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GLAD Russian Warship Moskva Was SUNK!

GLAD Russian Warship Moskva was SUNK! Putin / Russia got exactly what they deserved by invading Ukraine without provocation, destroying / bombing cities into rubble and murdering civilians, children and babies.


Tortured and murdered civilians: how Russia’s occupiers have taken Kyiv region residents’ lives away

Russia’s occupiers left dozens and, in some cities, hundreds of civilians killed. The Ukrainian satellite towns of Kyiv – Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel – are a living museum of the most horrible war crimes – the streets of the towns are strewn with the bodies of civilians shot by the occupiers. Residents said their neighbours had been killed under fire from Russian troops during the month-long occupation. People were just walking and they shot them without any reason. Invaders tied people’s hands, put them on their knees and faced the wall. International community is shocked over the massacre in Bucha. Ministers of Foreign affair of the EU countries called on the European Union to strengthen sanctions against Russia due of Russian occupiers’ war crimes.


Ex-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko: We’ve seen Russia kill civilians with our own eyes

Ex-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko tells CNN he believes Russian forces are purposely targeting civilians and says his battalion witnessed a family killed while they were evacuating.


More than 2,000 Ukrainians have died since Russian invasion began




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Russia Should Be Bombed Into RUBBLE for Invading Ukraine

The world stands with Ukraine and against Putin’s unlawful invasion


Russian commander appears to call for use of nuclear weapons

Alexander Khodakovsky, a Russian militia commander in Donetsk, appeared on Russian state television calling for the use of nuclear weapons because he doesn’t believe Russia has the resources to win the war in Ukraine.


Threats of nuclear weapons can go both ways and I think Russia deserves to be bombed into rubble for their aggression, terrorism and unlawful invasion of Ukraine, even if it means WWlll and total *Armageddon.  (*Armageddon – the final battle between good and evil before Judgment Day as described in the New Testament of the Bible).


Putin / Russia’s attack on Democratic Ukraine is an attack and threat to ALL Democratic countries and freedom around the world.  If the U.S and NATO had given Putin an ultimatum before Russia invaded Ukraine telling him to expect a swift and overwhelming military response, this might have prevented all of the death and destruction the world has witnessed.


Putin ally warns of nuclear dystopia due to United States

LONDON, March 23 (Reuters) – One of President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies warned the United States on Wednesday that the world could spiral towards a nuclear dystopia if Washington pressed on with what the Kremlin casts as a long-term plot to destroy Russia.

Per the above article: “Putin ally warns of nuclear dystopia due to United States”

“LONDON, March 23 (Reuters) – One of President Vladimir Putin’s closest allies warned the United States on Wednesday that the world could spiral towards a nuclear dystopia if Washington pressed on with what the Kremlin casts as a long-term plot to destroy Russia.

Dmitry Medvedev, who was president from 2008 to 2012 and is now deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council, said the United States had conspired to destroy Russia as part of an “primitive game” since the 1991 fall of the Soviet Union.

“It means Russia must be humiliated, limited, shattered, divided and destroyed,” Medvedev, 56, said in a 550-word statement.

The views of Medvedev, once considered to be one of the least hawkish members of Putin’s circle, gives an insight into the thinking within the Kremlin as Moscow faces in the biggest confrontation with the West since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has killed thousands of people, displaced nearly 10 million and raised fears of a wider confrontation between Russia and the United States – the world’s two biggest nuclear powers.

Putin says the operation was necessary because the United States was using Ukraine to threaten Russia and Moscow had to defend against the “genocide” of Russian speakers by Ukraine. Ukraine says Putin’s claims of genocide are nonsense.

Medvedev said the Kremlin would never allow the destruction of Russia, but warned Washington that if it did achieve what he characterised as its destructive aims then the world could face a dystopian crisis that would end in a “big nuclear explosion”.

He also painted a picture of a post-Putin world that would follow the collapse of Russia, which has more nuclear warheads than any other country.

The destruction of the world’s biggest country by area, Medvedev said, could lead to an unstable leadership in Moscow “with a maximum number of nuclear weapons aimed at targets in the United States and Europe.”


Putin Has Used Nuclear Blackmail Against Us, And It’s Time We Start Pushing Back

Joe Scarborough reacts to President Biden’s speech in Warsaw on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and why he says it’s time to start speaking clearly to Vladimir Putin.

