US Justice System Sucks

Ms. Sharon Snyder, a 70-year-old great-grandmother and court clerk helped a man gain his freedom who was wrongly convicted of a crime he did not commit. He has spent 30 years in prison… that’s 30 years of his life WASTED for a crime he did not commit.

The thanks Snyder got was being fired by Judge David Byrn. Ms. Sharon Snyder was a court clerk for 34 years at the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City, MO.

I think this Judge David Byrn is the one who should be fired.  Posts on the internet indicate that Governor Matt Blunt, a Republican appointed him.

If you want to tell this judge what you think, here’s his contact info:


This same “Justice System” allowed O.J. Simpson, Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman to be found “Not Guilty” while a woman was sentenced to 20-years for firing a warning shot against her abusive husband.

As shown in the above video, Marissa Alexander could now face a 60-year sentence if convicted at a retrial this summer the State Attorney in Florida’s Fourth Judicial Circuit Court by Angela Corey. If you find this reprehensible, you can call these numbers and voice your opinion;

Duval County Courthouse – 904-630-2075
Gov Rick Scott – 850-488-7146

Republican Florida Governor, Rick Scott has done nothing to fix the laws which allowed Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman to be found not guilty or caused a woman to be sentenced to 20 years for firing a warning shot and this father of 3 to be sentenced to 25 years for a non violent offense.

Governor Rick Scott passed anti-voting laws limiting days you can vote and was involved in the nation’s largest Medicare fraud.  If anyone should be in prison, it’s Governor Rick Scott.

Want to tell Republican Governor Rick Scott what you think… here’s his phone number – (850) 717-9337 .


Alabama man won’t serve prison time for raping 14-year-old

Update (11/16/13): The office of the Limestone County district attorney has filed a motion seeking prison time for Austin Smith Clem. Update (11/15/13): Brian Jones, the Limestone County district attorney, tells Mother Jones that he is “reviewing available options to set aside this sentence and to achieve a sentence that gives justice to our victim.”

Judge Gives No Jail Time to Rapist

As reported in Mother Jones by Molly Redden (complete article here), an Alabama man by the name of Austin Smith Clem who was convicted of raping a teenage girl will serve no prison time. On Wednesday, Judge James Woodroof in Athens, Alabama, ruled that the rapist will be punished by serving two years in a program aimed at nonviolent criminals and three years of probation.

In September 2013, a jury in Limestone County, in north central Alabama, found Austin Smith Clem, 25, guilty of raping Courtney Andrews, a teenage acquaintance and his then-neighbor, three times—twice when she was 14, and again when was she was 18.

Limestone County Circuit Judge James Woodroof sentenced Clem to 10 years in prison for each of the second-degree rape charges and 20 years for first-degree rape. But Woodroof structured the sentence in such a way that Clem will only be hit with community corrections and probation. Clem will have to register as a sex offender and pay fines and restitution—a total of $2,381, according to the sentencing document provided to Mother Jones—but he will not serve jail time unless he violates the terms of his sentencing.

As of 11/1/17, it appears that James Woodroof is no longer a judge because he’s not listed as a Circuit Judge in Limestone County Alabama.


Outrage is building over a judge’s ruling in a rape case that resulted in the victim’s suicide. Miguel Marquez reports.

A Montana judge, G. Todd Baugh sentenced Stacey Rambold, a teacher, to 30 days in jail for repeatedly raping one of his students, who was 14 years old at the time. Rambold’s victim, Cherice Moralez, committed suicide while the rape trial was ongoing. The judge, G. Todd Baugh, said that Moralez had been “as much in control of the situation” as Rambold who was 35 years her senior—and that Moralez was “older than her chronological age.” The age of consent is 16 in Montana. The case became a national controversy, with the judge apologizing for his remarks, but not the sentence.


Jesse Watters Confronts Judge Over Short Rape Sentence: ‘What If That Had Been Your Daughter?’

Judge G. Todd Baugh contact info:


A 16 year old kills 4 people, injures 2 more due to drunk driving and get NO jail time.

Here’s more examples of Justice gone Amok:

Father Of Three Gets 25 Years For Selling $1,800 Worth Of Painkillers

John Horner, a 46-year-old fast-food restaurant worker, lost his eye in a 2000 accident and was prescribed painkillers. Years later, he met and befriended a guy who seemed to be in pain himself. His new friend asked if he could buy some of Horner’s pain pills. Naturally, the friend was a police informant.

