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DeSantis Facing Lawsuits Over ‘Cruel’ Migrant Stunt

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proved again what disgusting piece of shit he is by using migrants as props & pawns to advance his political career. As a result, he’s being SUED

Florida State Senator Jason Pizzo alleges DeSantis violated Florida law when he transported migrants from Texas, as the law states migrants must come from “this state.” Pizzo joins “The Beat” to discuss the lawsuit, saying: “DeSantis has to pick and choose. Does he want to say they’re unauthorized aliens or not… He has to pick either one, and both, whichever he picks, he violates the law.”


Furious Texas Paul SLAMS DeSantis for most DEPRAVED Political Stunt of All Time

In a recent video Floridians can be seen lining up in long lines at Florida Food Banks, as Ron Desantis spends tax payer dollars flying migrants across the country on private jets as political pawns for the governor’s own political gain. Meidas Contributor Texas Paul slams Florida Governor Ron Desantis for failing his constituents yet again!



DeSantis Investigated And Sued Over Migrant Flights

New details emerge following FL Gov. Ron DeSantis flying migrants from TX to MA. Investigative Journalist Judd Legum joins Katie Phang to discuss the allegedly coercive approaches used to convince migrants to board those planes.


Why The DeSantis Migrant Stunt Could Be The New Bridgegate

Chris Hayes on Bridgegate and the DeSantis migrant scandal: “It was a political stunt that hurt Christie’s political aspirations and had real-life consequences for ordinary people. And that sounds awfully similar to another political stunt pulled recently by another Republican governor with his eye on the White House.”


Migrant Plane Stunt Haunts DeSantis As Judge Rejects Effort To Conceal Records

A judge finds that Florida public records law requires that Ron DeSantis release documents, including phone and text logs from the his chief of staff, related to the coordination of a flight carrying asylum seekers from Texas to Massachusetts.





DeSantis Keeps Migrant Plane Stunt Funding Opaque; Charter Company’s GOP Ties Scrutinized

Marc Caputo, national political reporter for NBC News Digital, talks with Alex Wagner about his reporting into Vertol Systems Company Inc., the air charter company paid by Ron DeSantis with Florida taxpayer money to fly asylum seekers from Texas to Massachusetts, and the company’s ties to DeSantis and Florida Republicans.


DeSantis Builds Upon the Long History of Bigots Busing Unwanted Minorities North

60 years ago, Southern segregationists, enraged by the progress of the Civil Rights Movement, deceived some 200 Black Americans into boarding buses that would move them from below the Mason-Dixon line to Massachusetts. This week, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis channeled their racism in pulling off a similar stunt – only this time with asylum seekers from Venezuela.




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