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MyPillow Mike Lindell WRONG: Trump Wasn’t Reinstated as President

It’s August 14, 2021 and Trump HASN’T BEEN REINSTATED (nor will he EVER be)

Those of us who live in the REAL WORLD on PLANET EARTH knew Trump wouldn’t be reinstated as President as MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell (and others) had been saying for months.

The idea that Biden and Harris was going to resign and just hand the presidency over to Trump or the Supreme Court would Declare Trump to be President by a vote of 9 to 0 is INSANITY. Joe Biden won the 2020 election fair & square and was sworn in as President on January 20, 2021 for a term of 4 years. That cannot be legally undone… the Supreme Court… Illegitimate Partisan Recounts to Prove Trump “Won” or otherwise… the election is OVER – END OF STORY.

The fact remains that over 7 million more people voted for Biden than Trump because the majority was FED UP with Trump’s Incompetence, Lies, Outrageous, Lawless, Disgusting, Insane, Hateful, Vindictive, Anti-Democratic, Fascist, UN-Presidential Behavior and wanted him GONE.

UPDATE: As of 11-10-2021, MyPillow has been running ads on MSNBC. Their feedback phone number is (212) 664-4444


Brian Stelter: Mike Lindell sells pillows and false hope


Description from Youtube / MSNBC ; “On the eve of what pillow entrepreneur Mike Lindell says will be the return of the Donald Trump presidency following the revelation of evidence that the 2020 election was somehow corrupt. Rachel Maddow looks at reporting on the collapse of the evidence on which Lindell was apparently relying”.


Title from YouTube: “MyPillow CEO Trashes Right Wing Media Outlet After His Cyber Symposium Flopped”

Description from Youtube: “MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has resorted to trashing a right wing media outlet called TruNews after his cyber symposium was a complete failure. According to Lindell, the outlet is being run by Antifa and funded by Media Matters, two claims that have no basis anywhere near reality. But this is what he has become – a crazy old man yelling at everything he can because he’s lost all credibility at this point. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this”.


Title from YouTube: “MyPillow CEO Moves The Goalposts Again On Trump Reinstatement Theory”

Description from Youtube: “MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell has once again shifted the goalposts with regards to his insane theory that Donald Trump is somehow going to be reinstated as President. He now claims that this is going to happen sometime in 2021 after spending months telling us – and then walking back – that Trump would be reinstated on August 13th of this year. The man has absolutely no credibility, and his followers are in for another round of disappointment if they don’t wise up to the fact that he has no idea what he’s talking about”.


Title from YouTube:  “Mike Lindell Goes On Berserk Tirade Against Fox News Hosts”

Description from Youtube: “MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell flew off the handle during an interview on One America News this week where he absolutely let the hosts at Fox News have it. He attacked the network for refusing to air his ads, saying that they were more worried about their money than the truth”.


Title from YouTube: “Reporter confronts MyPillow CEO: You have proof of nothing”

Description from YouTube: “MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell claims he has evidence that 2020 election results were hacked, but cybersecurity experts tell CNN his so-called “proof” doesn’t add up. CNN’s Drew Griffin takes his findings to Lindell”.


Description from YouTube: “Jesse Dollemore discusses MyPillow Mike Lindell’s claims of starting his own social media outlet to compete with YouTube and bringing “all of his evidence” before the U.S. Supreme Court which will “make the 2020 election go bye-bye” and Trump President again in August”.


Description from YouTube: “MyPillow Guy Says Trump will be back in office in August. Watch MyPillow guy share his newest conspiracy theory about former Pres. Trump”.


Newsmax anchor literally walked off camera to distance himself from the MyPillow Guy’s rants.


MyPillow’s Mike Lindell says there won’t be civil war when the election is overturned because even the left will realize “Donald Trump was the real winner” and this was “the biggest crime ever committed in election history against our country and the world.”



11-18-21 UPDATE – County Clerk Tied To Pillow Guy Searched By FBI After Compromising Election Equipment

Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold talks with Rachel Maddow about how a Mesa County, Colorado clerk, swept up in the frenzy of pro-Trump conspiracy theories, compromised election equipment, contributed to a threatening environment for state election workers, and has now had her home searched by the FBI, along with the home of Lauren Boebert’s campaign manager.


ALL claims that the 2020 Election was Rigged and Stolen are FALSE

Former White House Communications Director Alyssa Farah stated in the above video that Trump lied to the American people about the 2020 presidential election results and that he should “seriously consider” resigning from office after Wednesday’s deadly insurrection at the US Capitol.


Memo Shows Trump Campaign Knew Lawyers’ Voting Machine Claims Were Baseless

Republican strategist Michael Steel, former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman, former Congresswoman Donna Edwards, and AP White House reporter Jonathan Lemire on new reporting in the New York Times that court filings show the Trump campaign knowingly let election lies spread.


The truth behind Trump’s false claims of election fraud

CNN’s Pamela Brown debunks former President Donald Trump’s false claims of mass election fraud in the 2020 presidential election


CONCLUSIVE PROOF: ALL claims that the 2020 Election was Rigged and Stolen are FALSE

Federal Judge Excoriates Nine (9) of Trump Lawyers for False Claims about the 2020 Election, Refers Them For Disbarment – Aug 26, 2021




Trump was THE WORST and one of the most HATED Presidents in History, with a historic low approval rating when he left office… further proving claims that he “Won” the 2020 election to be INSANE.