  • Father Of Three Gets 25 Years For Selling $1,800 Worth Of Painkillers
  • Telisha Watkins got 20 years in prison for setting up a single sale of crack cocaine.
  • Timothy Tyler got a life sentence for distributing LSD when he was 25 years old.
  • Atiba Parker got 42 years in prison for selling less than three grams of crack.
  • Celestia Mixon was just 21 years old when she got a 15-year drug sentence for conspiracy to distribute meth
  • Sherman Chester got life in prison without the possibility of parole even though a judge said he didn’t deserve it.
  • Todd Hannigan got a 15-year prison sentence for trying to kill himself with the painkiller Vicodin.
  • 25 Year old sentenced to life without parole for Selling pot and LSD to a friend who turned out to be a police informant.  Click here to sign release petition


Kids for Cash
Rev. Sharpton takes on the new film “Kids for Cash” which chronicles how one judge locked up thousands of kids while getting kickbacks from private prisons Director Robert May, victim Hillary Transue and her mother Laurene Transue discuss.


“Too rich to jail’ case sparks outrage
A rich father – a Du Pont family heir – served no jail time after raping his three year old daughter. How could a convicted child rapist end up with only probation and treatment? A legal panel discusses the case.

Petition to Stop Bill Gates from Investing in Private Prisons – Click here

The Death Penalty, Capital Punishment and the Death Penalty

Death penalty states try new drug experiments
Rachel Maddow describes how global pressure against the death penalty in the United States created a shortage of lethal injection drugs, forcing death penalty states to seek alternatives that have led to complications and botched executions.


Killing prisoners poses problem for states
Madeline Cohen, attorney for Charles Warner, whose execution in Oklahoma is stayed following the gruesome mishandling of last night’s execution of another prisoner, talks with Rachel Maddow about the problems states are having executing prisoners.


Lethal injection a flawed means of execution
Stephanie Mencimer, legal affairs reporter for Mother Jones, talks with Rachel Maddow about the dangers inherent when states misuse drugs in secret in an effort to execute prisoners by lethal injection.

Executions by the Electric Chair

When I was about 8, I was shocked for a couple seconds by 110 volts of electricity.  The pain was so intense that I cannot even imagine being electrocuted with 1,800 volts which are used for up to 15 seconds for the initial electrocution process, then 240  applied for as long as it take to kill someone.

Since the late 1880’s and until about 2008, the Electric Chair was used to execute condemned people.  The United States was the first country to use such a horrendous method to kill people and is one of the very few countries to use such a horribly barbaric method.

This is the most painful way to die imaginable,  like burned alive.   There have been debates that death by electrocution may even kill the condemned person’s soul since the brain uses minute electric impulses.  It could even cause someone to suffer through eternity for all we know.

It is important to remember that since our justice system is flawed, many innocent people have been tortured to death by this unspeakably painful method.

Despite the horror of Death by Electrocution, this heartless Florida Republican, Brad Drake, from Eucheeanna in North Florida, sponsored a bill in 2011 to eliminate lethal injection and bring back what he called “Old Sparky” – the electric chair.

“And if that doesn’t suit the criminal, then we will provide them a .45 caliber lead cocktail instead,” Drake said in a press release.

That should come as no surprise since Republican / conservatives are by nature cold-hearted and heartless.

Thomas Edison was a conservative and he is one of the most prominent people who recommended using the Electric Chair. In fact, a couple of his associates “invented” it.  He knew AC current was dangerous and preferred to use DC current for that very reason.  He and his associates electrocuted animals in public to prove to the public how dangerous AC current was.


Most Horrendous Acts of “Mans inhumanity to Man” has been Perpetrated by Conservatives

Some of the most horrendous acts of “Mans inhumanity to Man” has been perpetrated by “conservatives”.  According to Wikipedia, “in 1933, with the support of more traditional right-wing conservatives, Hitler became Chancellor of Germany and the Nazis gradually established a one-party totalitarian state, under which Jews, political opponents and other “undesirable” elements were marginalised, harassed and eventually imprisoned and exterminated.

Under Hitler, over 6 Million Jews were first discriminated against, then rounded up and executed.  This was the most unspeakable crimes of Mans inhumanity to Man in the history of human beings.

Republicans Are At Fault

Recently, Arizona Republicans Voted to pass a Bill which would have legalized discrimination against gays.  Republican “conservatives” have proven time & time again that they are cold-hearted people who only care about themselves and are incapable of being compassionate.

Republican “conservatives” always seem eager to go to war.

Republicans are the ones who passed extreme “war on crime” and “stand your ground” laws.

Republicans are ALL for building more private prisons and don’t give a dam about locking up innocent people. Republicans in Pennsylvania closed 23 schools and nearly four thousand district workers received pink slips, while Pennsylvania Republican Gov. Tom Corbett and his Department of Corrections Secretary John Wetzel are spending $400 million to build a brand new prison in Philadelphia.

Republicans are often not sympathetic to rape victims and often feel the victim did something to cause being raped. Republicans have passed anti-abortion laws.  Many Republicans feel a women who is raped should have the rapists child and not be allowed to have an abortion.

Republicans have passed anti-voting laws so they can cram their radical agendas down the majority of people’s throats.

Democrats want to fix these problems, but Republicans are blocking Democrats efforts.

Our Justice System is seriously broken and needs to be totally revamped.