil calls him an idiot & ‘worst person ever interviewed’


WIMP Marco Rubio says to Alex Jones: ‘Don’t touch me’.  Rubio needs to “Man Up” (but don’t think he’s capable of it). Should have said something like; Get the FUCK out of my face dude or you’ll be getting KNUCKLE SANDWICH!


Alex Jones Can’t Stop Screaming


Alex Jones Arrives in Armored Tank Vehicle During Coronavirus Lockdown Protest.


Alex Jones Goes Berserk!


Megyn Kelly’s entire interview with Alex Jones

What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?


Most American Conservative claim to be “Good Christians” when a good deal of their conduct contradicts Christ’s teaching.

I used to have some respect for Alex Jones until I saw a video about him making fun of Bernie Sanders and basically calling liberals morons. Like Jesus, Bernie Sanders and Democrats stand up for the poor.

Liberals are peaceful, intelligent people. Most of the artists, musicians, actors and creative people are Liberals.

Conservative are responsible for ignorance, bullying, wars, greed, destruction of the earth and just about everything which is wrong in this world.



Millennial momentum means trouble for the GOP

If you believe the political past is a forecast of the future, you really need to read the Pew Research Center’s analysis of the 2020 presidential vote. The research vividly portrays the opportunities that await the Democratic Party and the obstacles that the GOP will likely confront down the line.




Like David Hogg said in this video; “You might as well stop now because we’re going to outlive you”.






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