Trump: A Wannabe Dictator

The above list shows how Trump fits the check-list of notorious Dictators… Names on Buildings, Appoint Family Members, Fox Propaganda State TV with sycophants like Sean Hannity praising him, Multi-hour speeches, Want to Lock Up Opponents, Love other Dictators, President for Life, Pathological Lying, Hold Military Parades, etc.


Video shows the shocking similarities between Ruthless Dictators and Trump


In a bizarre scene like you’d expect to see in a place like North Korea, Donald Trump spent the first part of his first cabinet meeting having his appointees take turns heaping praise on him. These sad people understand that the only way to stay in Trump’s favor is by telling him how great he is.

All the while, not a word from Republicans about this outrageous display. If Trump were a Democrat, we’d never hear the end of it. Just goes to show what hypocrites and morally bankrupt people Republicans are.

If Trump’s cabinet members had any decency or self respect, they would quit before stooping so low as to kiss this nut-case’s ass in such a degrading way.

What Trump needs is a good dose of reality. His cabinet members should have each taken turns telling him how he sucks & what an idiot he is… then quit, one at a time.


Robert Reich explains Authoritarianism and Trump’s threat to Democracy

Video description: Robert Reich explains how Donald Trump’s authoritarian approach to rule is at odds with American democracy, and the fundamental ideals upon which this country was founded. Reich views Trump’s behavior as something which is a menace to traditional American freedoms and democracy, itself.


Trump called Democrats “Treasonous” for Not Standing and Clapping for him like a Dictator at his Disastrous Teleprompter, Written-by-someone-else, 2018 State of the Union address

Trump Expects EVERYONE to Stand and Clap for him like the Wannabe Dictator he is!


Appointing cronies, generals and his family? Brian Klaas’s new book “The Despot’s Apprentice: Donald Trump’s Attack on Democracy” says Trump’s actions are the same as other despots around the world


Trump Author: President Donald Trump Deeply Would Like To Be A Dictator

Tony Schwartz co-wrote “The Art of the Deal” with Donald Trump and he thinks the thought of starting World War III excites Trump. Schwartz also contributed to the new book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.” He joins Joy Reid to discuss the mental stability of the President.



The Trump Administration is attempting to destroy democracy and turn the United States into an authoritarian country. Amy Siskind​ keeps track of the authoritarian actions taken by the Trump Administration.


Here’s how Trump has threatened the media


President Donald Trump Holds ‘Very Sick’ Cabinet Meeting

President Donald Trump Cabinet members from Reince Priebus to Elaine Chao took turns praising the president and discussing the privilege of working for Trump.


Rush Limbaugh Finally Admits That Trump’s Dictator-Like Behavior Makes Him “Nervous”

Rush Limbaugh, the king of conservative talking heads, has finally come forward and admitted that Donald Trump’s behavior is beginning to make him nervous. Limbaugh fears that Trump, even with good intentions, good be abusing the power of his office and moving into full dictator mode


Trump Mad That “His Guys” At The Justice Department Won’t Do His Bidding

According to recent reports, Donald Trump is furious that he can’t just have “his guys” at the Department of Justice do his bidding whenever he wants them to. But unfortunately for Trump, not only does that raise suspicions that he might be trying to cover up criminal activity, but the people at the Justice Department are there to protect and preserve the laws of the United States, not to do the bidding of a tyrant.


Trump’s actions straight out of a dictator’s playbook

CNN’s Don Lemon discusses President Trump’s recent decision to revoke the security clearance of former CIA director John Brennan.


Wanna-be Dictator Trump’s 4th Of July

Trump Sees Celebration Of Him & Celebration Of U.S. As Same Thing

Trump’s White House pushed back when reporters questioned why VIP tickets were going to GOP donors for the president’s July 4th speech on the National Mall. Kimberly Atkins reacts.


Carole King: President Donald Trump’s 4th Of July Rally Feeds His Ego


While it’s unclear how much Trump’s 4th of July event will cost, the Washington Post reports that “The cost of a military parade Trump had planned for last year was about $92 million.” However, “that parade was scuttled after the potential costs became public.”


