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Incompetent Republican Ron DeSantis Puts Kids Lives at Risk

Covid-19 cases has EXPLODED in Florida under the incompetent leadership of Anti-Science, Trump Ass Kissing Fascist Republican Ron DeSantis who is putting politics above children’s lives by making mask mandates in schools ILLEGAL.


Florida Becomes First State To Recommend NOT Vaccinating Children For COVID

Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis and his anti-science brigade have decided that they are smarter than the CDC, and they are officially recommending that parents do not get “healthy” children vaccinated for COVID. Reputable medical professionals disagree with this decision, but DeSantis is ok with letting even more people die from COVID under his watch if it means disagreeing publicly with the Biden administration.


DeSantis Threatens Teachers After Everyone Ignores His Stupid Decisions

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is furious that no one is taking his ban on mask mandates seriously, and he is now threatening administrators who impose mask mandates. DeSantis says that he will withhold their pay if they force children to wear masks, but the threats aren’t having the intended affect. DeSantis is being defied more and more, and that is only making him angrier and far less rational


DeSantis’ Past Comes Back To Haunt Him – Nov 7, 2021


Alarming Rise In Covid Among Children In Florida As Schools Reopen

There’s an alarming rise in the spread of Covid-19 among children as the state continues to battle a surge in cases. With many K-12 schools set to reopen for in-person learning tomorrow, there’s a growing debate around student mask mandates.



More than half of Florida’s students now go to schools with mask mandates, defying DeSantis

More than half of Florida’s students are now enrolled in public school districts with mask mandates despite threats of sanctions from the administration of Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis, who decreed that only parents can decide whether their children wear masks.


Title from Youtube: “Cover-Up’: Florida’s MAGA Governor In COVID Scandal On Death Count Data”

Description from Youtube: “As Florida Governor DeSantis ignores safety measures, an explosive new report shows he might be misleading the public and hiding the accurate death numbers. According to reporting from the Miami Herald, coronavirus deaths in the state are not declining”.


Title from Youtube: “Unmasked & Unvaccinated Teacher Infects Half Her Class & Their Families w/ COVID”

Description from Youtube: “Jesse talks about an unvaccinated elementary school teach who infected with COVID-19 upwards of 30 people (including half the students in her class) because she removed her mask while reading to the students”.



DeSantis more of a lunatic than Trump

Howard Dean says Ron DeSantis is more of a lunatic than Trump


Title from Youtube: “Judge Deals Loss To MAGA Gov. DeSantis Over Mask Ban”

Description from Youtube: “A Florida judge has found MAGA Governor Ron DeSantis overstepped his authority by trying to ban mask mandates in schools. The ruling comes as Florida averages 242 coronavirus deaths per day and DeSantis attempts to blame President Biden for his failures”.


Florida Judge Rules Gov. Ron DeSantis CAN NOT Stop Schools From Requiring Masks to Protect Children

Florida Judge John C. Cooper tells Governor Ron DeSantis – in substance – to go pound sand, ruling that DeSantis can not stop Florida schools from requiring masks to protect children, teachers, staff and, by extension, all Floridians. But Judge Cooper didn’t stop there – he also issued an injunction prohibiting the state from retaliating against school boards that require students to wear masks to protect against the spread of the coronavirus.


Ron DeSantis DEFIES Court Order And Withholds Funds From Schools

Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis has defied a court order from last week and has withheld funds from 2 districts in Florida that refused to comply with his ban on mask mandates. The judge’s order specifically forbade DeSantis from punishing the districts, but he barrelled ahead with his idiotic plan anyway.

#LockHimUp for Violating a Court Order!


Florida School Administrator: No Way We’ll Follow DeSantis Mask Mandate Ban

The spread of the COVID-19 delta variant has pushed Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp to deploy the National Guard to help at hospitals, while Louisiana has just reported 139 deaths in a single day. As school systems in Southern states cope with rising infections


Florida’s ‘Mini-Trump’ Loses Teacher Clash: ‘I Don’t Have That Power’

As cases of the coronavirus rise in Florida, MAGA Gov. Ron DeSantis has maintained his crusade against safety measures. After banning mask mandates and threatening to withhold the salaries of officials who enforced them, DeSantis is now backtracking and admitting he does not have the power to take away those salaries



Ron DeSantis Goes Ballistic When Reporter Asks About Kids In ICU From COVID

Florida’s Trump-loving governor Ron DeSantis grew irrationally angry at reporters this week when they asked him about the disturbing number of Florida children being admitted to intensive care units in the state for COVID infections. DeSantis claimed that it was horrible for reporters to question the individual decisions of children, ignoring his role in forbidding mask mandates in the state.


Florida Governor Gets Smacked Down For Shifting The Blame On Rising COVID Numbers

Politifact came out and said that Republican Florida governor Ron DeSantis was absolutely not telling the truth when he blamed the recent COVID surge on Joe Biden’s border policies. DeSantis claimed that migrants are crossing the border and bringing COVID with them, and Biden isn’t doing anything to stop them. Politifact said that this isn’t the case, and there is absolutely no evidence to support anything DeSantis is saying.



Florida Mom On Why She’s Suing Gov. DeSantis Over Mask Mandate Ban

“My son just wants to be in school, wants to be with other kids. While [DeSantis] is saying it’s about choice, he has eliminated the choices for me and for my family and for my son,” says Florida parent Alisha Todd on why she’s suing Gov. Ron DeSantis.


Former GOP Congressman Speaks Out On DeSantis’ Rejection Of Mask Mandates

David Jolly, former GOP Congressman from Florida, is enraged several Republican governors are actively vetoing local jurisdiction that are enforcing mask mandates, even though their states are experiencing massive covid spikes.




Legality Of DeSantis Defunding Schools Due To Mask Mandates

Under Florida law, students are entitled to safe schools and six attorneys feel that is being threatened amid a spread of the Delta variant and an Executive Order for Governor Ron DeSantis banning school mask mandates. Governor DeSantis said that schools with mandates will lose state funding.

DeSantis proves what an incompetent idiot he is who’s unfit to hold public office by not only putting politics above kids health, but signing an executive order which has no chance of standing up in court.


How A ‘Mini-Trump’ Is Running Florida Into The Ground Amidst Covid-19 Deaths

Florida’s Covid-19 caseload and hospitalizations are breaking the state’s own all-time records, and experts say Governor DeSantis’ policies against proven safety measures are making the crisis worse. In a detailed, objective report, MSNBC’s Ari Melber documents the virus in Florida, how DeSantis’ policies are faring, and how the governor has pursued partisan measures and political fundraising through the humanitarian crisis.


Dean: Covid-19 Will End Mini-Trump’s Florida Career Like It Ended Trump’s Presidency

As Florida’s Covid-19 caseload breaks the state’s own all-time records, doctor and former governor Howard Dean appraises the troubled record of Florida Governor DeSantis, giving him an ‘F’ on substance. Dean says Desantis, who has styled himself after Donald Trump, will find Covid-19 dealing him the same political fate as Trump in this interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber.





Broward County Becomes First To Defy Gov. DeSantis By Requiring Masks

Florida sees record breaking Covid cases among children as the Delta variant spreads nationwide.


Broward County school board votes to keep mask mandate, defying Gov. Ron DeSantis

Teachers and administrators are risking their own pay by going against DeSantis, who threatened to withhold their salaries.



DeSantis threatens to withhold salaries of school officials defying mask mandates ban






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