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Good Riddance Tucker Carlson: FIRED!

Good Riddance to Tucker Carlson! FIRED from FOX! His rein of lies, Psychotic behavior, Republican Partisan BS and his Putin Lovin’ Propaganda has finally come to an end!


Stephen Colbert makes fun of Tucker Carlson getting fired while the crowd CHEERS!



Liberals LAUGHING at Tucker Carlson!



Steve Schmidt reacts to Tucker Carlson parting ways with Fox News

Steve Schmidt reacts to the news that Fox News Corp has parted ways with one of their biggest liars, Tucker Carlson. Steve breaks down how Carlson’s eight o’clock hour has been an abomination filled with lies and hate for years, and is solely responsible for mainstreaming the fascist ideology of replacement theory. He goes on to say that while it is a good thing that Tucker is gone, this doesn’t change the fact that Fox News is an incredible danger to America and whoever fills Carlson’s slot, will continue to lie to the American people.


Tucker Carlson: CANCELLED


NYT: ‘Particularly offensive’ Tucker message alarmed Fox execs

“On the eve of the Dominion trial, the Fox board of directors found out what was in these unredacted text messages and became incredibly concerned,” The New York Times’ Jim Rutenberg says on new reporting about the firing of Tucker Carlson. “This one email really upped the stakes for the board and for executives.”




Abby Grossberg: Tucker Carlson made ‘my life a living hell’

Former Fox News producer Abby Grossberg reacts to the ouster of Tucker Carlson and details the hostile work environment at Fox that she faced and is suing the company over.


Tucker Carlson undermined democracy through ‘enormous platform’ Lincoln Project senior advisor says

Apr 25, 2023 Tucker Carlson’s reign as the top rated primetime host in cable news came to an abrupt and embarrassing end some say when Fox announced that the two had “agreed to part ways” and thanked him for his service to the network on Monday. Tucker Carlson has officially achieved something that some say no one else in the media industry can claim: being let go by all three major cable news networks.


Tucker Carlson acts like a Psychotic Punk in the above Video





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