Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis: A Wanna-Be Dictator

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Wanna-Be Dictator Florida Republican Fascist Authoritarian Governor Ron DeSantis wants to revive a World War II era program in the state of Florida that would allow him to create his own, personal military branch in the Sunshine State. He has asked the Republican-controlled legislature to give him money for the “Florida State Guard,” which was a program in the Second World War used to bolster the state’s National Guard numbers after they were deployed elsewhere.


Ron DeSantis Gives Himself Even More Power To Rig Florida Elections

Florida’s authoritarian Republican governor Ron DeSantis has signed a bill into law giving him control over a new Election Police Force. But that’s just the beginning of what this sweeping new legislation will do, and the rest of the bill is actually even worse than the police force. Voter rolls will have to be “cleaned up” every single year, which is a code for purging voters. And common Get Out The Vote tactics will also now be illegal. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains how this bill will officially make Florida a permanent red state.



DeSantis Wants His Own SECRET POLICE Paramilitary Force

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed a plan to establish a Florida state guard, which would be a paramilitary volunteer group of Florida residents that DeSantis would select himself and control. Although other states have similar measures, many are worried that DeSantis is treading too close to authoritarianism due to his pushback on vaccine mandates in the state and distrust of the federal government.


“Ron DeSantis’ Wish To Be Supreme Dictator Of Florida About To Come True” on YouTube

Florida governor Ron DeSantis has finally won, and the state legislature agreed this week to allow him to have absolute control over the state by giving him the authority to redraw Congressional districts. This power is reserved only for the state legislature, but after a lengthy battle with the authoritarian DeSantis, the legislature gave up and let him have his way. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains how this is going to reshape the future of politics in the state of Florida.



  • Anti-choice Laws against Women’s Rights
  • “Don’t say Gay” Law which doesn’t fix any existing problems. This is a “Solution in Search of a Problem” and more unnecessary BIG Government regulations & restrictions which will make teachers jobs more difficult.
  • Passed Laws making protesting a felony. Another “Solution in Search of a Problem” law because there’s been no instances of “protesting” which caused property destruction in Florida. This law was passed to SILENCE and INTIMIDATE anyone who dare protest and raise objections to Republican’s Oppression (similar to laws in Russia and North Korea)
  • DeSantis has publicly called for putting cameras and microphones into classrooms to monitor teachers. He wants more surveillance in every part of our lives — empowering legislators to police classrooms, doctor’s offices, the workplace.
  • Passed laws making it legal to run over and KILL protestors
  • Laws limiting what can be discussed in classrooms
  • Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed transgender athlete discrimination bill into law (Jun 2, 2021)
  • Florida Anti-Free Speech Law will Survey University Students and Faculty About their Political Beliefs
  • Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering, Decreasing the number of Days and Hours  people can Vote, Purging Minorities off Voters Rolls, Decreasing Drop-boxes, Decreasing Voting Machines  in Urban areas, Limiting Polling locations / hours, Making it harder to Vote by Mail
  • Voting Police – Florida Republicans proposed a police unit dedicated to hunting voter fraud when only 3 cases where found during the 2020 election in retirement community called the villages. all of which voted for Republican Trump
  • Desantis wants his own Florida State Guard, a paramilitary force disbanded in 1947. Unlike the FL Guard, the FSG will answer solely to Governor DeSantis. No federal deployments. No federal missions. No federal dollars.
  • Desantis fought for and was given the authority to redraw Congressional districts to rig elections in Republican’s favor so they can’t be voted out or removed from office. Rigging elections for one-party rule is one of the hallmarks of Anti-Democratic Fascist Regimes
  • Attacking / Threatening Freedom of Speech – Furious that Disney spoke out against Republicans ridiculous “Don’t say Gay” law, Ron Desantis & Florida Republicans retaliated by stripping Walt Disney World of the special taxing district that independently governs. This is the stuff of Nixon’s enemies list and anti-democratic Fascist Authoritarian dictators.


Calmes: Russia’s crackdown on liberty sounds all too familiar to Americans

The news makes for a sickening split screen. We see the ravages of Russia’s war on Ukraine, where it’s as if the black-and-white scenes of carnage and fleeing refugees in World War II Europe – scenes consigned to history books, we thought – have been updated in horrific, real-time color.

Per the above article; “Russia’s crackdown on liberty sounds all too familiar to Americans We see the ravages of Russia’s war on Ukraine, where it’s as if the black-and-white scenes of carnage and fleeing refugees in World War II Europe — scenes consigned to history books, we thought — have been updated in horrific, real-time color. Vladimir Putin’s heinous war has united the Ukrainian people”.

“Then there’s the coverage of the figurative war here in America, a culture war waged by Republicans against women, minority groups, LGBTQ people, educators, public health officials and just about anyone not of a right-wing mindset. This needless conflict divides us, for Republicans’ political gain”.

“Such domestic battles are a luxury of peace and prosperity. I’m reminded of conservatives’ culture wars amid the good times at the turn of the century, before 9/11 made a mockery of the invented threats and brought Americans together against a real one”.

“Even as Ukrainians suffer bombings of hospitals, a maternity center, apartments and schools, our bloodless war proceeds on its several fronts: Against women’s constitutional right to abortion before a fetus’ viability. Against teachers’ rights to speak freely about race and gender. Against transgender youth and their parents. Against public health officials dealing with a once-a-century pandemic that’s killed nearly a million Americans”.

“On abortion rights, Republican-led states aren’t even waiting for the conservative U.S. Supreme Court to turn back the clock a half-century. They’re rushing either to ban abortions at 15 weeks’ gestation, significantly before a fetus is viable (the latest bill just went to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to sign), or to go further and copy Texas’ plainly unconstitutional law that ended nearly all abortions in that state, home to 7 million women of reproductive age”.


The Right Wants Freedom For Themselves but Not For Others


The Right’s Embrace of Fascism and Authoritarianism


DeSantis Proves An Apt Student Of Trump-Style Bully Politics

Ruth Ben-Ghiat, professor of history at New York University, talks with Ali Velshi about the next generation of Trump Republican as modeled in Florida Governor Ron DeSantis


How Donald Trump & Republicans Resemble a 1963 Episode of The Twilight Zone


DeSantis Moderates Hate-Filled Facebook Group That Attacks African-Americans, Parkland Survivors and Muslims – American Ledger

UPDATE (8:54 p.m.): Rep. Ron DeSantis has quit the Facebook group that trafficked in racist and offensive slurs, following American Ledger’s reporting on Wednesday.


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