Sanctions aren’t working and sending weapons isn’t working. The Ukrainian people are fighting and doing the best they can against a super-power, but they need help. The rest of the world should join them in this fight between an Evil Autocratic Dictator, Anti-Democratic Fascism and Democracy.

Russia should be bombed into rubble for the war crimes and aggression they’re committing. All of the asserts and money Putin / Russia has should be confiscated to PAY to rebuild Ukraine exactly as it was, plus at least 1 million per person paid to families of those he had murdered by his troops.


Mariupol City Council Member: ‘We Need To Stop Putin Now’

As Odessa prepares to defend itself against the Russian assault in Ukraine, Mariupol City Council Member Maksym Borodin tells The ReidOut, “We need to stop Putin now, because later it will be hell.”


Russia launches attack on Ukraine

Russian forces have entered Ukraine from the north, south and east as deaths have been reported and explosions have been heard near major cities. Seeing Putin / Russia bomb and destroy Ukraine day after day while the world sits back and does nothing is an outrage.


Civilian deaths rise from brutal Russian siege in Ukraine

Russia bombed a theater in Mariupol, where hundreds were taking shelter, despite the word “children” clearly posted outside. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the U.S. is documenting potential war crimes committed by Russia during the war.


Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, deploying Hypersonic Missiles, targeting / killing civilians and children proves it’s time for all out war against Russia. Putin needs a Hypersonic Missile UP HIS ASS.


Adm. Stavridis: Russia’s Military Has Become ‘A Terrorist Force’

Admiral James Stavridis joins Andrea Mitchell to assess how Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine has transformed since they invaded, and shares what he believes the U.S. should do to help Ukraine. “We’re at a pivot point in this war. It began with a modern warfare blitzkrieg attempt by the Russians. Where we are now is headed back to 15th century warfare, reducing cities to rubble,” says Admiral Stavridis. “When you look at the level of terror that the Russians are spreading, this is not an army at work. This is a terrorist force.”


Ex-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko: We’ve seen Russia kill civilians with our own eyes

Ex-Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko tells CNN he believes Russian forces are purposely targeting civilians and says his battalion witnessed a family killed while they were evacuating. Mar 7, 2022


Putin Is Acting ‘Out Of Desperation’ Says Ex-Russian Foreign Minister

He will double down—he will try to intimidate the West and intimidate Ukrainians,” says former Russian foreign minister Andrei Kozyrev, “He acts out of desperation. That is clear.” Mar 8, 2022



Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine using lies and false claims that the nation was rife with “Nazis” and needed “De-Nazification”.

Total insanity that Putin / Russia is using such an outrageous lie to justify their unprovoked, barbaric invasion of Ukraine… bombing cities into rubble and murdering innocent citizens.  This is similar to the tactics used by WWII Nazis and Hitler… demonizing and murdering 6 million Jews.

One can also draw similarities to lies from Trump and Republicans to justify a violent coup to overturn the 2020 election.

This is what right-wing bullies do…. lie to justify outrageous, lawless, criminal behavior to get their way.


Putin / Russia is today’s Hitler / Nazi Germany which are using Nazi Propaganda tactics… “Accusing the other side of that which they are guilty” and “Telling a Big Lie”. to justify their actions.


‘Genocide masterplan’: Experts alarmed after Kremlin intellectual calls for ‘cleansed’ Ukraine

WASHINGTON – Ukrainian society must be “cleansed of Nazi elements,” a leading Russian intellectual wrote in an essay published on Sunday, as Ukrainian soldiers sifted through the gruesome aftermath of a slaughter of civilians in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha. The article, titled “What Should Russia Do With Ukraine?”

Per the above article: Ukrainian society must be “cleansed of Nazi elements,” a leading Russian intellectual wrote in an essay published on Sunday, as Ukrainian soldiers sifted through the gruesome aftermath of a slaughter of civilians in the Kyiv suburb of Bucha.

The article, titled “What Should Russia Do With Ukraine?” was published on the website of RIA Novosti, a news agency controlled by the Kremlin. Its author, Timofey Sergeytsev, is described as a “political technologist.” He previously worked for Viktor Yanukovych, the pro-Kremlin president of Ukraine ousted during the 2014 popular protests known as the Orange Revolution.

Faithfully echoing the arguments that have been proffered by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sergeytsev even puts the blame on the civilian population. “A significant number of common people are also guilty of being passive Nazis and Nazi accomplices,” Sergeytsev writes. “They supported the Nazi authorities and pandered to them.”

