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George Santos LIAR: Republican who got CAUGHT LYING

George Santos LIAR: Republican who got CAUGHT LYING

Description from YouTube: “Jesse talks about the continuing lie-fueled saga of Republican Congressman-Elect George Santos, who has FINALLY admitted to an unbelievable number of lies regarding his background. More remarkably, he continues to lie about matters he is confirmed to be a liar about”.


CBS News obtains secret George Santos “vulnerability report”

CBS News has obtained a secret “vulnerability report” that sounded alarms about Rep. George Santos long before his election. CBS News congressional correspondent Scott MacFarlane reports.


MAGA Fraud Congressman gets DEVASTATING News from Federal and State Prosecutors

Legal AF host, Michael Popok, reports on breaking new developments in the evolving con and fraud of Republican Rep. Elect George Santos, with State, County, and Federal prosecutors all targeting him for potential fraud in his finances, illegal loans, and a corrupt resume, all calculated for maximum voter appeal.


MAGA Fraud George Santos Gets DEVASTATING NEWS from Brazilian Prosecutors

Legal AF host, Michael Popok, reports on breaking news concerning a 4th criminal prosecution against Republican Representative George Santos, this time in brazil for identity theft and fraud, and the likelihood that he will be removed from office.


George Santos’s old roommates say he stole shirts, checks & a designer scarf

Jacqueline Sweet, a reporter for Patch says Santos’s former roommates say he stole shirts, checks, and even a Burberry scarf that Santos can be seen wearing at a Washington D.C. pro-Trump rally one day before the January 6th Capitol insurrection.


George Santos & the death of shame

The amazing, fantabulous life of George Santos – a congressman, a volleyball champion, a Goldman Sachs alum…allegedly. The freshman Congressman is a serial fabulist who has lied about his religion, his ethnicity, his work history, his education and even his athletic talent. The New York Times obtained a copy of his resume. And it is becoming almost impossible to keep up with the tangled web of lies Mr. Santos has spun.


‘Total fraud’: New Dem leader links lying Santos to ‘MAGA GOP…divorced from realty’

Incoming leader of House Democrats, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries joins “The Beat” hours before taking his oath. In a wide ranging interview, Jeffries blasts George Santos saying “it’s not clear to me that he is simply an exception in the modern-day Republican Party, which has been taken over by extreme MAGA Republicans.”


Congressman-elect George Santos – already under fire for his resume “embellishments” – is now the center of a federal investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s office around possible financial irregularities that may have benefited his campaign.


Nassau GOP preps for major Santos announcement as Dems seek ethics investigation


The GOP’s George Santos Problem


Title from YouTube David Jolly: George Santos Is An Absolute Fraud


Title from YouTube: “Foreign Prosecutors Announce Charges Against George Santos”

Description from YouTube: “Republican congressman-elect George Santos is now facing even more consequences for the long string of lies he’s been crafting during his campaign”.


Campaign of Deceit: The Election of George Santos | CBS Reports

Since the day George Santos announced his bid for a seat in Congress, much of what he’s said about his life and career has proven to be false. So who is George Santos? CBS Reports follows his unlikely path from a basement in Queens to seaside Brazil to Long Island’s wealthiest suburbs – unwinding a campaign of deceit that delivered him to the loftiest halls of power in Washington.



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“Ex-boyfriend accuses George Santos of stealing his phone, not paying bills, and never going to work”

Per the above article: “A new article by The New York Times, published on Monday, shows that former friends and colleagues say Santos, 34, has been weaving a fictional narrative about his life for years.

Pedro Vilarva, who met Santos in 2014, dated the embattled politician for a few months before they moved in together, per The Times. Vilarva said that Santos, elected in November to represent a Long Island district, who he found “charming and sweet,” rarely contributed to bills.

“He used to say he would get money from Citigroup, he was an investor,” said Vilarva, per The Times. “One day it’s one thing, one day it’s another thing. He never ever actually went to work.”


“George Santos Was a Drag Queen in Brazil, Performer Says”


Michael Rapaport goes off on George Santos!



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