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Steve Bannon: Lawless Anti-Democratic, Fascist

Retired United States Army Major (who served in the West Virginia Senate) Richard Ojeda Goes OFF On Steve Bannon

IMO, Steve Bannon is a Lawless, Anti-Democratic, Fascist POS who wants to DESTROY American Democracy. Was one of the organizers of the January 6 insurrection to overturn the 2020 election against the will of the MAJORITY who voted to Joe Biden.

I say “Lawless” because IMO, attempts to overturn the 2020 election, in which no voter fraud was found which could have changed the outcome of the election was a LAWLESS act of insurrection, sedition and treason.


Republicans admitting they want a dictatorship and want to eliminate Democracy


Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast the day before the storming of the Capitol on January 5, 2021 – “All hell is going to break loose”.

This is TREASONOUS, SEDITIOUS, INSURRECTION, REVOLUTIONARY WAR talk. Bannon and all involved in the January 6 Insurrection & attempts to overturn the 2020 election should have already been arrested. We need a Attorney General who will DO HIS JOB.




A Federal Judge declined to dismiss contempt of Congress charges against Radical Right Wing Fascist Trump Supporter Steve Bannon. Criminal Defense Attorney Sara Azari explains what it all means.


“Steve Bannon PUNISHED in Court”



New York’s 2nd congressional district Peter King (R) stats in the above video: Steve Bannon “looks like some disheveled drunk who wandered on to the political stage”


I agree with Peter King… Bannon DOES look like a disheveled DRUNK. No rational person should listen to anything this MF has to say…. he’s human garbage!


Steve Bannon Calls on “SHOCK TROOPS” to Take Over Government

Jesse Dollemore talks about Steve Bannon’s recent comments about needing shock troops to be ready to take over the government. Specifically, he said, “If you’re going to take over the administrative state and deconstruct it, then you have to have shock troops prepared to take it over immediately”.


If Bannon thinks he & Republicans are going to take over this country and cram their Anti-Democratic Fascist bullshit down the majorities throats with no resistance, he’s STUPIDER than he looks & acts.


This 1963 Episode of The Twilight Zone epitomizes Trump, Bannon and today’s Anti-Democratic Fascist Republicans


Bannon ‘Legally’ Threatens To ‘Come After’ Barr For Calling ‘B.S.’ On Trump

Newly released testimony from the Jan. 6 committee reveals Trump White House lawyer Eric Herschmann told Trump ally John Eastman to get a “criminal defense lawyer” after Eastman approached him about appealing election results in Georgia. This comes as Trump ally Steve Bannon attacks former Attorney General Bill Barr for cooperating with the panel, which is gearing up for its next public hearing.


Steve Bannon melted down on his podcast over the possibility of a Trump indictment, threatening to impeach ‘everybody in the DOJ’ if it happens

Bannon raged at the chance Donald Trump might be indicted over the Capitol riot, even threatening Attorney General Merrick Garland with impeachment.

Bannon proves what a DUMB ASS and IDIOT he is by threatening to impeach ‘everybody in the DOJ’ if Trump is indicted. NOBODY is intimated by Bannon’s bullshit threats.


Trump is a lawless piece of SHIT who deserves to spend the rest of his miserable life in prison


Bannon Cronies Plead GUILTY To Border Wall Scam

Two of Steve Bannon’s associates have pleaded guilty to defrauding donors of the “We Build The Wall” project, a private fundraising effort to help build Trump’s border wall. While Bannon was pardoned by Trump for his crimes, Andrew Badolato and Brian Kolfage weren’t lucky enough to get the same treatment for illegally defrauding donors of around $25 million for the project. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and Jessica Burbank discuss on The Young Turks.


Liars: Putin-Trump Axis Blasted As Obama Likens Steve Bannon To Russian Dictator

Former President Barack Obama confronted social media companies for spreading misinformation in a formal address at Stanford, warning of the real-world consequences of disinformation and fringe conspiracy theories. Obama argued the tech industry can play a more constructive role and singled out dangerous, dishonest actors, like Vladimir Putin and former Trump aide Steve Bannon, in unusually direct remarks. MSNBC’s Ari Melber reports on the address and examples of disinformation being amplified online, noting that while conspiracies always existed, for-profit companies are spreading them far more than before. Melber also distinguishes between the “information victims” who believe these lies, and those who pedal them.


DEMONETIZED: Steve Bannon podcast faces uphill battle as advertising networks cut off platform access

Steve Bannon loses a major source of funds as three ad exchanges refuse to monetize his War Room: Pandemic podcast.

Per the above article: “It’s not been a great week for the bad boys of right-wing media. First, we learned that InfoWars‘ conspiracy theorist-in-chief Alex Jones has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy at his three main media companies. And now comes the news that War Room: Pandemic, the podcast hosted by former Trump campaign manager and unrepentant White nationalist Steve Bannon, has been dropped by three online major advertising exchanges in the past month, putting its ability to generate ad dollars to continue funding the program in jeopardy”.

