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Ted Nugent Sucks!

Ted Nugent Sucks for his hateful & outrageous comments about Obama, Hillary Clinton, Stoneman Douglas High School students, Dr. Fauci and killing Democrats. After listening to him talk about Democrat’s in the above video, he seems totally brainwashed and delusional from listening to Radical Right Wing KOOKS such as Hannity, Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Levin, Bannon and others.


Obama, Biden & Democrats have done a hell of a lot more to stand up for the Middle Class and the Poor than any Dumb-ass, Anti-Democratic, Election Rigging, Fascist, Tax Breaks Whore for the RICH, REPUBLICAN ever has.



Only DUMB-ASS MORONS vote for & support REPUBLICANS





Republicans must lie to survive: They have no other choice

From Ronald Reagan to Donald Trump, the path to Republican political success is rooted in profound deception

Republicans Must Lie to Survive: They have No Other Choice

Per the above article; “The GOP exists to serve the interests of the wealthy and big business that comprise the richest 1%. No party, however, can ever win an election with only 1% of the vote. So to win elections, the GOP must necessarily reach beyond its own wealthy core and attempt to convince a large segment of working people in the 99% to vote for Republicans.

Normally, a political party wins elections by offering policies that benefit the voters. These policies attract the voters who then cast their votes for the political party.

But for the Republican Party, this is not an option. A candidate could not possibly campaign on the policies favored by the 1%. Just imagine the stump speech. “Vote for me and I will slash your health care! In fact, I’ll do even better — I’ll fight like mad to completely eliminate your health care!”

“Vote for me and I will get rid of your pensions! This would save corporations a bundle and boost profits to the shareholders! Screw the workers!”

“Vote for me and I promise to ship your jobs overseas under globalization! The exact same labor can be hired in Asia for only pennies! Hurray!”

The Republican Party is left with only one option. It cannot possibly be honest about its true intentions and actual policies. The working class would never vote for them. Instead, the only option is to lie”.






Ted Nugent Encourages Violence at Trump Rally

May 15, 2022 – “Ted Nugent called on supporters of Donald Trump to go “berserk on the skulls of Democrats” during a performance on the former president’s “American Freedom Tour” in Austin, Texas, on Saturday”.

“Nugent has been an outspoken supporter of Trump, regularly perpetuating false claims about the 2020 presidential election and spreading conspiracy theories about the COVID-19 pandemic. During his latest public appearance, he called upon the estimated 8,000 attendees to assault those he deems “enemies of America.”

“They didn’t sneak into the White House — they lied, they cheated, they scammed, and every day the Democrats violate their sacred oath to the Constitution. And if you can’t impress your friends on that, they shouldn’t be your friends,” he said to cheers from the crowd.

“So I love you people madly,” he continued, “but I’d love you more if you went forward and just went berserk on the skulls of the Democrats and the Marxists and the Communists.” [source: thewrap.com/ted-nugent-incites-violence-berserk-skulls-democrats]




Nugent has made numerous comments advocating death and violence to people for years… such as “Clinton and Obama To Be Hanged Over Benghazi” and calling for Democrats to be shot or “If Barack Obama becomes the next president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year” or recently “go berserk on the skulls of Democrats”.


Ted Nugent should be in jail | CNN

LZ Granderson says no matter how you feel about Ted Nugent’s music or Obama’s policies, Nuget crossed a line with his remarks.



I can’t understand why Nugent hasn’t been arrested, prosecuted and put in prison for making implied death threats and advocating violence against Obama and others. Many a high school kid has been arrested and put in prison for saying a lot less than Nugent. This is another example of how there’s Two Justice Systems in the United States… one for the RICH & politically well connected… another for everyone else.



Ted Nugent’s Hate Speech


Ted Nugent: Vietnam Draft Dodger

Young Turks talks about how Nugent Shit his pants to get out of being drafted and fight in Vietnam


Nugent calling Obama a ‘Chimpanzee, Subhuman Mongrel’ proves he’s a racist.




Science says Conservatives are STUPID. Republican Conservatives are the REAL Subhuman Mongrels


NRA’s Ted Nugent compares Democrats to “rabid coyotes”: “Keep your gun handy, and every time you see one, you shoot one”

From the April 6 edition of Genesis Communications Network’s The Alex Jones Show:

NRA Gun Nut Ted Nugent compares Democrats to “rabid coyotes”: “Keep your gun handy, and every time you see one, you shoot one”.

Another example of why Nugent should be arrested for advocating violence & what a disgusting piece of shit he is. #LockHimUp


Here Are 13 Other Repugnant Comments Ted Nugent Should Apologize For

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent has offered a disingenuous and tepid apology after being condemned across partisan lines for his description of President Obama as a “subhuman mongrel.” The apology only came after Nugent attacked his critics on Twitter and elsewhere, at one point comparing CNN to a top Nazi propagandist.

