Trump Saying He Would “Hire The Best People” was a LIE

Trump Promised He’d Only Hire ‘The Best People. NOT!



Trump promised to “Hire the Best People” but is hiring the worst, most incompetent people imaginable who got their positions, not as a result of being qualified, but a reward for being Republican Party Loyalists.


Donald Trump’s choice for Treasury Secretary, Steve Mnuchin, took advantage of the 2008 mortgage crisis by foreclosing on over 35,000 homes.

Having Steve Mnuchin as Treasury Secretary is NOT PUTTING AMERICANS FIRST


Trump Appointing Betsy Devos  as Education Secretary

Trump nominated conservative billionaire Betsy DeVos to serve as Education Secretary. DeVos is the former chair of the Michigan Republican Party and a longtime backer of charter schools and vouchers for private and religious schools. She has NO public school education experience.

Betsy Devos Appointment as Education Secretary is NOT PUTTING AMERICA FIRST


Trump’s EPA stabs Alaskans in the back with mining reversal

Plans to mine alongside Alaska’s pristine Bristol Bay, where half the world’s salmon are fished, had appeared dead in the water in recent years. Not anymore. The Environmental Protection Agency has dropped a regulatory plan that would have protected Bristol Bay from the planned Pebble Mine, encouraging the project’s backers to seek permits and move forward.



Scott Pruitt is obsessed with his mission of advocating for big polluters and undermining the EPA’s historic role of protecting public health. Now that he’s in charge of the agency, he’s methodically pushing to gut rules that limit pollution, hobble enforcement of clean air and water laws, and shove aside unbiased scientific guidance.

Since being appointed to office by Trump, Pruitt has:

  • Handed Dow Chemical a license to pollute. He refused to enact an EPA ban on chlorpyrifos — a toxic pesticide that pollutes our environment and harms kid’s brains.
  • Begun the process of abandoning the Clean Power Plan, America’s only national limits on carbon pollution from our largest source. This will allow the power plants to emit unlimited amounts of this pollution – leading to more asthma attacks and a more dangerous future for our children.
  • Taken aim at the Mercury and Air Toxics Rule, which reduces dangerous neurotoxins that harm children’s brain development. Pruitt is opposing it even though virtually all power plants in the country now comply with the rule, demonstrating that none of the fear-mongering about cost and reliability problems we heard from industry were true.
  • Aactively been lobbying the White House to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, a move that would hurt our economy and cede American leadership to China and Europe. We would join only two other countries in the world – Nicaragua and Syria – on the outside of this global system, potentially inviting tariffs on our exports. In true Alice in Wonderland fashion, the EPA administrator is reportedly lobbying the coal industry to support withdrawal from the climate agreement.
  • Appeared to be trying to shut out neutral scientific advice. He’s declined to reappoint half of a scientific advisory board, with some reports indicating he may choose more industry-friendly advisors instead. On his watch, the EPA has removed key pollution and climate data from its web site. Pruitt also claimed on CNBC that carbon dioxide is not “a primary contributor to the global warming that we see” – flatly contradicting the scientists at NASA, every major American scientific organization and his own agency.
  • Paved the way for the Trump administration’s call for a 31-percent cut to the EPA budget – more than what any other federal agency faces. If enacted, it would dramatically reduce protections against pollutants such as mercury, lead, smog, and carbon pollution; undermine enforcement of the Clean Air and Clean Water acts; and reduce cleanup of toxic waste sites. It will result in more asthma attacks for kids, more health problems for elderly Americans, accelerated climate change and more pollution in our lives.
  • Slowly been stocking his agency with appointees with serious conflicts of interest. A few examples: Nancy Beck moved from the chemical industry’s main lobbying organization to be the highest political appointee at the EPA office overseeing the chemical industry. Justin Schwab, now a top lawyer at the EPA, previously represented a coal utility. Christian Palich, a lobbyist for a coal industry group, was appointed to a senior position in the EPA’s Congressional relations office.
  • Alaska’s Bristol Bay is home to one of the largest salmon populations in the world. It supports a huge fishing industry. Native communities have long thrived there. Now Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt want to destroy it. Pruitt cut a back-room deal with a copper mining company that would build the massive Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay Watershed.

Estimates suggest that if Scott Pruitt is able to fully enact his agenda, about 130,000 Americans will die prematurely due to air, water and toxic pollution. So while America will survive Scott Pruitt’s tenure at the EPA, we know that many Americans won’t.

Trump ran on a Putting America First Agenda, but his actions has proved he LIED. Almost everything he’s done since he was elected has been harmful and against Average Joe Americans.



Trump said when he was campaigning that he would repeal and replace Obamacare with Healthcare which would better, cheaper and cover everyone. He said he would not allow Republicans to cut Medicaid. Trump said HE would create the heath coverage. Fact is that he didn’t write one word of the healthcare bill.  Instead he allowed party politician Republicans to create health bills which would cause millions to lose health coverage and cut Medicaid, in direct violation of his campaign promises.  All Trump cared about was getting a bill to sign so he could claim a WIN.