Trump’s Alleged Financial Fraud

Washington Post Article Claims Trump Reportedly Inflated His Net Worth To Borrow More Money


(Graphic from Rachel Maddow Show)

(Graphic from Rachel Maddow Show)

Title from Youtube: “Michael Cohen Documents Raise Questions About Donald Trump Financial Fraud”

Description from Youtube: “Rachel Maddow looks at an example from the Donald Trump financial documents submitted by Michael Cohen as part of his House Oversight Committee testimony, in which Trump appears to adjust the valuation of a piece of real estate to change how he would look to a bank, which would be a crime if that’s the case”.


Cohen Says Trump Inflated His Wealth in Bid to Buy Bills

NEW YORK (AP) – Michael Cohen told lawmakers that Donald Trump grossly overstated his wealth before becoming president, including inflating his assets during a failed bid to buy the Buffalo Bills in 2014.

New York Times Report on Trump’s Taxes May Prompt Fraud Investigation

We look at a major exposé from The New York Times, which obtained tax information on Donald Trump that shows his businesses lost $1.17 billion from 1985 to 1994.