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Republicans Right Wingers Contributing to Over Population

With the World Population now at 8 Billion, Dumb-Ass Republicans / Right Wingers / Conservatives Regressives are helping destroy the Earth by Over Population, Banning Contraception, Abortions and Forcing Women to give birth to rapist a child


Dumb-Ass, Right Wing Conservatives Regressives are helping to destroy Planet Earth


There’s no way the earth can sustain 8 Billion for long. Humans are destroying / polluting the earth and using up every last resource.


Human impact on this Earth


The Destruction of Nature is as Dangerous as Climate Change

Republicans hate LGBT’s when they should be grateful and thankful to LGBT’s for not adding to the out-of-control Over Population of Humans


A Lifetime’s Consumption of Fossil Fuels, Visualized

The average American consumes more than 23 barrels of petroleum products annually. What does a lifetime of fossil fuel consumption look like?



Overuse of Resources on Earth

We only have one planetThe Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago and modern humans have existed for about 315,000 years. According to a study by th…

Per the above article: “If Earth’s history is compared to a calendar year, modern human life has existed for 37 minutes and we have used one third of Earth’s natural resources in the last 0.2 seconds. We only have one planet

The Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago and modern humans have existed for about 315,000 years. According to a study by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), more than a third of Earth’s natural resources have been destroyed by humans in just thirty years.

The environmental footprint (or eco footprint) is a measure of human demand on the Earth’s ecosystems. It says something about how many planet Earths we need to support our way of life. If the impact is over one, we are “borrowing nature” from future generations. The measure of ecological footprint is developed by the Global Footprint Network.

Not only has humanity used up a third of nature’s resources. We keep on consuming them. At an increasing rate. Today we need about 1.75 planets to provide the resources for our consumption and absorb our waste. By 2030, we will need 2 planets. We only have one.

Over 11 tons of natural resources is used for every single person on Earth. And the numbers keep going up. By 2050, we will use twice as much. Unless we change”.




Republicans Anti-Choice “War-on-Women” Laws are asinine, stupid and victimize women. They will also help increase the world’s human population.

Texas’s Taliban Sharia Anti-Choice “Heartbeat” Law forces a women to carry and give birth to a rapist’s child. Allows Anti-Abortion vigilantes to become Nazi Gestapo Secret Police bounty hunters who can sue anyone who assists a women seeking an abortion for $10,000





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