Trump Raging About Truth Social App Being a Flop

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Trump is furious that his new social media site, Truth Social is a failure and he’s reportedly raging at his aides for the disaster. The truth is that even Trump himself isn’t using the site, even though he has sent out no fewer than 55 “statements” that his press secretary is forced to share on Twitter, not on Truth Social.


Trump’s Truth Social Is A BIGGER LOSER Than He Is!

Jesse talks about the latest numbers related to Donald Trump’s downward-spiraling social media company, Truth Social. In an ‘unshocking’ twist, the social media company is failing in a remarkable manner… EVEN QUICKER THAN EXPERTS EXPECTED


Trump Social Media App COLLAPSES, 93% Decline in Signups!


Two executives with former President Trump’s Truth Social app quit

The social media platform started by former President Trump has had a rocky launch. Two key executives have quit and the app has a host of issues. CBS News technology reporter Dan Patterson takes a closer look.


Trump Isn’t Using His Pathetic Social Media App

In case you were wondering how horribly Donald Trump’s “Truth Social” platform is going, consider the fact that Trump himself isn’t even using the platform as proof that it is already a massive failure. Instead of using it for communication, Trump is still resorting to emailing reporters, issuing “official” statements, and appearing on Fox News.


Trump’s Truth Social Failure


Mike Lindell And Trump Truth Social Competing To Fail Is Hilarious


Stelter: Trump’s app ‘another chapter in the war on truth’

Trump has launched “Truth Social,” a new social media app, in response to his ban from multiple mainstream platforms. CNN’s Brian Stelter details how the launch of the app is going so far, and what it could mean for Trump’s influence going forward


Why Donald Trump’s new social media venture is doomed to fail




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