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Travis County TX Democratic Headquarters Vandalized by Domestic Terrorist

A Right Wing Domestic Terrorist sent threats and Vandalized the Travis County Democratic Headquarters in Austin, TX. This is the type of tactics used by the Nazi “Brown Shirts” militia that helped Adolf Hitler rise to power in Germany.


Texas Democratic Party Office Vandalized With Anti-Election, Pro-Revolution Message

The vandals used red spray paint to write ‘Election No, Revolution Yes’ with a drawing of a sickle and hammer symbol across the front of the building. The entryway door was covered with dripping red paint,” the party said in a press release.

The locks to the office were also super glued so that officials were unable to enter the building on Monday.


Texas Democratic Party Offices Vandalized With Anti-Election Message

The Harris County Democratic Party headquarters were vandalized Monday, a day after the Texas Supreme Court ruled against Republican efforts to throw out nearly 127,000 early votes.


UPDATE Oct 2, 2021: Suspect Arrested In Fire Attack On Democratic Party Office In Texas

“The Austin Fire Department Arson Investigators and the FBI announced an arrest in an incident involving a person who tried to vandalize and start a fire at the Travis County Democratic Party Headquarters. On Friday, AFD identified the man as Ryan Faircloth, 30.

According to AFD, Faircloth put something, what they are calling an “incendiary device,” inside the door near a stack of papers. Officials said it was then the fire started to be visible, but the incendiary device did not catch fire, just the papers it was near”. [source: kxan.com/news/local/travis-county/officials-to-announce-arrest-in-attempted-arson-vandalism-of-travis-county-democrats-office]


Man sentenced after arson at Travis County Democratic Party office

Ryan Faircloth, 31, was sentenced Friday to 6 years in prison. He pled guilty to arson in January.

Per the above article: “Ryan Faircloth, 31, was sentenced Friday to 6 years in prison. He pled guilty to arson in January. In addition to prison time, Faircloth was ordered to pay $12,472.84 in restitution and a $5,000 fine. Faircloth admitted to targeting the political party office “because he opposed positions he believed to be taken by the Democratic Party,” according to the Western District of Texas U.S. Attorney’s office“.


Travis County Democratic Party says lawsuit filed against man accused of throwing Molotov cocktail at HQ

Ryan Faircloth was arrested on Oct. 1 and charged with a second-degree felony arson charge and a third-degree felony charge for carrying a prohibited weapon.



MAGA Trump supporters who believe they won the election are reportedly terrorizing election workers, according to a Reuters investigation.



Republican / Conservative / Right-Wingers have always been the most LAWLESS and CORRUPT… because RIGHT WINGERS are BULLIES by nature who do what-ever it takes to get their way.


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