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Michele Bachmann Goes Berserk Over Biden Winning Election

Michele Bachmann goes berserk on over the news that Joe Biden won the 2020 Elections and is Calling on On God to “SMASH The Delusion That Joe Biden Is Our President”

Former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is having a Kenneth Copeland-style meltdown and is begging God to “smash the delusion” that Joe Biden won the presidential election. The only people suffering from delusions at the moment are the rabid right wingers who can’t seem to grapple with the fact that the majority of people in this country aren’t a part of Trump’s cult.

This is a great example of how Radical Right-Wing Nutcases live in their own alternative reality… denying facts and science!


We put up with FOUR LONG YEARS of Trump’s Incompetence and Insanity so it makes me feel good to see these Right-Wingers EAT CROW!



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