“A non-profit group called the Check My Ads Institute reported today that Yahoo will no longer include Performance One Media, the production company behind Bannon’s War Room: Pandemic podcast, among the clients for whom they provide the placement of revenue-generating ads”.

“During the past month, Bannon’s podcast lost access to other revenue streams when two different ad exchanges — Media Net and Freewheel, an affiliate of Comcast — decided to cut off Real America’s Voice, the 24-hour streaming network that prominently features War Room: Pandemic on its daily schedule, from their services. While Bannon will still be able to raise money through private donations and through smaller ad networks, the latest moves could threaten the long-term financial viability of his podcast venture”.


Title from YouTube / ROF: Steve Bannon Issues Ominous Warning To Mike Pence For Going Against Trump

Description from YouTube / ROF: “Following Mike Pence’s speech on Friday, Steve Bannon took to his podcast to warn that Pence is going to take the decision to NOT overturn the election “to his grave,” a choice of words that some believe is coded language to Bannon’s audience. He also called Pence a stone-cold coward, but it was the “to your grave” remark that most people were alarmed about”.

I agree with most of the comments above but strongly disagree with the statement that ‘Bannon isn’t a stupid person”. I think Bannon IS a stupid person… otherwise he wouldn’t constantly be making stupid comments which seem to advocate the destruction of Decency and Democracy in the United States.


Steve Bannon Was an Instigator of the January 6 Insurrection

Robert Costa and Bob Woodward discuss Steve Bannon who was indicted by a federal grand jury last week and charged with contempt of Congress, and his part in the January 6th riots & insurrection


The House Select Committee investigating the January 6 attack on the Capitol could vote to hold Steve Bannon in contempt of Congress next week.


Title from YouTube; “Bannon Threatens Biden After Surrendering To Authorities”

Description from YouTube: “A defiant Steve Bannon issued a ridiculous threat against the Biden Administration on Monday as he surrendered to authorities. Bannon threatened to make the charges against him the “misdemeanor from Hell” for the administration, though it isn’t exactly clear what this meant. He also took a few moments to plug his podcast as the cameras surrounded him. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains how Bannon turned this entire thing into a spectacle and why the DOJ should have sent cops to arrest him last week”.


DOJ Says it’s Prepared to Prosecute Steve Bannon IN A SINGLE DAY!!!

Jesse talks about the latest reporting surrounding the signaling from the U.S. Department of Justice that it is ready and able to prosecute Steve Bannon in a single day, rather than the several days trial that Bannon’s defense team is proposing, in a likely effort to delay the investigation into the January 6th insurrection at the United States Capitol.


Bannon Indicted By Federal Grand Jury For Contempt Of Congress. Bannon Insider calls ‘Bannon’s The Ultimate Cockroach’.


House Select Committee Announces Vote to Hold Steve Bannon in Criminal Contempt!


Steve Bannon Surrenders On Contempt Of Congress Charges

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon surrendered to federal authorities Monday in Washington, where he’s facing two charges of contempt of Congress.


Description from TYT & Youtube; “Steve Bannon could face jail time for ignoring a subpoena to testify in front of the committee investigating the January 6th riot”.

Claiming the election was stolen from Trump is a provable LIE which only STUPID people believes.



Rep. Raskin: ‘Steve Bannon Committed A Crime Today’

Description from MSNBC & Youtube; “Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD), a member of the January 6th Select Committee, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss why Steve Bannon “is still under the spell of Donald Trump” and why the committee expects subpoenaed witnesses to “comply with lawful orders.”

Bannon is a Radical Right Winger who has a history of supporting despicable characters like Roy Moore and Trump who is one of the biggest liars to ever hold public office, a wanna-be dictator and the WORST President in history.

In 7 out of the last 8 Presidential elections, more people voted for Democrats than Republicans. Over 7 million more people voted for Biden than Trump so the MAJORITY of Americans support Democracy and Democrats… NOT Anti-Democratic Fascist Authoritarian Wanna-be Dictator REPUBLICANS like TRUMP (who Bannon supports).



Bannon proves he supports and engages in propaganda by stating; “The real opposition is the media. And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with shit”



Steve Bannon Twitter Account Suspended For Advocating Beheading of Dr. Anthony Fauci and FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Statements like these show Bannon is NUTS, a THREAT and should be ARRESTED.



Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Arrested on Fraud Charges

Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has been arrested after being charged with defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors through the “We Build the Wall” campaign.



Lawless and Worst President in History Trump pardons include Steve Bannon and scores of others


The Trump administration was the most LAWLESS, CORRUPT and WORST admin in history







Trump behaves like a NUTCASE… a 75 Year Old Entitled SPOILED BRAT, a hateful vindictive bully, a POS ASSHOLE, pathological liar who has no humility, never admits he’s wrong, never apologizes & the engaged in most UN-Presidential behavior in history.

This video shows how Trump has managed to evade consequences for his disgusting and despicable conduct his entire life.