Sergeytsev has made “outlandish, outrageous claims in the past,” Oxford expert on Russian affairs Samuel Ramani told Yahoo News. But in this case, the article “represents mainstream Kremlin thinking.”

Ukrainian activists translated the article into English after the Russian-language version was circulated widely on social media.

“This is what real #Russia wants,” the activists wrote.

“As naked an endorsement of genocide as you’ll read in a state-owned media organ,” wrote Russia expert Michael Weiss on Twitter about the Sergeytsev article.

The article amounts to a “genocide masterplan,” Berlin-based Russia expert Sergej Sumlenny told Yahoo News in a text message. He predicted that Sergeytsev’s musings would be used as justification for more atrocities like the one at Bucha.

Putin launched the invasion of Ukraine in February under the fictitious pretenses that the nation’s leadership was rife with “Nazi” extremists. Although there are far-right elements in Ukraine’s society, and its military, they constitute an out-of-power fringe, as they do in other European states. Russia’s claims are rendered especially absurd given the fact that Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, is one of the few Jewish leaders on the world stage. Zelensky and some of his predecessors have sought to orient the nation away from Russia, toward the West, thus incurring the Kremlin’s ire.

Russia is “not just after piecemeal annexation of territory,” Ramani told Yahoo News of Sergeytsev’s lengthy musings. “It’s about suppressing the Ukrainian identity, and it equates any kind of expression of Ukrainian nationalism with Nazism,” even when those expressions of national feeling are being voiced by Zelensky, who had family members who fought against the Nazis in World War II — and others who perished in the Holocaust.


The Chilling Similarity Between Russia’s Attack On Ukraine And When Hitler Invaded Poland

Fmr. Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul explains why he thinks it’s so vital that Russian President Vladimir Putin must be stopped. and how the “America first” mindset has brought peril into the world. “There is good and evil in the world, there is right and wrong in the world… and that’s why we have to stand with independent Ukraine.”

Hitler and Germany proved how if you give dictators an inch, they’ll take a mile. Putin is a LUNATIC who must be stopped now or things will get much worse.



Stories of sexual violence against Ukrainian women from Russian forces – BBC News


Russia-Ukraine War: Ukrainian woman recount being raped by Russian soldiers

Amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine War, reports have surfaced that the Russian soldiers have allegedly raped Ukrainian women during the war. The first official investigation into the claims are ongoing where the officials in Ukraine are investigating the allegations of a woman who has stated that the Russian soldiers killed her husband and then repeatedly raped her.


Ukrainian Survivor Of Russian Kidnapping And Rape Shares Her Story

NBC News’ Molly Hunter interviews 28-year-old Olena, who says she was captured by Russian troops in early March and held hostage for two days. After she was burned by metal shrapnel, the Russian soldiers occupying her town offered aid. Days followed when different Russian soldiers came to her house. She says the soldiers attacked her husband, took Olena to where she was first captured and raped her. After escaping, she and her husband fled to Bucha.


Ukrainian woman says she was raped after Russians took her village

An 83-year-old woman in Ukraine told CBS News she was raped and beaten by a fighter under Russian command. “I wish he had killed me instead of what he did,” she said. Holly Williams shares her story.


Russian soldiers accused of raping Ukrainian women, girls

Rape was used as a weapon of war in Rwanda, Vietnam and Iraq. History is now repeating itself in Ukraine. Russian soldiers are being accused of raping women, girls, babies. Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky says the stories are too scary to talk about.


Putin issues new warning to US about aid to Ukraine

Putin threatened strikes on areas that Russia has “not struck yet” if western countries provide Ukraine with any new long-range rocket systems.



Air sirens could be heard into the night, as Russian troops continued to try to take over the Ukrainian capital.


World leaders condemn Russia after Putin launches an invasion of Ukraine


We Can’t Allow A Tyrant To Invade Democracies

Former United States Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta joins Morning Joe to discuss the crisis unfolding in Russia and Ukraine, and the American response to it — both from the current administration, and from members of the former.


Sen. Lindsey Graham Calls for Putin to be assassinated.


The senator later tweeted, “It’s long past time for Putin’s murderous regime to end by the hands of the Russian people,” and told TMZ he “totally, 100%” stands by what he’d earlier written. Graham has consistently tweeted his displeasure with Putin in recent weeks.

