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REPUBLICANS SUCK for passing RADICAL “War On Women” Anti-Choice Laws which Bans Abortions after 6 weeks with NO EXCEPTION for Rape or Insest. Would force a women to Carry and give Birth to a RAPIST CHILD and allows Anti-Abortion Vigilantes to become Nazi Gestapo Secret Police Bounty Hunters who can sue anyone who assists a women seeking an abortion for $10,000.

Just another example of what DIRTY ROTTEN FASCIST BASTARDS Republicans are who want BIG GOVERNMENT to control every aspect of people’s lives and why ALL should be VOTED OUT!


Republicans Suck for refusing to accept the Outcome of the 2020 Election so they LIED claiming the Election was “Rigged” & “Stolen” causing RIOTS and DEATHS in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021
Republicans Suck for attempting to overturn the 2020 Election to make the Worst and most LAWLESS President in History (who LOST the 2020 election) an UN-Elected DICTATOR
Republicans Suck for Rigging Elections by Gerrymandering, Decreasing the number of Days and Hours people can Vote, Purging Minorities off Voters Rolls, Decreasing Drop-boxes, Decreasing Voting Machines in Urban areas, Limiting Polling locations / hours, Making it harder to Vote by Mail, Passed laws to overturn election results they don’t like and Making it a Crime to give people Food or Water in the long lines, THEY’RE responsible for causing in urban areas to make to difficult  to vote.
Republicans Suck for refusing to eliminate UN-Democratic Electoral College BC it made 2 unpopular Republicans President who the majority of Americans didn’t vote for… George W. Bush who lost by 543,895 votes in 2000 and Donald Trump who lost by 2.8 million in 2016. This isn’t Democracy, it’s the type of Rigged Minority Rule Government you find in Dictator Banana Republics.
Republicans Suck for refusing to Impeach and Remove Trump from office after he violated his Oath of Office numerous ways, including Obstructing Justice, Blocking Congressional Oversight, Dirt on an opponent for Foreign Aid, Emoluments Clause Violations, over 20,000 False / Misleading Statements to the American people, attempted to stay in office by a coup d’etat, inciting riots, insurrection, violence, causing 5 deaths by his supporters.
Congressional Republicans Suck for doing NOTHING about Trump Firing Inspector Generals who were doing their jobs of Oversight… to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States, such as Intelligence Community Inspector General Michael Atkinson who informed congress of Trump’s Abuse of Power pressuring the President of Ukraine to get “dirt” on a political opponent… Joseph Maguire fired for allowing the House Intelligence Committee to Informed about Russia’s Plans to Interfere in the 2020 Election… State Department inspector general Steve A. Linick fired for Investigating Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and IG for Department of Transportation, Mitch Behm who was overseeing a high profile investigation of Secretary Chao’s alleged favoritism benefiting her husband Senator Mitch McConnell’s political prospects.
Congressional Republicans Suck for doing NOTHING about Trump’s Firing people who truthfully testified about his LAWLESS conduct, such as U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch… removed because she stood in the way of Trump’s efforts to pressure Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden… Acting US ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor fired after his damning House testimony that Trump demanded his appointees set up a quid pro quo with Ukraine and Lt. Col. Vindman who testified to congress what he heard on Trump’s call with Ukraine’s President Zelenskyy.
Republicans Suck for supporting a President who is a disgusting excuse of a human being… who brags on himself constantly, was caught on tape bragging how he could grab women by the P***Y and do anything he wants… who LIES, INSULTS, BERATES, INTIMIDATES and blames others. Refuses to ever admit he’s wrong or makes a mistake. Refuses to apologize or ever to take responsibility for anything.
Republicans Suck for supporting a President who claimed the Press is the “Enemy of the People and calls News which Exposes his LIES “FAKE NEWS”
Republicans Suck for supporting a President who fact checkers claims made over 20,000 false or misleading statements since taking office
Republicans Suck for supporting a President who Praised Dictators like Kim Jong Un, who has critics & opponents jailed, tortured and murdered
Congressional Republicans Suck for Confirming William Barr to be the Attorney General when it was well known before his confirmation that he had a history of Partisan Hackery, Condoning Cover-ups and Pardons to associates of
Republican Presidents such as George Herbert Walker Bush.
Republicans Suck for giving HUGE Tax Breaks to the RICH Adding $2 Trillion to the Debt… for wasting Trillions on the Military and Wars.
Republicans suck for being Hypocrites who engage in Taxpayer Funded Socialist Bailouts / Handouts to the Rich, while demanding harsh “pull yourself by up by your own bootstraps” Capitalism for everyone else.
Republicans Suck for voting to eliminate Affordable Health Care causing Millions to no longer have any Healthcare, and for not creating any alternative healthcare for all, as they claimed they would
Republicans Suck for Refusing to renew Election Security Funding because Russian Hacks & Interference helps THEM. Their Anti-Democratic, Fascist, Authoritarian ideologies and tactics aligns well with brutal murderous dictators like Putin so Russia is only to happy to help Republicans maintain power, using what-ever means they have.
Republicans Suck for Stealing President Obama’s Supreme Court Seat appointment, keeping it vacant for a year to fill it with a Radical Right Wing Republican Judge, against the will of the majority, stating “The people should decide within a year of an election”, then allowed Trump (who was not elected by the majority) to fill it with Radical Right Wing Republican Judge Brett Kavanaugh who fact checkers claim LIED UNDER OATH
Congressional Republicans Suck for Confirming Brett Kavanaugh, who had a history of being a Republican Operative and Ideologue, who the majority of Americans did not support, who was accused of sexual misconduct and Lying under Oath and who a retired Supreme Court Justice, John Paul Stevens felt was unqualified to be a Supreme Court Justice.
After Ruth Ginsburg died Republicans proved to be LYING PARTISAN HYPOCRITES who went back on their word & committed to fill Ginsburg’s seat weeks before the 2020 election with Radical Right Wing Republican Supreme Court nominee Amy Barrett, once again SCREWING over the MAJORITY
Republicans Suck for Confirming Unqualified Ideologues to Lifetime Appointments as Federal Judges against the will of the Majority
Republicans Suck for Passing Anti-Choice “War-on-Women” Laws. Texas’s Taliban Sharia Anti-Choice “Heartbeat” Law forces a women to carry and give birth to a rapist’s child. Allows Anti-Abortion vigilantes to become Nazi Gestapo Secret Police bounty hunters who can sue anyone who assists a women seeking an abortion for $10,000
Republicans Suck for their War On The Poor… Cutting food & Assistance to the Poor
Republicans Suck for Passing Anti-Union Laws
Republicans Suck for Wanting to Cut Social Security, Medicaid & Medicare
Republicans Suck for Passing Laws Legalizing Discrimination against Gays / LGBT


