Trump Installs Matt Whitaker to Obstruct Investigations

Trump Has Found His Roy Cohn in Matt Whitaker. The Rule of Law Is Under Attack.

Matt Whitaker, President Trump’s new Acting Attorney General in place of Jeff Sessions, has called for Hillary Clinton to be prosecuted, and opposes the Mueller probe and called for it to be curtailed. Democracy is under attack.

Matt Whitaker: Lackey for Trump

President Trump fired Jeff Sessions as attorney general and appointed Sessions’ chief of staff Matt Whitaker to serve as the acting attorney general.

Matt Whitaker is a Republican partisan and a Trump Loyalist who’s unfit to be in charge of the Department of Justice. Whitaker has reportedly operated as a kind of White House spy at the Department of Justice to keep tabs on officials who might be suspiciously independent of Trump. Trump’s Chief of Staff John Kelly “has privately described [Whitaker] as the West Wing’s ‘eyes and ears”’ in a department the president has long considered at war with him,” the New York Times reported.

Firing Jeff Sessions and replacing with Matthew Whitaker who has stated that he wants to stop Mueller’s investigations is more proof that Trump is Lawless and a threat to democracy.

Whitaker has publicly attacked the FBI for failing to indict Hillary Clinton for using a personal email. He defended Donald Trump Jr.’s decision to meet with a Russian operative promising dirt on Hillary Clinton. He opposed the appointment of a special counsel to investigate Russian election interference (“Hollow calls for independent prosecutors are just craven attempts to score cheap political points and serve the public in no measurable way.”) Whitaker has called on Rod Rosenstein to curb Mueller’s investigation, and specifically declared Trump’s finances (which include dealings with Russia) off-limits. He has urged Trump’s lawyers not to cooperate with Mueller’s “lynch mob”:


DOJ Insider Explains How Trump’s New AG Can Be Stopped

Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions and replaced him with Matthew Whitaker as Acting AG. Former Solicitor General Neal Katyal tells Ari Melber that Whitaker, who will now oversee the Mueller probe, is a “constitutional nobody” and breaks down how he could be stopped.


Donald Trump Hand-Picked Acting-AG Raises New Obstruction Questions

Rachel Maddow reports on why Donald Trump’s installation of Matt Whitaker as acting attorney general has raised questions not only about the legality of doing so but whether it’s an attempt obstruction of justice.


Whitaker linked to defunct scam company

Not only is Matthew Whitaker unqualified to be a Acting Attorney General… he served as an advisory board member of a company that was shut down by the Federal Trade Commission because it was running a scam.


Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker under investigation by the FBI for fraud scheme

Above is a copy of Whitaker’s threatening email to a customer who complained about being ripped off by World Patent Marketing


Trump’s Acting Attorney General Helped Run A Business That Defrauded Inventors

Whitaker’s past is filled with troubling stories. He once sat on the board of a company called World Patent Marketing which was sued by the federal government a few years ago for being a complete scam and stealing millions of dollars from hopeful inventors.


‘Scam’ Company Advised By Matthew Whitaker Threatened Victims, But Hundreds Filed Complaints Anyway

The man Trump chose as the acting attorney general was not just a paid advisory board member to the “fraudulent” World Patent Marketing company. Whitaker threatened at least one customer who chose to complain, but in this case, it didn’t work.