This is one of the only times I’ve ever agreed with Graham and I’m not alone. Bette Midler, the “Ruthless People” star aligned herself with South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham, who called for the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

“I hardly ever agree with #LindseyGraham, but recently he said something that the whole world, in their heart of hearts, is wishing for, whether they admit it in public or not,” Midler tweeted.


Like President Ronald Reagan said many years ago… Russia is an “Evil Empire”. Invading and taking a sovereign nation by force is the epitome of evil.


‘Right out of the Russian playbook’: Retired general on Russia’s strategy

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with retired Gen. Robert Abrams for his perspective on why Russian President Vladimir Putin recognized separatist regions amid tensions with Ukraine.


World Leaders Respond To Putin

President Biden and U.S. allies have announced harsh new sanctions on Russia. Former National Security Council member Gen. Barry McCaffrey breaks it all down.


Garry Kasparov: Putin Has Been Preparing This War In Plain Sight

Garry Kasparov of the Renew Democracy Initiative joins Morning Joe to discuss why he says Vladimir Putin ‘…has been lying all the time; he has been shedding blood; he has been attacking anyone or any countries standing in his way.’


Ex-Russian oligarch says one moment in war drove Putin ‘insane’

Exiled Russian oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky discusses President Vladimir Putin’s mindset and what his remaining options are in the war against Ukraine.


Russia Threatens to Deploy Tactical Nuclear Weapons

A top Russian diplomat has warned that Moscow will respond “militarily” and deploy tactical nuclear weapons, if NATO does not guarantee an end to its eastward expansion. His remarks raise the stakes even higher in the confrontation between Russia and Western powers just days after U.S.

Per the above article: “Russia Threatens to Deploy Tactical Nuclear Weapons”

“A top Russian diplomat has warned that Moscow will respond “militarily” and deploy tactical nuclear weapons, if NATO does not guarantee an end to its eastward expansion.

His remarks raise the stakes even higher in the confrontation between Russia and Western powers just days after U.S. President Joe Biden and Russia’s Vladimir Putin held a two-hour video conference aimed at defusing a burgeoning crisis over Russian military movements near Ukraine’s borders, where the Kremlin is estimated to have amassed around 100,000 troops.

Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov’s threat comes amid rising fears that Putin is considering a further military incursion into Ukraine in a rehash of Russia’s 2014 annexation of the Crimean Peninsula and its seizure of a large part of the Donbas region in eastern Ukraine, bordering Russia”.

This is more proof that a world war “show-down” with Russia is almost inevitable. The U.S. and NATO should respond with similar threats to Putin of Russia’s total annihilation. They want war… let’s give it to ’em with everything we’ve got.


The UN has said nuclear war is ‘back within the realm of possibility.’ Here are the places in the US most likely to be hit in a nuclear attack.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres said this year that nuclear war is “back within the realm of possibility.” Russian President Vladimir Putin also suggested in December that Russia may abandon its “no first use” military doctrine. A Russian nuclear attack would likely focus on high-value targets in North Dakota or Montana.


This is what would happen to Earth if a nuclear war broke out between the West and Russia

Detonation of Nuclear Device CORBIS/Corbis via Getty Images Suddenly, the threat of nuclear war feels closer than it has in decades. The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists updated their Doomsday Clock to 100 seconds to midnight, and President Joe Biden has issued increasingly ominous statements reflecting how the looming conflict over the Ukraine that could ensnare both Russia and the west into conventional war.


Fmr. Amb. Taylor On Russia-Ukraine Crisis, Putin

“Putin needs some kind of an excuse, some kind of rationale he can tell both to his people, which will be hard, as well as to the international community,” states Amb. William Taylor, former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine.


How Russia And Ukraine Got Here

Mehdi Hasan details a brief history of the decades long tension between Russia and Ukraine, and why everything has centered on Ukraine’s pursuit of membership in NATO.


Why Ukraine is important to Putin


Why Putin Wants Ukraine

The story of the Ukraine-Russia crisis does not begin in 2021, or 2014, It begins in the 9th century. There was a time when the two countries were one.
There was a time when Ukraine gave its nuclear arsenal to Russia.


Russian military buildup near Ukraine

Satellite images show a Russian military buildup near the Ukraine border. Vladimir Putin marked National Unity Day in Sevastopol & declared ‘Crimea will forever be part of Russia’.


