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China IDIOTS Blaming U.S. for Putin Invading Ukraine

China is FULL OF SHIT trying to blame the United States for Putin / Russia Invading and Attacking Ukraine. This is China’s BRUTAL Dictator Xi Jinping defending Russia’s BRUTAL Dictator Putin. Propaganda, LIES & Bullshit… FACTS BE DAMNED!


REPUBLICANS are the reason so many of our jobs got shipped overseas to CHINA. They put GREED and PROFITS over JOBS and American Workers.


Op-Ed: How Nixon’s fabled trip to China, 50 years ago this week, led to today’s Taiwan crisis

Fifty years ago today, President Nixon landed in Beijing for the historic weeklong trip that effectively ended the United States’ long isolation from the People’s Republic of China. He settled into the Chinese State Guest House, where each day he scribbled down notes for a series of meetings with Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.

It was REPUBLICAN President Richard Nixon who opened up trade with China in the 1970’s.


Trump Rewarded Companies Who Shipped American Jobs Overseas

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he saved American jobs and prevented them from being sent overseas. But the truth is that he’s done nothing to save American jobs, and he coddled the companies which sent our jobs overseas. The Trump administration handed out $425 BILLION in federal contracts to companies who are sending jobs overseas, according to a new analysis.


Former Union President says Trump failed to keep Jobs in the United States or bring jobs back home as he promised

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