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RNC Can Cram Their ‘We Were Robbed’ Ad Up Their Ass

LYING, LAWLESS, CORRUPT Republicans was running an ad on MSNBC called  ‘We Were Robbed” . Ad discussed by MSNBC Cross Connection with Tiffany Cross and guests in the above video.

REPUBLICANS are the ones who are divisive. Goes to show how stupid their are by running it on MSNBC where viewers hate Repubs guts. They further showed their stupidity using a black guy in their ad, thinking it would cause blacks to dislike Democrats who has consistently stuck up for them, while Repubs has done everything possible to make their lives HELL. The ad was poorly produced, ineffective BULLSHIT… insulting to viewers intelligence.

I called MSNBC and demanded stop running it.  Haven’t seen the ad again so lots of other people must have called too.

Intelligent people don’t want to hear anything LYING, LAWLESS, CORRUPT Repubs have to say. They can take their ‘We Were Robbed’ Ad and Cram it up their dirty, rotten stinking asses.


The MLB did the RIGHT thing by pulling the All-Star game from Atlanta over the Georgia Voter Obstruction law which made giving food or water to people waiting in the long lines Repubs are responsible for creating, a CRIME.







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