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Calls to Shut Down the Superbowl & Clog Up U.S. Cities IGNORED

Few signs of Super Bowl trucker protest, monitoring firm says

Feb 12 (Reuters) – A reported trucker protest planned to coincide with the Super Bowl appears to be going nowhere, a social media monitoring firm that has been tracking the issue said on Saturday. After media reported on a U.S.

UN-Patriotic United States & Americans Hating Republicans, Wendy Rogers, Rand Paul, Tucker Carlson & FOX called for Truckers to  “Shut Down” the Super Bowl and “Clog Up Cities” which would worsen the supply chain by disrupting businesses, commerce and disrupt American’s lives by making it difficult to travel and get supplies from stores. Fortunately, these TRAITORS calls for disruption have been ignored.

Few signs of Super Bowl trucker protest, monitoring firm says

While protests and traffic blockades inspired by the Ottawa protests have gained steamed in Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, similar rallies in the United States have been slower to take off despite plenty of chatter in extremist circles and favorable coverage by right-wing outlets such as Fox News. On Friday, U.S. organizers, including Penny Faye of an organization dubbed “Convoy to Save America,”

So how about THAT TREASONOUS REPUBLICANS… Wendy Rogers, Rand Paul, Tucker Carlson & FOX FAKE NEWS? Your calls to shut down the Super Bowl, Disrupt Commerce & “Clog Cities” were IGNORED!



US-Canada Ambassador Bridge Reopens after Police Clear Anti-Vaxx Protesters




Liberals Win… Dumb-Ass Conservatives LOSE Again




Science says Conservatives are STUPID





Rand Paul said he hopes trucker protests ‘clog up cities,’ including during Super Bowl and in DC

While protests by truckers and others against Covid mandates continue to occupy Canada’s capital, block US-Canada border crossings and add to supply chain headaches, Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky said he hopes trucker protests come to the United States as soon as this weekend to “clog up” major US cities.

UN-Patriotic United States Hating Republicans call for Truckers to “Clog Up Cities”, “Shut Down” the Super Bowl, worsen the supply chain by disrupting businesses, commerce and disrupt American’s lives by making it difficult to travel and get supplies from stores.

Per the above article: “Sen. Rand Paul: I Hope Truckers Come To D.C. & L.A., “Clog Up Cities”. Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) said as a supporter of civil disobedience he would welcome truckers to demonstrate in Washington D.C. and at the Super Bowl in Los Angeles this weekend”.


Anti-Protest Conservatives Sure Do Love the Trucker Blockade Causing ‘Deep Pain’ to American Companies

Republicans were appalled in the summer of 2020 when Black Lives Matter demonstrations broke out in cities across America. The demonstrations were overwhelmingly peaceful, but the GOP cast the entire movement as violent, paving the way for several states to pass anti-protest legislation.

Per the above article: Republicans who bashed Black Lives Matter demonstrations are now singing the praises of unlawful anti-vax protests wreaking havoc on international commerce.

Tucker Carlson says, is a good thing. “The blockade has forced the Ford Motor Company to shut down one of its manufacturing plants, and to operate another plant with a skeleton crew,” the Fox News host said on his show Thursday night. “Toyota says it won’t be able to manufacture in Ontario for the rest of the week. General Motors has canceled multiple shifts at its plant in Lansing, Michigan, due to part shortages.”

Carlson then lauded how the protest is causing “deep pain” to the industry, calling it “the single most successful human rights protest in a generation.”


“Carlson represents only a fraction of Fox News’ coverage of the convoy. Matt Gertz of Media Matters pointed out on Friday that the network’s coverage of the convoy has skyrocketed in the past week, with commentators pushing for an American version of the protest. Some have even called for truckers to shut down the Super Bowl . The prospect of such a shutdown is far-fetched, but NPR on Thursday obtained a Department of Homeland Security memo warning that tuckers could block roads in American cities in the coming weeks. The memo mentioned the Super Bowl as a potential target.

So, no, the Republicans politicians and conservative commentators who spent the early part of the winter melting down over supply chain issues don’t care about how the blockade is disrupting commerce. They raised hell about how restrictions meant to prevent a pandemic from killing people were slowing the gears of the economy, but this is fine. In fact, it’s encouraged. Some Republicans are using their power to help ensure the convoy is well-funded. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton announced recently that their respective states are launching investigations into why fundraising platform GoFundMe froze millions of dollars that had been donated to the convoy.

DeSantis — who respects freedom to protest so much he criminalized it last year through a bill that shields Floridians from liability if they happen to kill protesters — even falsely alleged that GoFundMe is using the donated money as they see fit instead of what they’re actually doing: returning it to the donors.”


Republican Lawmaker Basically Begs Anti-Vax Truckers to Blockade the Super Bowl

For the past 11 days, hundreds of protestors, many of whom are driving big-rig trucks have occupied Canada’s capital city of Ottawa, blocking streets and disrupting the city with raucous demonstrations . These trucker protests, led by the so-called “Freedom Convoy” now besieging Ottawa, began after the Canadian and U.S.

Republican Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers “is encouraging American truckers to gridlock this weekend’s Super Bowl in Los Angeles the same way their Canadian brothers and sisters of the road have shut down Ottawa, Ontario, in recent days to protest COVID-19 restrictions. If truckers shut down the Super Bowl it would partially be payback for Colin Kaepernick and the kneeling.”



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