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When Lindsey Graham was running for president, he repeatedly said Trump is unfit for office. His changing his tune now shows he’s just another hack politician with no convictions or principles.


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Donald Trump is ‘unfit to run the United States’: Andrew Sullivan

Author and blogger Andrew Sullivan says U.S. President Donald Trump is “fundamentally unfit to run the United States” and he hopes Trump’s election will become a cautionary tale.



Deepak Chopra: Trump Is ‘Emotionally & Mentally Retarded’

Former M.D. and prominent alternative / integrative medicine practitioner, author, professor, speaker, and anti-materialism advocate Deepak Chopra says that he honestly thinks that Donald Trump is likely emotionally and mentally retarded. Chopra certainly has his own critics, but his use of the word “retarded” in this interview should be taken to mean “stunted,” or stalled at a certain age level. He puts Trump at 3 years of age emotionally.


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