Per the above article, here’s a few of the Reprehensible Comments Nugent has made;

1. Nugent On Then-First Lady Hillary Clinton: “You Probably Can’t Use The Term ‘Toxic Cunt’ In Your Magazine, but that’s what she Is.” From a 1994 interview with Denver, CO music magazine Westword

2. Nugent: “Piece Of Shit” Obama Should “Suck On My Machine Gun.” From a 2007 concert where an assault-rifle-wielding Nugent also referred to then-Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as “a worthless bitch”

3. Nugent: Deceased Florida Teenager Travyon Martin Was A “Dope Smoking, Racist Gangsta Wannabe.”

4. Nugent’s Reprehensible Commentary On The African American Community. During a 2013 appearance on conspiracy theorist Alex Jones radio show, Nugent claimed that African-Americans could fix “the black problem” if they just put their “heart and soul into being honest, law-abiding, [and] delivering excellence at every move in your life.” [Genesis Communication Network, The Alex Jones Show, 7/16/13, via Media Matters]

5. More Inexcusable Commentary From Nugent On The African-American Community. In a WND column, Nugent wrote that his claim Travyon Martin was a violent person was evidence of “the same mindless tendency to violence we see in black communities across America.” [WND, 7/24/13]

6. Nugent Compares Obama To A Nazi. During a March 2013 appearance on 9-11 truther Pete Santilli’s radio show, Nugent compared Obama to a Nazi who kills his Jewish neighbors, stating the president is like “a German in 1938 pretending to respect the Jews and then going home and putting on his brown shirt and forcing his neighbors onto a train to be burned to death.” [Media Matters, 3/22/13]

7. Nugent: Civil Rights Leaders Jackson And Sharpton Speak In “Ebonic Mumbo-Jumbo.” In a column for birther website WND, Nugent claimed that if a Republican president had the same drone policy as the Obama administration, “Jesse Jackson and Al Not-So-Sharpton would be lisping their ebonic mumbo-jumbo that the policy and the president are racist and bigoted.” [Media Matters, 2/11/13]

8. Nugent: “I’m Beginning To Wonder If It Would Have Been Best Had The South Won The Civil War.” From a column for The Washington Times:

9. Nugent: Real Americans Are “Working Hard, Playing Hard, White Motherfucking Shit Kickers Who Are Independent.” From a 1995 interview with Bob Mack of Grand Royal magazine:

10. Nugent: African-American Rappers Appearing On MTV Are “Big Uneducated Greasy Black Mongrels.” From a recording posted on YouTube, supposedly “from his radio show [in] 1994”:

“NUGENT: MTV is a liberal lump of hippy snot. They are embarrassing. Those big uneducated greasy black mongrels on there, they call themselves rap artists. Excuse me? During a bad bloody case of diarrhea, I got more soul than those guys do at the peak of their life. That’s not music. What do you slap some electronic noisemaker and then grunt to it? And this is like soul? No, excuse me, you want to know what soul is? No wonder James Brown went to prison, no wonder Wilson Pickett went to jail, no wonder Chuck Barry went to jail. They’re embarrassed by their black brothers. That’s not soul. That’s not cool. That’s stupid. [Ted Nugent via YouTube, accessed 2/21/14]”

11. Nugent: “If Islam Is A Religion Of Peace, Then I’m A Malnourished, Tofu-Eating Anti-Hunter.” From a 2010 Washington Times column addressing controversy over the planned construction of an Islamic community center near Ground Zero in New York City:

12. Ted Nugent On Suspected Undocumented Immigrants: “I’d Like To Shoot Them Dead.” From a 2008 appearance on Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes”


Ted Nugent: Vets Commit Suicide Because Obama is President… another example of Nugent’s pathological hate for Obama.


Description from YouTube: Radical Right Wing Republican Musician & Trump Supporter “Ted Nugent spent the past year trying to downplay the pandemic, and now he says Covid almost killed him. In a video posted to his fans, Nugent admitted that he had the illness and that it completely wiped him out to the point where he couldn’t even get out of bed and could barely move at all”.


Ted Nugent “Ain’t Taking No Vaccine”

Notoriously conservative rocker Ted Nugent refuses to get the Covid-19 vaccine, claiming “it’s not a real pandemic.”

