The Press / News Media Should Not Cover Trump

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The News Media / Press is STUPID for Covering Trump after how he insults them by calling them the “Most Horrible, Dishonest People” and engages in dictator tactics by calling them the “Enemy of the People”


They should stop Covering Trump’s Tweets, Rallies, at the White House and stop bothering to ask him ANY questions because he’s an IDIOT who has LIED over 20,000 times to the American people, who insults and gives ridiculous, childish answers.


Trump behaved like a RUDE, ASSHOLE to the Press


The Press should have IMMEDIATELY called Trump out when he behaved like a RUDE ASSHOLE by saying something like… “Hey, Listen BUD… you work for us… you’re not an Emperor or a King… this is the United States of America, NOT Russia or North Korea. If you can’t accept that then YOU need to resign and move to another country!”

If he got more shitty, they should have REALLY told his ass off by saying something like… “You’re a disguising PIECE OF SHIT, a FUCKING MORON and a PATHETIC EXCUSE of a Human Being. Your the ABSOLUTE WORST PRESIDENT IN HISTORY, the BIGGEST LIAR in History and a FAKE PRESIDENT who got the LEAST votes… so your not even supported by the Majority of Americans. YOU SUCK!”


The press should stop treating Trump like he’s a legitimate President because he LOST the election by almost 3 million votes.


The Majority didn’t vote for George W. Bush OR Donald Trump.

Even though Obama received an overwhelming majority of votes, many Republicans refused to recognize him as a legitimate President. During the entire time Obama was President, Republicans engaged in a practice of “Just saying no” to everything he proposed or tried to get accomplished.

The majority and the news media should “Just say no” and REFUSE to recognize Trump as a legitimate President. We’re sick & tired of elections being STOLEN and the loser declared the “winner”.

In a REAL Democracy, the person who gets the most votes is the legitimate winner of an election. Until that happens, the United States will remain listed 25th or less, as a “Flawed Democracy”.



Democrats are STUPID for attending and legitimizing Trump’s teleprompter “State of the Union” addresses. They are total BS because they are written by someone else and unbearable due to his obnoxious bragging, insults, lies and his irritating voice which sounds like plankton from spongebob. Doubt if he’s intelligent enough to write his own speech. Haven’t watched one of them nor will I ever.


Anytime this LUNATIC comes on our TV we change channels or give him the MUTE. He even LOOKS NUTS.



Hard to figure how almost half the people in this country are so STUPID they take him seriously, respect him and thinks he’s a good president when it’s clear to those of us with a BRAIN, he’s a complete IDIOT.



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