Russian invasion of Ukraine “may be imminent” warns White House

The White House press secretary warned of an “extremely dangerous situation” on the country’s border, where Russia has massed more than 100,000 troops. Talks between the United States and Russian have failed to resolve the stand-off between the two countries and the US has warned Russia of “dire economic consequences” if it invades its neighbor.


GOP Senator Warns Putin: ‘Much Russian Blood Will Be Spilled’ If He Invades Ukraine

Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY) discusses US-Russia policy during a Senate Foreign Relations committee hearing with State Dept. official Victoria Nuland, following President Biden’s call with Vladimir Putin, as Russia appears prepared to invade Ukraine.


Putin’s opponents say these photos reveal his secret palaces. Anyone think they should be ALL targeted in retaliation for the death and destruction he’s causing in Ukraine?


Russian Politician Aleksei Zhuravlyov Calls for Kidnapping of U.S. Congressman Rep. Ruben Gallego on Live TV over his recent comments on Ukraine

Appearing on state TV show 60 Minutes, State Duma member and chairman of Russia’s nationalist Rodina party Aleksei Zhuravlyov openly advocated for the abduction and imprisonment of U.S Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ) over comments he made about how to handle the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis.

Congressman Ruben Gallego had these 5 words to say to the Russian politician who reportedly called for his kidnapping; “Fuck around and find out”.



Zhuravlyov’s threats to American citizens, plus Russia’s ongoing war against Ukraine & forced annexation of Crimea prove Russians are LAWLESS, THUG BULLIES of the World who’s aggression’s need to be thwarted.


Republicans proved what DUMB ASSES they are by Praising Autocrat Dictator Putin, who has opponents jailed, poisoned and murdered as a “Strong Leader” and waving Russian Flags.

This is just another example of how STUPID Republicans are and how Democrats / Liberals are BETTER, SMARTER people. Democrats / Liberals always knew Putin was a RUTHLESS FASCIST AUTHORITARIAN DICTATOR, MURDERER, TERRORISTS, sworn enemy of the United States and SCUM OF THE EARTH. 



Trump, Mike Pompeo, Republicans, FOX, Tucker Carlson and Right Wing Media who praised Terrorist & War Criminal Russian Dictator Putin are lawless pieces of SHIT, Fascist scum of the earth and unpatriotic traitors who should be DEPORTED from the United States and sent to RUSSIA.


Trump praising Putin Invading Ukraine


Glenn Kirschner: ‘Vladimir Putin Owns President Donald Trump’


Robert Reich examines Trump’s treasonous behavior towards Vladimir Putin

TRUMP has Praised Putin and defended him… over and over again. TRUMP has refused to EVER say anything negative about Putin.


Timeline of 3 Trump-Russia Scandals (from Vox)


Trump Collusion Exposed In 2021: Aide Caught Red-Handed In Russia Back Channel

For the first time ever, the U.S. Government is linking the 2016 Trump Campaign directly to the Russian government. The U.S. Treasury now states that an ally of convicted Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort funneled internal campaign polling directly back to the Kremlin.


I’m sure PUTIN and RUSSIANS had many a laugh over the damage they caused by helping put a complete LUNATIC, IMBECILE and TRAITOR in the White House.

We must never forget or forgive the damage Putin / Russia did to our country by helping Trump, a Pathological Liar and unhinged Narcissistic Psychopath Lunatic to become President.

I think Putin / Russia deserves PAY BACK to the MAX for the damage they caused and one way of achieving that is to make sure they NEVER take control of Ukraine. Plus, Ukraine is a sovereign country which has a right to it’s own self-governance and independence.


After Trump losing the 2020 election, Republicans response has been to pass laws all over the United States rigging future elections in their favor and legalized overturning elections they lose, thereby putting an END to Democracy as we knew it. If Russia hadn’t interfered in the 2016 election, Trump likely wouldn’t have been President and we wouldn’t be in the mess we’re in due to all of the damage Trump caused.


This graphic accurately depicts how Trump was subservient to Russia / Putin’s wishes while GOP cowards DID NOTHING.




Republicans used to distrust Russia but after Trump took office, many Republicans shifted their position.




Trump & Putin both obtained things they wanted…. Trump got the Presidency, and Putin, a long list of things in return.

