Woman Calls Obama a Communist Dictator

Video shows Virginia Eleasor making insane accusations to Rick Santorum about how President Obama is a “Communist dictator” who “tried to blow up a nuke in Charleston”.

Hard to believe there are people in this world as STUPID and ignorant as this person is.

Here’s the text;

Senator Santorum, thank you for being here. I’m Virginia Eleasor, a retired schoolteacher, lifelong political activist, and lifelong resident of South Carolina. I’ll ask you the same question I asked Senator Cruz. I’ll preface it by saying—Michele Bachman, I think it was king said that Boehner made a deal.

My question’s on defending this country. Thank you for what you do for national security. I’m concerned with sealing these borders and protecting United States. I’ve fought that battle all my life. And I’m losing, and it’s because I’m not getting help from my Congress.

And anyway, Michele Bachmann and King, in an interview on one station said that Boehner made a deal with Obama back in September to be on board with his executive amnesty. The American people put Republicans back in office in the House and the Senate and the two things we asked y’all to do was shut down Obama’s executive amnesty and shut down Obamacare. And you didn’t. You let us down on both issues.

Why is the Congress rolling over and lettin’ this Communist dictator destroy my country? Y’all know what he is and I know what he is. I want him out of the White House. He’s not a citizen. He could’ve been removed a long time ago. Larry Cleveland’s the one who got the judge to say that the executive amnesty is illegal. Everything he does is illegal. He’s trying to destroy the United States. The Congress knows this. What kind of games is the Congress of the United States playing with the citizens of the United States?

Y’all need to work for us, not for the lobbyists that pay your salaries.

Get on board. Well let’s stop all this and get save America.

Y’know, what’s goin’ on Senator Santorum.

Where do we go from here? Ted told me I’ve got to wait now till the next election. I don’t think the country will be around for the next election.

Obama tried to blow up a nuke in Charleston a few months ago and the three Admirals and Generals. He has totally destroyed our military. He has fired all the Generals and all the Admirals who said they wouldn’t fire on the American people if they ask ’em to do so if he wanted to take the guns away from ’em. This man is a Communist dictator. We need him out of the White House now. And the Congress of the United States is the only one — we’ve lost our Congress. We’ve lost our executive.

(Indecipherable yelling.)

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Here’s a great comment posted about this woman’s ramblings;

Dave says:

Not surprised at the stupidity of this woman. That woman is a good picture of the Republican base. Stupid, gullible and easy to scare. It’s uninformed voters like that woman is partly the reason why our Congress is ran by morons. Those morons were voted in by morons. The GOP knows this and that is why Fox News is such a great propaganda tool for the GOP. When Obama is gone in 2017, who will that woman turn her hate, bigotry and stupidity to?