Wanna-Be Dictator Gov. Ron DeSantis Wants His Own Militia

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Wanna-Be Dictator Florida Republican Fascist Authoritarian Governor Ron DeSantis wants to revive a World War II era program in the state of Florida that would allow him to create his own, personal military branch in the Sunshine State. He has asked the Republican-controlled legislature to give him money for the “Florida State Guard,” which was a program in the Second World War used to bolster the state’s National Guard numbers after they were deployed elsewhere.


DeSantis Wants His Own SECRET POLICE Paramilitary Force

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has proposed a plan to establish a Florida state guard, which would be a paramilitary volunteer group of Florida residents that DeSantis would select himself and control. Although other states have similar measures, many are worried that DeSantis is treading too close to authoritarianism due to his pushback on vaccine mandates in the state and distrust of the federal government.


DeSantis Moderates Hate-Filled Facebook Group That Attacks African-Americans, Parkland Survivors and Muslims – American Ledger

UPDATE (8:54 p.m.): Rep. Ron DeSantis has quit the Facebook group that trafficked in racist and offensive slurs, following American Ledger’s reporting on Wednesday.

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