Trump Engaged in Sedition, Insurrection and Treason by a coup d’etat, inciting riots & violence, causing 5 deaths by his brainwashed MOB of Supporters to make himself an UN-elected Dictator by stopping the certification of Democratically Elected Joe Biden.

The definition of SEDITION is: “incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority”.

Per 10 U.S. Code § 894, those who engage in SEDITION are subject to the DEATH PENALTY

(a) Any person subject to this chapter who—
(1) with intent to usurp or override lawful military authority, refuses, in concert with any other person, to obey orders or otherwise do his duty or creates any violence or disturbance is guilty of mutiny;
(2) with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of lawful civil authority, creates, in concert with any other person, revolt, violence, or other disturbance against that authority is guilty of sedition;
(3) fails to do his utmost to prevent and suppress a mutiny or sedition being committed in his presence, or fails to take all reasonable means to inform his superior commissioned officer or commanding officer of a mutiny or sedition which he knows or has reason to believe is taking place, is guilty of a failure to suppress or report a mutiny or sedition.
(b) A person who is found guilty of attempted mutiny, mutiny, sedition, or failure to suppress or report a mutiny or sedition shall be punished by death or such other punishment as a court-martial may direct.


Trump & Republicans incited violence, chaos and rioting in Washington, DC. Rioters stormed the House & Senate chambers, wrecking havoc, destruction and deaths at the United States Capital. This is Sedition, Insurrection and Treason. ALL involved should be ARRESTED and PROSECUTED


Republicans have proven… they’re Anti-Democratic, Fascist, Seditious, Treasonous Traitors who support the most Lawless and Worst President in History. Republicans have proven… they’re Lawless SCUM OF THE EARTH,


18 Republican Attorney Generals and 126 Republican House members signed onto a baseless, treasonous, ANTI-Democratic lawsuit to overturn the 2020 election in the Supreme Court and over-ride the will of the American people.


There can be no compromises with today’s conspiracy-fueled, hate-filled Republican Party. We are only one election away from losing what little Democracy we have left unless Republicans are VOTED OUT.



How fitting that two (2) of biggest Lunatics in the “New Republican Party” have teamed up creating a “Wacka-Doo Duo”!






TODAY’S GOP have become a Lawless party of Liars, Lunatics, Alternative Reality Gaslighters, Corporate Whores, Greedy Selfish Bastards, Hypocrites, Science Deniers, Facts Deniers, Conspiracy Nuts, Kooks, Bullies, Redneck Hicks, Mean Spirited Assholes, Domestic Terrorists, Gun Nuts, White Supremacist, Neo Nazis, Dumb-Asses, Lowlifes, Neanderthals, Anti-intellectual “Know Nothings”, Anti-Democratic Fascists, Control Freaks, Christian-Taliban Sharia Law Religious Fanatics and Tyrannical Authoritarians.



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