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LUNATIC Sarah Palin LOSES 2022 Special Election!

The ORIGINAL Republican Idiot Sarah Palin Returns and LOSES in a special election to a Democrat. People are FED UP with today’s Republican Party of Liars, Lunatics, Wackos and Nutjobs


Democrat Peltola Defeats Palin In Special Alaska House Race


Sarah Palin LOSES To Democrat Mary Peltola In Alaska


Heckler calls Sarah Palin an IDIOT. What an ANNOYING sounding voice she has…




Sarah Palin’s Five Biggest Gaffes

Former Republican nominee for Vice President Sarah Palin has made some huge gaffes during her political career. Here are the top five, including when she insisted that being able to see Russia from Alaska counted as foreign policy experience, and when she got caught reading notes off her palm.


CNN’s Jack Cafferty Tells Us How He Really Feels About Sarah Palin
(Anyone remember Jack Cafferty?)


Keith Olbermann Special Comment On Sarah Palin

A “Special Comment” on Sarah Palin’s “death panel” criticism of President Obama’s health care proposal. “There is no death panel… but there is downright evil, and Ms. Palin, you just served its cause…” On her efforts to clarify her comments, Keith says, “Too little, too late, too obvious… You should be ashamed of yourself.”


Sarah Palin & Sean Hannity – Fake Outrage


Another Sarah Palin Lie


Palin calls Obama a “Domestic Terrorist” in the above video.  REPUBLICANS has been using LIES, FEAR TACTICS and SMEAR campaigns to run on for years, because they have NO accomplishments or positive policies to motivate people to vote for them.



Federal Officials Facing Surge in Violent Threats From Radical Right Wing MAGA Domestic Terrorists

Federal officials are warning the FBI that there are credible and violent threats against them in the aftermath of the raids on Mar-a-Lago



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