Trump’s Obama Wiretap Claim Proven False

TITLE: Comey speaks and the resistance comes to Congress

DESCRIPTION: Donald Trump’s wild tweet allegations of Obama wiretapping him completely unraveled with the FBI Director’s testimony. Lawrence O’Donnell explains why the most significant thing about this much-anticipated hearing is that the GOP didn’t stop it from happening.

VIDEO DESCRIPTION FROM YOUTUBE: “Trump’s tweets punctuated a general feeling shared by the president, his advisers and allies that Obama and the “Deep State” of critics within the intelligence community — who they think are fueling stories on Trump and Russia — have been conspiring to derail his presidency. At the heart of each of the president’s tweets is Trump’s apparent belief that Obama himself — as opposed to members of his administration — had been personally overseeing surveillance of Trump Tower.

The conservative media landscape — including Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News and Infowars, the conspiracy website run by Alex Jones, outlets on which Trump has appeared — has in recent days given birth to tales of Obama and his closest confidants trying to spur Trump’s impeachment or force his resignation.

But separately, the president is furious that a slow churn of revelations about communications between Attorney General Jeff Sessions, ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn and other Trump associates and Russian officials has overshadowed the early weeks of his administration. And he has grown fixated on identifying leakers.”


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Ever Heard of Mark Levin? I hadn’t until Trump made the claim that Obama Tapped Trump Tower and found the video above.

He’s rude & insulting to his “liberal” guest in the above video.  I’ve seen the same behavior on twitter & facebook where in-your-face right-wingers post rude replies to posts if they disagree with you, call people “libtards”.  After hearing how Levin behaves, I’ll bet a lot of those rude idiots listen to Levin.

These people are so totally certain they are right and everyone else is wrong.  Stupid people aren’t worth the effort to try & change their minds.  You can’t reason with them, so I just block them.


In the video above, Mark Levin makes the case that Obama Tapped Trump Tower.

Various legal experts have stated that if there was a wire tap at Trump Tower, it wasn’t ordered by President Obama… it would have been from a government agency investigating someone at the Trump Tower for possible criminal offenses.

The article below says that FBI Director James Comey Asked Justice Department to Reject Trump’s Wiretap Claims.

So who are you going to believe… right wingers like Alex Jones,  Mark Levin or the FBI?

FBI Director Comey asked the DoJ to reject Trump’s wiretap claims

FBI Director James Comey asked Justice Department officials to publicly reject President Donald Trump’s claims that former President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower, The New York Times reported Sunday. A senior U.S. official confirmed the newspaper’s reporting to NBC News.