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Stop Republican / GOP Ads from Showing on Google / YouTube

GOP Forced To Pull Ads For Being Dishonest

As the National Republican Senatorial Committee is gearing up to spend big bucks this campaign season, at least two ads have already been pulled for being dishonest.


Here’s how you can STOP Republican / GOP Ads from showing on Google / YouTube and send a message to Anti-Democratic Fascist Authoritarian Republicans that your NOT going to be FORCED to watch their OFFENSIVE ads.

Anytime a Republican / GOP ad starts to play hit the back button or refresh to IMMEDIATELY to stop their ads from playing. This will be recorded by google statistics indicating viewers do not like the ad so they will show it less or stop showing it.


Sometimes a “AdChoices” icon will appear by the ad. When you see an ad you don’t like, click the “AdChoices” icon, then click “Stop seeing this ad”. This will send a message to Google / YouTube to stop showing the ad.


This video shows how to block an ad and file a complaint. You could state something like this;

“Republicans are anti-democratic FASCISTS who are DESTROYING democracy and freedom of speech. They passed laws rigging elections by Gerrymandering, Voter Suppression, Voter Purges, Criminalized protesting, Anti-choice Laws against Women’s Rights, passed transgender athlete discrimination bills into law, Passed laws against freedom of speech such as the “Don’t say Gay” Law, etc.  By running Republican / GOP ads, your helping to DESTROY Democracy”.




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