Bette Midler And Other Celebs Hit Social Media To Slam Trump’s July 4th ‘Salute To Himself’

Bette Midler, Rosie O’Donnell and a handful of other celebs Tuesday took to Twitter to slam President Donald Trump’s plans for a July 4th celebration in Washington, D.C. “He’s [Trump] demanding big tanks on the mall, For his Fourth of July Big Ass Ball,” the 73-year-old singer tweeted.

“Bette Midler And Other Celebs Hit Social Media To Slam Trump’s July 4th ‘Salute To Himself’. The Cost of Mueller report was $35m, which is about half the cost of Trump’s July 4th parade. The first probed an historic assault on US democracy. Second is a militarized rally to glorify 1 man. Trump calls Mueller “world’s most expensive witch hunt.” What does that make his parade?” Click above to read the entire article.


Opinion | George Washington Would Hate Trump’s July 4 Parade

The men and women who fought in the American Revolution despised pageantry and personality cults. By Mr. Breen, a professor at large at the University of Vermont, is the author of the forthcoming “The Will of the People: The Revolutionary Birth of America.”

“All Americans should be appalled by Trump’s July 4 Parade. Even during an era of extreme hyperbole, the unabashed narcissism driving the parade plans is astonishing. The focus on a single leader, on the construction of a cult of personality, would have incensed the men and women who sacrificed so much to create a new nation. As Capt. Joseph Bloomfield explained to a company of New Jersey troops preparing to fight in the Revolutionary War, the American states had “entered a new era of politics.” He warned the soldiers to be on guard against the rise of an “aspiring Demagogue, possessed of popular talents and shining qualities, a Julius Caesar, or an Oliver Cromwell” who “will lay violent hands on the government and sacrifice the liberties of his country.” Click above to read the entire article.


Trump’s July 4 extravaganza sets a political trap

Donald Trump’s attempt to make July Fourth great again is turning into an eloquent metaphor for the excesses and polarization of his presidency.

“Trump’s attempt to make July Fourth great again is turning into an eloquent metaphor for the excesses and polarization of his presidency. His choreography for tanks on the National Mall, war plane flyovers, his own televised address and a longer than normal red, white and blue fireworks display means that even Independence Day — for generations a rare unifying moment — will be politicized. Instead of the “Salute to America” that he has proclaimed, Trump’s critics fear he’s really plotting a salute to himself. His latest grandiose photo op appears to be a reflection of his own vanity, obsession with crowd sizes, craving for the spotlight, penchant for military hardware and his flirtations with authoritarianism.” Click above to read the entire article.

Trump ‘demands military chiefs stand next to him’ at Fourth of July parade

Donald Trump has reportedly requested the chiefs of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines stand next to him during a special Fourth of July event. The US president has said a display of US military tanks will be part of the “Salute to America” event he is headlining in Washington on Thursday.

Wanna-be Dictator Trump ‘demands military chiefs stand next to him’ at Fourth of July parade. Click above to read the entire article.


Trump Is Packing the July 4 Fireworks Because He’s Afraid of Getting Booed

President Trump is trying to take over the July 4th fireworks display in Washington. But Trump is afraid of being booed and rarely goes out in public, and is manipulating the event to pump up his support.


“Trump ventures out in public far less than his predecessors. He rarely dines out, and when he does, it is usually at a property he owns. His speeches are almost always held in controlled spaces. He is the only president in more than a century not to throw a ceremonial first pitch at a baseball game, a venue that would expose him to a booing crowd. The Fourth of July celebration exposes Trump to the sort of crowd from which he has been traditionally insulated. The event is held in Washington, which (along with its surrounding suburbs) is heavily Democratic. It is also drawing protesters who will fly the famous Baby Trump blimp. The service chiefs have to stand next to Trump as human patriotism bodyguards. He deserves the reception he fears: loud, merciless boos.” Click above to read the entire article.

5 Signs President Trump Leads Like a Middle East Dictator

When Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi met with U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington on Monday, I couldn’t help thinking about how Trump’s presidency increasingly resembles a Middle East autocracy. That was further reinforced when Trump said of Sisi, ” We agree on so many things.