Dumb-Ass Nugent Vows Not to get the Vaccine, then gets COVID


Ted Nugent on catching COVID: ‘I thought I was dying’

IMO, Ted Nugent deserves getting Covid due to his downplaying it for months, possibly causing fans who believed in him to get sick and/or die… PLUS years of hateful, outrageous comments he’s made such as his despicable comments about Obama, comparing Democrats to “Rabid coyotes”, “Keep your gun handy, and every time you see one, you shoot one” and saying Stoneman Douglas High School students are “Mushy Brained” and “They Have No Soul”.

This is KARMA and COMEUPPANCE comin’ home to roost on OLD TED!


Ted Nugent totally triggered by not being inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Everyone’s favorite racist uncle, Ted Nugent, is back to whining about not being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, blaming liberals and…

So Nugent thinks he’s entitled to be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? For “One Hit Wonder” songs like Cat Scratch Fever & Journey to the center of mind? Give me a break!


When I watch this video of Ted Nugent playin’ lead guitar on “Journey to the center of mind” when he was young, I can’t help but wonder if he was a Right-Winger then or if he become that way later in life and what caused him to become that way.


Rolling Stone’s List of Top 20 Guitarists and NUGENT ain’t one of ’em. LOL


I’ve heard Nugent play a couple of times as one of the “warm-up” bands for featured acts and he ain’t no Jimmy Page, Yngwie Malmsteen or Eddie Van Halen.


The above article says “Ted Nugent Slams Joan Jett’s Inclusion In Greatest Guitarists List”.  Everyone knows he’s jealous BC he’ll NEVER be included in the “In Greatest Guitarists List” OR the R&R hall of fame.

Being a Lunatic, Hate Monger and Political Hack who makes despicable comments like “Obama, he’s a piece of shit. I told him to suck on my machine gun. Hey Hillary,” he continued… “You might want to ride one of these into the sunset, you worthless bitch” or comparing Democrats to “rabid coyotes” & “Keep your gun handy, and every time you see one, you shoot one” ain’t gonna get you in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!

Most entertainers, artists and creative people are Liberal so he made sure he’ll never be in the R&R Hall of Fame by insulting them. He’ll forever be on millions of people’s SHIT LIST for acting like an obnoxious PIECE OF SHIT.


Ted Nugent “Ain’t Taking No Vaccine”

Notoriously conservative rocker Ted Nugent refuses to get the Covid-19 vaccine, claiming “it’s not a real pandemic.”


NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Calls For Clinton And Obama To Be Hanged Over Benghazi

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent called for President Obama and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to be hanged over their supposed malfeasance during the 2012 Benghazi, Libya terrorist attacks.

The above article says; Ted Nugent Called For Clinton And Obama To Be Hanged Over Benghazi in which 4 Americans died.


How about the 60 Americans who died under DUMB ASS REPUBLICAN BUSH?

No endless investigations by LAWLESS Republicans… or mention about THAT by Dumb-ass Hypocrite & Political Hack NUGENT






Republican “Conservatives”  have always been the most LAWLESS and CORRUPT… because they’re NEANDERTHAL BULLIES by nature


The Obama administration didn’t have ONE criminal indictment or conviction but every Republican has… and that includes the Trump administration which had numerous indictments & convictions.







Anyone who supports Worst President in History Trump… who’s lied over 30,000 times since becoming president, acts like a Narcissistic Nutcase & Lunatic, admitted on tape he Grabs Women by the PUSSY and “can do anything he wants” to women, claims the Press is “America’s Enemy”, claims News which exposes his LIES or is critical of him is “Fake News”, attempted a COUP and incited RIOTS to overturn the 2020 elections is LAWLESS PIECE OF SHIT and a TRAITOR.


Ted Nugent whines he’s a victim of ‘hate speech’ after his attack on Parkland teens backfires

NRA board member Ted Nugent isn’t backing down from his attacks on the Parkland high school mass shooting student survivors. “I stand by my words,” the rock star said in a Facebook videoSaturday night. On Good Friday Nugent had declared that the teenaged student survivors who are advocating for gun …

Pretty rich how Ted Nugent whines about “hate speech” against him after all the hate speech he’s spewed against others.


Attacked Democrats, Obama, Hillary Clinton and High School Students but apparently can’t handle being called out for his own hateful and despicable conduct. What a WUSS!


NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Slams “Mushy Brained” Parkland Survivors: “They Have No Soul”

The controversial rocker said the teenagers who have become the faces of the gun-control movement are being fed lies.

Saying High School kids are “Mushy Brained” and “They Have No Soul” is just another example of what an IDIOT Nugent is.


My generation is fed up with dumb-ass Conservative, “Regressive” Republicans. They are like dinosaurs trying to hold onto power. Like David Hogg said in this video; “You might as well stop now because we’re going to outlive you”.



Trump described by the people who know him best!










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