Anyone who supports Trump is an much of a piece of shit and disgusting excuse of a human being as he is.



Trump saying he has “Total Authority” over when to re-open the country and insinuating if States don’t follow his orders it would be Mutiny is yet another example that he is a Wanna-Be King & Dictator.


Throughout his presidency, Trump has, at every turn, advanced extreme legal arguments and made excuses to avoid the traditional oversight that previous presidents have accepted. In the process, he has negated the checks and balances that are at the heart of our constitutional system, and elevated himself to a king-like position.


Trump behaving like an Authoritarian Fascist Dictator


This chilling video was produced during the 2016 Presidential Election by Republican Presidential candidate, Ohio Governor John Kasich. It exposed Trump as the Greatest Threat our country has ever faced, and proved to be uncannily prophetic.


Trump’s admiration of dictators and scorn of our allies is one the most dangerous threat to our democracies our country has ever faced


Title from Youtube: President Trump: My People Should Give Me The Attention Kim Jong Un Gets

During an interview with Fox News’s Steve Doocy Trump stated regarding North Korea’s brutal dictator Kim Jong Un; “He’s the head of a country and he’s the strong head. Don’t let anyone think anything different,” Trump said “He speaks and his people sit up at attention. I want my people to do the same.






Republicans / Conservatives are
America’s Taliban & like Islamic ISIS Terrorists

Republicans are like Islamic ISIS Terrorist. Both are Fascist which tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, as are flag symbols on clothing and in public displays.


Here’s some of the Characteristics of Fascism;

1. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights – Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of “need.” The people tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarcerations of prisoners, etc.

2. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause – The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: racial , ethnic or religious minorities; liberals; communists; socialists, terrorists, etc.

3. Supremacy of the Military – Even when there are widespread domestic problems, the military is given a disproportionate amount of government funding, and the domestic agenda is neglected. Soldiers and military service are glamorized.

4. Rampant Sexism – The governments of fascist nations tend to be almost exclusively male-dominated. Under fascist regimes, traditional gender roles are made more rigid. Divorce, abortion and homosexuality are suppressed and the state is represented as the ultimate guardian of the family institution.

5. Controlled Mass Media – Sometimes to media is directly controlled by the government, but in other cases, the media is indirectly controlled by government regulation, or sympathetic media spokespeople and executives. Censorship, especially in war time, is very common.

6. Obsession with National Security – Fear is used as a motivational tool by the government over the masses.

7. Religion and Government are Intertwined – Governments in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government’s policies or actions.

8. Corporate Power is Protected – The industrial and business aristocracy of a fascist nation often are the ones who put the government leaders into power, creating a mutually beneficial business/government relationship and power elite.

9. Labor Power is Suppressed – Because the organizing power of labor is the only real threat to a fascist government, labor unions are either eliminated entirely, or are severely suppressed.

10. Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts – Fascist nations tend to promote and tolerate open hostility to higher education, and academia. It is not uncommon for professors and other academics to be censored or even arrested. Free expression in the arts and letters is openly attacked.

11. Obsession with Crime and Punishment – Under fascist regimes, the police are given almost limitless power to enforce laws. The people are often willing to overlook police abuses and even forego civil liberties in the name of patriotism. There is often a national police force with virtually unlimited power in fascist nations.

12. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption – Fascist regimes almost always are governed by groups of friends and associates who appoint each other to government positions and use governmental power and authority to protect their friends from accountability. It is not uncommon in fascist regimes for national resources and even treasures to be appropriated or even outright stolen by government leaders.

13. Manipulate & Control elections – Sometimes elections in fascist nations are a complete sham. Other times elections are manipulated by smear campaigns against or even assassination of opposition candidates, use of legislation to control voting numbers or political district boundaries, and manipulation of the media. Fascist nations also typically use their judiciaries to manipulate & control elections.

14. Powerful and Continuing Nationalism – Fascist regimes tend to make constant use of patriotic mottos, slogans, symbols, songs, and other paraphernalia. Flags are seen everywhere, such as flag symbols on clothing and in public displays.



Here’s a few of the behaviors and ideologies Republicans, The Taliban and Islamic ISIS Terrorist have in common;

  1. Bullies
  2. Religious extremists (such as Christian Evangelists)
  3. Extremists who resort to Violence to get their way (January 6, 2021 riots to overturn legitimate election which their leader, Trump lost)
  4. Right-wing Anti-democratic Fascist (most Republicans condone eliminating a free press and democracy)
  5. Suppress Women’s Rights (anti-abortion laws)
  6. Extreme Patriotism with tons of flags




Radical Right Wing, Trump Supporting (Redneck) Republicans can be easily spotted in Pick-up Trucks with flags (similar to Islamic Terrorist in pick-up trucks with flags).


Lawless Radical Right-Wing MAGA Trump supporters smash into another car during a crazed attack attempting to run Biden campaign bus off the road. Note the FLAGS on Truck similar to those of ISIS Islamic Terrorists. Republican ARE America’s TALIBAN





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