As we have already seen, Republicans will do ANYTHING to seize and maintain power… including Gerrymandering, Voter Purges and Voter Obstruction. They have parroted Putin’s talking points. They defended Trump’s LAWLESS conduct which caused him to be impeached by House Democrats.

Not one Republican had the decency, patriotism or courage to vote in favor of Impeaching Trump.


Here’s a list of things Putin and Russia has gotten as a result of helping Trump to become President.

Source: themoscowproject.org/reports/putins-payout-10-ways-trump-has-supported-putins-foreign-policy-agenda

Putin’s Goal: Weaken and divide the transatlantic alliance.
Putin’s Payout:Trump undermines US relationships with European allies and calls the US’s commitment to NATO into question.

Putin’s Goal: Degrade the European Union and foster pro-Russian political movements.
Putin’s Payout:Trump attacks the EU and actively supports anti-EU, Kremlin-backed parties.

Putin’s Goal: Disrupt American leadership and dominance of the global economic order.
Putin’s Payout: Trump is eagerly pushing for an all-out trade war with Europe

Putin’s Goal: Build global resentment and distrust towards the US and stoke anti-American sentiment.
Putin’s Payout: America’s closest allies are explicitly suspicious and distrusting of the US because of Trump’s rhetoric and actions.

Putin’s Goal: Relieve economic and domestic political pressure from US sanctions on Russia.
Putin’s Payout: Trump tries to roll back, impede, and blunt the impact of sanctions at every step.

Putin’s Goal: Legitimize his regime in the eyes of the world.
Putin’s Payout: Trump repeatedly praises and defends Putin, lending the credibility of the US presidency to Putin’s standing.

Putin’s Goal: Revive Russia’s status as a great power and gain international recognition for its illegal seizure of Crimea.
Putin’s Payout:Trump publicly says that Crimea is part of Russia and calls for Russia to be welcomed back into the international community with no concessions.

Putin’s Goal: Continue to sow discord in Western democracies and avoid repercussions for interfering in American and European elections.
Putin’s Payout: Trump dismisses Russian interference and has done nothing to prevent future interference, putting him at odds with his own intelligence community.

Putin’s Goal: Soften America’s adversarial stance toward Russia.
Putin’s Payout: Trump is shifting the Republican Party’s generations-long hawkish views on Russia.

Putin’s Goal: Destabilize the US from within.
Putin’s Payout: Trump attacks US institutions while driving divisive politics and eroding democratic norms.

Putin’s goal: Advance the Kremlin’s narrative to shape global perceptions.
Putin’s payout: Trump has repeatedly, and inexplicably, parroted Kremlin talking points across a range of global issues.

Putin’s goal: Undermine international norms and democratic values abroad.
Putin’s payout: Trump has repeatedly failed to respond to human rights violations or support democracy abroad, creating a more permissive environment for autocrats to crack down.

PLUS much more…

It is clear these actions have & are giving considerable “Aid and Comfort” to a sworn Enemy which at this very moment has Nuclear Missiles aimed at the United States

Republicans who support & defend Russia are TRAITORS.


37 times Trump was soft on Russia | CNN Politics

President Donald Trump has an Achilles’ heel when it comes to Russia. Over the years, he’s made no secret that he has a soft spot for the country and its authoritarian leader, President Vladimir Putin. Here’s a breakdown of 37 occasions when Trump was soft on Russia or gave Putin a boost.

As stated in the above article;

Trump has repeatedly praised Putin
While he was a private citizen, during his 2016 campaign and throughout his presidency, Trump has showered Putin with praise. He said Putin was “so nice,” he called Putin a “strong leader” and said Putin has done “a really great job outsmarting our country.” Trump also claimed he’d “get along very well” with Putin. Few, if any, Western leaders have echoed these comments.


Revelation of Trump-Russia Collusion via Manafort/Kilimnik is a Sign we are Trending Toward Justice

The Biden administration just revealed additional proof that the Trump campaign colluded with Russian intelligence to cheat/gain unfair advantage in the 2016 presidential election. It turns our that Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chairman, provided confidential polling data and campaign strategy information to Konstantin Kilimnik who then provided it to Russian intelligence. But even more important than the substance of the information is the Biden administration’s decision to release the information to the American public.


Many themes of Trump dossier have borne out over time

Rachel Maddow reviews how recent revelations and admissions by Trump team members have shown many of the themes of the Trump dossier to have merit.








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