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Steve Mnuchin Sucks

Trump’s Pick For Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, foreclosed on thousands of people’s homes. He’s a Wall Street veteran and hedge fund manager with ties to the U.S. housing crisis.

I think Steve Mnuchin is heartless bastard who sucks for foreclosing on thousands of people homes. That’s my opinion and I’m entitled to it.

Note in the above video how Trump criticized Stock Market people when he was campaigning for President, but after elected hired several Goldman Sachs people for his cabinet such as Mnuchin, proving his words mean NOTHING.


Ads exposes how Steve Mnuchin took Woman’s House away.


All In with Chris Hayes Video: Trump Voters Home FORECLOSED by Trumps Pick for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin

Incoming Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin MADE 100’s of MILLIONS by foreclosing on thousands of homeowners who were railroaded by the bank to believe if they became three months late on their mortgage they would be eligible to restructure their home loans.


Steven Mnuchin Costing Taxpayers $800,000 Using Military Jets

Rachel Maddow reports on new revelations about the excessive cost of plane travel by Secretary Mnuchin, the same scandal that drove Secretary Price from his job, and which has also been exposed in Secretary Zinke and others.



Trumps Money Man Has a Repulsive Record of Throwing Homeowners Out on the Street


Steve Mnuchin will always defend Donald Trump because he wants to keep his job | Opinion

Loyalty, thy name is Steven T. Mnuchin. On Sunday, the Treasury Secretary appeared on NBC’s Meet the Press , where he defended President Donald J. Trump’s handling of the devastation caused to Puerto Rico by Hurricane Maria.



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