Why Republicans Suck

I hate Republicans for…







  • Republican Congressmen “Just Say No” policy to everything President Obama proposed.  This policy proved they cared more about making President Obama fail than the needs of the American people.   Rush Limbaugh even said he wanted Obama to fail.  This is UN-Patriotic and UN-American.
  • Republicans Obstruction & Filibustering.
  • Their War on Women – Passing Anti-Abortion laws, regardless of rape or incest
  • Passing laws to close Planned Parenthood Clinics
  • Trying to cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security
  • De-funding Education and Closing Schools
  • GOP Anti-Union Laws
  • GOP’s denial of Global Climate Change and Failure to Protect the Environment
  • Constantly making hateful, disrespectful comments about President Obama. This makes me DESPISE them. President Obama is the kindest and most humble President I have seen.  He seems to care about the poor and middle class more than any other President I have seen.  When Republicans make hateful comments about President Obama, they insult me and the Millions of people who voted for him.
  • Being Beholden to Corporations, Big Business and Billionaires and not caring about the 97% Middle Class and the Poor.
  • Their efforts to de-fund and eliminate the Affordable Healthcare Act when millions of Americans has no healthcare.  Republicans has offered no alternative and does not seem to care about the millions of people who are uninsured.  They don’t seem to care if having no healthcare causes people to go bankrupt if they face a major medical emergency.