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Newsmax Grant Stinchfield STINKS!

Grant Stinchfield blames Tyre Nichol for his own death by “not complying” when video disproves Stinchfield claims AND cuts off a Veteran before he could criticize Worst President in History Trump for his disastrous deal with the Taliban in Afghanistan



Trump Bootlicker at Newsmax LOSES It on a Veteran

Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield (who I never heard of) cut short an interview with a veteran over the mildest critique of Trump’s decisions in Afghanistan. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss on The Young Turks.

Newsmax proves they care more about praising Trump than the Truth when Propaganda Minister Grant Stinchfield cuts off a Veteran before he could criticize Trump, who deserved to be criticized.


Title from Youtube; ‘Cut Him Off NOW!’ Newsmax Chud MELTS DOWN When Veteran Criticizes Trump On His Show ‘Stinchfield’

Description from Youtube; Grant Stinchfield was hosting his show on @Newsmax TV and everything was going great: A veteran appeared on the show to discuss the Afghanistan evacuation and as soon as he started criticizing the Trump administration’s efforts with regard to Afghanistan as “fairly weak,” Stinchfield freaks out and screams, “Cut him off! Cut him off now!!!” And they cut the veteran off and Grant Stinchfield says, “You’re not gonna blame this on President Trump on my show.” The Majority Report crew discusses the host’s total on air meltdown but also the often incorrect assumption by the Right that U.S. veterans’ worldview will align with their own. Often, veterans return from war very much disaffected when it comes to the Conservative mindset that aligns with the military.


Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield Has Repeatedly Shown He’s Too Unhinged For Cable News

He has repeatedly shown that he is unhinged and that there are bad characters on both sides of the ideological cable news ecosystem who do a disservice to the American people through furthering to the divisiveness in our country.

Per the above article: “Newsmax’s Grant Stinchfield Has Repeatedly Shown He’s Too Unhinged For Cable News

“Newsmax anchor Grant Stinchfield lashed out at one of his guests: U.S. Army veteran Joe Saboe, who has helped people get out of Afghanistan. Saboe committed the sin of saying the Trump administration’s efforts to evacuate people from the Central Asian country “were fairly weak, that they were trying to limit the number of people that would get out…”

Stinchfield lost it, went full snowflake, repeatedly yelling, “Cut him off now!”

“You’re not gonna blame this on President [Donald] Trump on my show! That’s not happening.” he shouted. “Now I appreciate the work that you’re doing. G-d bless you for being a veteran. G-d bless you for trying to get Americans out. But don’t come on this program and take the talking points of the left and blame President Trump!”


Trump & Republicans Responsibility in Afghanistan Withdraw Disasters

Afghanistan is no different than Vietnam. After YEARS of being there, our troops killed and injured and trillions wasted, NOTHING was accomplished.



Trump tries to have it both ways, bashing Biden for Afghanistan deal he locked in

Hypocrisy of Donald Trump exposed bragging to his supporters at a rally about how he’d ensured a U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan and then weeks later criticizing President Joe Biden for the very thing he set in motion. Florida Rep. Bill Posey also paints himself a hypocrite for voting against expediting the processing of visas of U.S. Afghan allies and then criticizing the Biden administration for not making “every effort.”


Trump Admin Deliberately Sabotaged Refugee Process, Stranding Afghan Allies: Former Insiders

former Trump administration insiders, including Olivia Troye, who served as counterterrorism and homeland security advisor to Mike Pence in the Trump White House, corroborates claims that the Trump administration under the guidance of Stephen Miller and those loyal to him, deliberately sabotaged the refugee visa process, including the system by which U.S. allies in Iraq and Afghanistan would be evacuated to safety.



How Trump Helped Cause U.S. Withdraw Problems in Afghanistan


The Trump administration negotiations with the Taliban for U.S. departure from Afghanistan began the process of the U.S. trained Afghan army mostly just stepping aside for the Taliban takeover, settling the question of whether the U.S. mission to stand up an Afghan defense force to secure the country was achievable.


Despite problems caused by the Trump administration, the Biden administration is managing the most successful evacuation from a war which we have lost. Over 122,000 people have been evacuated, far better than the withdraw from Vietnam as discussed in the above video.



Trump is trying to blame Joe Biden for the current situation, but in reality, Trump’s policy was similar to Biden’s only faster, which would led to the same issues.




Republicans Quietly Remove Webpage Bragging About Trump’s Afghanistan ‘Peace Deal

“The Republican National Committee has removed a page from their website that bragged about the “historic peace deal” that Donald Trump hammered out with rebels in Afghanistan. The truth is that the peace deal was never real, and Trump actually left out leaders in Afghanistan which made the deal that much more suspect. They are embarrassed and trying to erase any of Trump’s actions in the country so they can pin it all on Biden.’


Republicans and Right Wing Media outlets are GLEEFULLY blaming Joe Biden for the departure we’ve been seeing because they have been looking for anything to pin on him to gin up HATE & FAKE OUTRAGE.

Biden wasn’t my choice, but he’s 1,000 times better than Trump. Unlike Trump who blamed everything which went wrong on someone else & refused to take responsibility for ANYTHING, Biden has taken FULL responsibility.




Trump behaves like a NUTCASE… a 75 Year Old Entitled SPOILED BRAT, a hateful vindictive bully, a POS ASSHOLE, pathological liar who has no humility, never admits he’s wrong, never apologizes & the engaged in most UN-Presidential behavior in history.

This video shows how Trump has managed to evade consequences for his disgusting and despicable conduct his entire life.


Trump behaving like an Authoritarian Fascist Dictator




Trump’s Psychosis On Full Display At Disgusting Minnesota Rally



Donald Trump has harassed, abused, assaulted and denigrated women for years

Access Hollywood tape with Trump bragging about grabbing women by the PUSSY.  Goes to show what type of morals and lack of decency almost 1/2 the peeps in this country have that they support this lunatic


Eight women came forward and accused Donald Trump of sexual assault and harassment. Trump has denied all of the allegations, calling himself a victim.




Certified by Historians: WORST President in History



Visits: 427