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Rep. James (Jim) Clyburn Sucks for Endorsing Joe Biden

I think Representative James Clyburn Sucks for reviving Joe Biden’s candidacy for President. Biden was losing and was on his last leg before Clyburn opened his stupid mouth and endorsed Biden.  After Clyburn made his endorsement for Biden, all other democrat candidates dropped out to unit behind Biden to stop Bernie Sanders.


Democratic Voters Share Concerns About A Second Biden Run


71% of Americans don’t want Joe Biden to run for 2024 reelection: poll

More than seven in 10 Americans say they do not want President Biden to seek a second term, according to a new poll. The Harvard CAPS-Harris survey found 71% of Americans did not want to see Biden run in 2024, while just 29% said he should, The Hill reported Friday.


Biden is a uninspiring, non-motivating geriatric DULLARD who is put-you-to-sleep boring. While he’s indisputably a decent person and much better than Trump in every way, I felt Biden was Democrats worst choice for their Presidential candidate and 2022 polls show I was RIGHT. He’s the easiest for the Right to demonize as being “Sleepy Joe”, having “Dementia” and being “unfit” due to how he looks and acts.


‘SC candidate says America is ruled by ‘geriatric oligarchy’

‘South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Joe Cunningham says that many incumbent politicians are too old and has made it a central part of his campaign.’  I AGREE!



Polls show Biden has been unpopular for a long time.  If Representative James Clyburn had any intelligence, he should have been aware of this too and not endorsed Biden. It may be a disaster if Biden decides to run again in 2024. I hope he gets primaried by a younger, more inspiring democratic candidate.


Majority of Democrats don’t want Biden to run for reelection in 2024, poll shows

A New York Times and Siena College poll shows that more than half of Democratic voters would prefer that a different presidential candidate run in 2024. CBS News political contributor and Democratic strategist Joel Payne, along with Jonathan Kott, former communications director for Sen. Joe Manchin, join “Red and Blue” to discuss President Biden’s prospects in 2024.


Joe Biden Calls Mitch McConnell a “man of your word & “man of honor”, omitting how he BLOCKED President Obama’s Supreme Court pick and pledged to make Obama a “One Term President” his top priority.


Mitch McConnell is NOT a man of honor. Second to Trump, he’s done more to divide & destroy this country than anyone in history.


Joe Biden Says Republicans are “Not Our Enemy” as they try to destroy our Democracy. Comments like these are why Joe Biden was my LAST choice as the Democrat’s Presidential candidate

We need someone who will aggressively fight and destroy Republicans like they have fought Democrats. That won’t happen with Biden because he wants to “work with the other side”.


Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden should not have ran to make room for younger candidates. Any of the above candidates under 60 would have been better and more motivating than Joe Biden.


Poll shows Americans are OVER old farts like Trump and Biden and want new candidates for 2024.

I feel anyone over 65 is too old to be running for President. If everyone who holds a position in the government (congressman, judges, etc) would retire at 65, we’d be a lot better off. We need change, and we’re not going to get it by keeping old farts in office until they kick the bucket.


Tim Ryan was my pick for the Democrat’s Presidential Candidate. Unfortunately, he received little notice. As you can see from the above speech (and others on youtube), Ryan could have DESTROYED Trump and Republicans.


This old cartoon reminds me of how Republicans has been bulling Democrats for years. Democrats need more “Tim Ryan’s” who will kick some ass!


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