Tea Party Sucks

This type of Ignorance DEMANDS a Response


Photo of billboard paid for by the North Iowa Tea Party group in Des Moines, Iowa


Tea Party Protestors…

Where were you when BUSH stole the election in 2000 and 2004?

Where were you when Worst President Ever BUSH LIED about Iraq having Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Where were you when Worst President Ever BUSH Declared War on Iraq when Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11?

Where were you when Thousands of our Troops died for a war which should have never been waged? What did you do to put a stop to the war?




Where were you when Republicans spent and wasted 10 Trillion Dollars of Tax payer money and we now have nothing to show for it?

Why didn’t you protest when BUSH censored all photo’s of soldiers coffins?

Where were you when REPUBLICAN Business owners closed plants and business in the US and took millions of jobs overseas, thereby putting MILLIONS of Americans out of work?

Where were you when the Republican Majority Senate killed a drive to allow consumers to buy prescription drugs from abroad at a significant savings over domestic prices? http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18530709

Where were you when REPUBLICANS passed legislation which has made search & seizure and wire taps legal without court orders? Now, thanks to Republicans, anyone can be declared a enemy combatant and put in prison for years without a trial.


And yet you have the nerve and Ignorance to compare President Obama to Stalin & Hitler?






I’m all for less government and less spending… but I sure didn’t see less Government or less spending out of Republicans during the 8 years they were in control of the Presidency.

As these graphs show, it is always REPUBLICANS who runs up the debt and spends money recklessly.



And yet Tea Party Idiots who say they want to decrease the deficit aligned themselves with Republicans.

Republicans ran up the national debt…. they took away many of our liberties… Republican business owners took our jobs overseas.

And yet STUPID Tea Party Idiots support Republicans?

Goes to show what complete DUMB ASSES the Tea Party is!.

Note how Senator Orrin Hatch states “I think it’s abysmal 51% of Americans do not pay income taxes”. That’s because their so poor they barely have enough money to buy food, pay rent and utilities.

The LAST they need is more taxes. The rich can afford to pay more taxes, but the poor CAN’T!

Hatch probably makes more than $300K a year so of course, he don’t give a DAM about people who makes less than $20,000 a year.

And lets not forget… Hatch was one of the top Republican supporters of appointing ” long dong silver” Clarence Thomas as a US Supreme Court Justice. Clarence Thomas is one of the Republican judges who is responsible for installing BUSH as president.

Want to tell Hatch what you think? Here’s his phone number: (202) 224-5251



If your a Republican, Tea Party Express or a Tea Party Patriot or involved in the Tea Party Movement and make less than $30,000 a year, you would be crazy to vote for Republicans.

ANYONE who isn’t a millionaire / billionaire and part of the 3% RICH would be NUTS to vote for Republicans. They are owned by Wall Street and Corporate American who don’t give a DAM about the American people. Hard to understand why so many poor and middle class Republicans hasn’t figured this out.

Obama is NOT the Enemy… Ignorance, Stupidity and Republicans are the REAL enemy of Average Joe Americans.

Mitch McConnell recently stated on October 25 2010: The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.

Isn’t that incredible? The highest priority of Republicans is that want to defeat Obama, and to HELL with the American people and our needs.

Here’s a link with the article



Here are some undeniable facts:

It is REPUBLICANS who are responsible for running up the largest national debt in the history of the US of 10 TRILLION Dollars because of their IRRESPONSIBLE, RECKLESS spending and inept Governing.

It is REPUBLICAN Business owners who have taken millions of jobs overseas. thereby putting MILLIONS of Americans out of work.

Republicans say they are for LESS government, yet THEY are responsible for Americans losing many of their rights such as legislation which has made search & seizure and wire taps legal without court orders. Now, thanks to Republicans, anyone can be declared a enemy combatant and put in prison for years without a trial.

Republicans say they are for LESS government, yet THEY have passed hundreds of laws to restricts women’s rights.

When it comes right down to it, REPUBLICANS don’t give a DAM about the American people or this country. They just want to WIN at all and any costs.

They have proven this to be true by their own actions… such as;

* Having votes thrown out in Black Neighborhoods in Florida, plus using legal tactics to keeps the votes from being re-counted in Florida in the 2000 Election.

* Challenging Voters in Ohio in the 2004 Election..

* Do Anything, Say Anything to WIN Politics…

* Negative Attack Ads Designed to Destroy Their Opponent…

* Spreading Blatant LIES and Character Assassinations..

Click the Play button below and listen to this recording Produced by Republicans and Endorsed by McCain accusing Barack Obama of practically being a Terrorist and associating with Terrorists. As of 10/17/08 automatic Robo callers were calling Millions of Americans with this outrageous message.


Check out this video to see the MOB mentality of these IDIOTS…

Most of the people who supported McCain are the SAME people who are now TEA PARTY PROTESTORS!

Note how what these idiots are saying are the same things TEA PARTY PROTESTORS are now saying.

This is Proof that… REPUBLICANS AND IGNORANT DUMB ASSES ARE THE ONES WHO ARE TERRORISTS by Using Fear Tactics to Try and SCARE Voters Into NOT Supporting Barack Obama. By appealing to people with racists feelings and those who will always hate black people and minorities.

They appeal to IGNORANT people… People who are too stupid to realize the truth and see the big picture.

They appeal the DUMB ASS sideshow freaks like “Joe the Plumber”. They appeal to GREEDY Corporate America and those who only care about the almighty dollar.

REPUBLICANS are for BIG BUSINESS and CORPORATE AMERICAN. Always have been… and always will be.

Republicans will CHEAT, INTIMIDATE, LIE, STEAL VOTES, USE LEGAL TACTICS to get THEIR candidates elected… as they have in the past.

Most Republican Congressmen are OBSTRUCTIONISTS and their only agenda is to do everything possible to make President Obama FAIL.

Barack Obama is the 1st President who I can remember who actually cares about average Joe people and it shows.

BUSH didn’t give a DAM about the people in the US and it REALLY showed.

BUSH was a IDIOT and much more like Stalin & Hitler than Obama and yet Tea Party Nuts are too stupid to see that.

How ironic it is that these idiots accused Obama of being a terrorist!

Obama GOT Osama bin Laden…. something Republican BUSH was never able to accomplish.

If you belong to the Tea Party Movement and make less than $30,000 a year you are making a HUGE mistake supporting Republicans. They have taken away rights and are increasing taxes on the middle class and the poor in ever state they control, while decreasing taxes on the rich. They want to completely eliminate Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.