Vindictive ASSHOLE Ron DeSantis PUNISHES Tampa Bay Rays

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Vindictive ASSHOLE Ron DeSantis who pretends to celebrate free speech and business, used the power of the government to PUNISH Tampa Bay Rays after they spoke out in support of gun safety.


Fascist Dictator  Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., vetoed $35 million in state funding for a new Tampa Bay Rays training facility reportedly due to the team tweeting awareness about gun violence, according to reports.


REPUBLICAN Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis proves once again what an Asshole & Piece of Shit he is for Berating High School Students wearing masks. He acts like a wanna-be Hitler Dictator.

At an event at USF this week, Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis was caught on camera berating students for wearing masks on stage. The angered governor told the students that they didn’t have to wear them because they allegedly “do nothing” and then he accused them of engaging in “COVID theater.” The only one engaging in theater is the idiot governor who refuses to understand science, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


DeSantis’ Press Secretary Mocks Mother Of Son Bullied By The Governor

A mother of one of the children on stage with Ron DeSantis this week – when DeSantis berated the children for wearing a mask – spoke out against the governor’s actions, and her son admitted that he felt “pressured” by the governor to remove the mask. Christina Pushaw, DeSantis’ press secretary, decided to mock the parent by posting a meme of her son removing his mask after DeSantis requested it


Furious that Disney spoke out against Republicans ridiculous “Don’t say Gay” law, Ron Desantis proves to be a Despicable Vindictive Asshole & Fascist Dictator by Punishing Disney, which will cost local residents (as detailed in the above video)

Description from Youtube: “During a special session of the state legislature on Wednesday, Florida Republicans voted to strip the Disney Corporation of their “self-governing” status that has been in place for over half a century. While Republicans are celebrating the move, the public is left unaware that they are about to pay for this”.


Behaving like an ASSHOLE is why DeSantis will NEVER be President




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