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Fox News LIES About Hillary Clinton Spying on Trump White House

Fox News and other Radical Right-Wing Propaganda media outlets LIED about claims of Hillary Clinton Spying on Trump White House. Proof is how they completely dropped the story after the mainstream media debunked Radical Right-Wing Medias LIES


Hillary Clinton called out Fox and right-wing media for their misleading coverage of a filing from special counsel John Durham.


Hillary Clinton Legally SHUTS DOWN Fox News Propaganda

Fox News is running blatant Trump conspiracies and Hillary Clinton is calling them out.



Hillary Clinton says Fox News is ‘awfully close to actual malice’ in their coverage of her

Hillary Clinton criticized Fox News’ recent coverage of her amid claims that she organized a conspiracy to spy on Trump. Clinton said Fox was “getting awfully close to actual malice in their attacks.” Actual malice is a key part of American defamation law for public figures.


Fox News Completely Stops Covering Hillary Spying on Trump Story After Spending All Week Attacking Media For Ignoring It

Anyone watching Fox News this week was told that Hillary Clinton’s campaign had been caught spying on former President Donald Trump. This was reported across many Fox News programs as fact, with some hosts adding exotic frills to the story. More reputable news outlets were quick to pour cold water on the assertion.

“Morning Joe” Joe Scarborough calls out Fox News and other conservative media outlets for hyping and lying about Hillary Clinton Spying claims saying; ”They know that they’re lying to their audience, that they’re liars, and they’re deliberately lying about that”.


John Durham Knows This Data Precedes Trump, Says Journalist

Independent journalist Marcy Wheeler joins a discussion on Special Counsel John Durham’s court filing, which says tech exec Rodney Joffe ‘exploited’ his access to computer data at the Trump White House to find ‘derogatory information’ about President Donald Trump.



Trump Attacks the Media for Not Caring about his Hillary Clinton Story

Trump is furious that the media is not talking about the news revolving a recently-filed court motion by John Durham, and he attacked media outlets on Monday for allegedly “ignoring” the story that he says is even bigger than Watergate. The truth is that there isn’t much of a story to the allegations (against a Clinton campaign lawyer) and that the filing doesn’t even prove that anything actually happened – and the lawyer isn’t even being charged!


Republicans making 2022 about Hillary Clinton (LOL)








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