Out of the 50+ bogus lawsuits filed by Trump and his attorneys, no CREDIBLE voter fraud was found which could have changed the outcome of the election. This was also verified by Attorney General William Barr, who was a Trump loyalist.


Trump’s Attorney General called Trump’s election claims ‘all bullshit!’


U.S. cyber agency Chris Krebs explains why the 2020 election was “most secure in American History”.


After being sued by Dominion Voting Systems for slander Right-wing Trump supporting lawyer Sidney Powell is now claiming in a new court filing that ‘Reasonable people’ wouldn’t believe her 2020 election fraud claims.


Trump is a compulsive, pathological liar. With over 20,000 documented false or misleading statements verified by fact checkers, NOTHING he says should be taken seriously or believed.


Trump has a history of LYING and making insane conspiracy theory claims as he did about Ted Cruz’s father in the above video. When he’s beaten, he claims he was cheated as he did in the tweet below accusing Ted Cruz of “Stealing the Election”.


Everything Trump Loses Is ‘Rigged’

From the Mueller probe to mail-in voting, here are all the things Trump says are ‘rigged.


Trump is following in Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels footsteps by telling the BIG LIE that he won the 2020 election.


Renowned Psychologist : Like Hitler, Trump suffers from Sadism, Malignant Narcissism & Paranoia

Per the above article: “Renowned Psychologist Dr. John Gartner, who specializes in borderline personality disorder, biopolar disorder, and depression stated; Trump has the most dangerous form of mental illness that you can find in a leader… Malignant Narcissism”.

“Gartner stated that Malignant narcissism is a combination of 4 traits, which includes narcissism, paranoia, antisocial personality disorder (the psychology of a criminal and someone who routinely lies) and sadism”.

“The sadist aspects of Trump’s apparent mental illness, according is Gartner, means that “he is driven and gets intense pleasure from harming, humiliating, and degrading other people.”

“He has actually gotten intense pleasure from [other people’s] pain. He is reveling in the chaos and the destruction he is causing,” Gartner explained. “The more he feels threatened by the Mueller investigation, the more he needs to experience the exaltation of feeling drunk with power, through his ability to harm and humiliate and degrade other people.”

“While Gartner stopped short of saying that Trump is the next incarnation of Hitler, he did emphasize the importance of looking back at history as a means to try and prevent the catastrophes of the past from happening yet again”.

In speaking of Trump, Gartner did not imply that Trump would follow in the path of Hitler, but he did underscore his belief that “these are the kind of people who really can commit genocide,” when comparing the two men.


Psychiatrist: ‘Donald Trump Is Delusional’ Even Out Of Office

Dr. Lance Dodes, retired Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Donald Trump reportedly making false claims that he will be “reinstated” as president by August and why “lack of power is the thing Trump can’t stand and doesn’t acknowledge.”


Dr. Lance Dodes stated; “If we could construct a psychiatric Frankenstein monster, we could not create a leader more dangerously mentally ill than Donald Trump,” Gartner began. “He is a paranoid, psychopathic, narcissist who is divorced from reality and lashes out impulsively at his imagined enemies. And this is someone, as you said, who is handling the nuclear codes.”

“He lies because of his sociopathic tendencies that Dr. Gartner was talking about,” Dodes suggested. “He lies in the way anybody who scams people does. He’s tried to sell an idea or a product by telling you something that is untrue. There is also the kind of lie he has that in a way is more serious — that he has a loose grip on reality. We can say that because he lies about things that aren’t that important.”

“I think what that indicates is that he can’t stand an aspect of reality that he doesn’t want, so he rejects it,” Dodes continued. “His grasp of reality, his attention to reality is loose. This is an extremely dangerous trait in a president. It actually makes him unqualified.”

(Source: psychiatrist.education/psychiatrist-warns-trump-is-a-psychiatric-frankenstein-monster-who-is-at-war-with-imagined-enemies-raw-story)


According to the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders), individuals with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) have at least five of the symptoms listed below;

  • Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment by others
  • Fixated on fantasies of power, success, intelligence, attractiveness, etc.
  • Self-perception of being unique, superior, and associated with high-status people and institutions
  • Needing constant admiration from others
  • Sense of entitlement to special treatment and to obedience from others
  • Exploitative of others to achieve personal gain
  • Unwilling to empathize with others’ feelings, wishes, or needs
  • Intensely jealous of others and the belief that others are equally jealous of them
  • Pompous and arrogant demeanor.


Trump’s Narcissistic symptoms discussed in this video


Trump regularly “can’t remember what he’s said or been told,” White House insider says

President Donald Trump regularly struggles to “remember what he’s said or been told,” an anonymous senior government official behind a new exposé on the inner workings of the White House has claimed. Much of the nearly 260 pages of the anonymous official’s tome, A Warning, which hit bookshelves on Tuesday, has been dedicated to sounding the alarm about Trump’s alarming behavior.

The above article claims “White House Insider Says Trump Regularly ‘Can’t Remember What He’s Said or Been Told”


The Daily Show produced a video of Fox Pundits making negative comments about Joe Biden which totally fits Trump.


This video shows how Trump has managed to evade consequences for his disgusting and despicable conduct his entire life.


The Majority was FED UP with Trump’s Incompetence, Lies, Outrageous, Lawless, Disgusting, Insane, Hateful, Vindictive, Anti-Democratic, Fascist, UN-Presidential Behavior and wanted him GONE. Citizens Voted to remove him from Office and he got what he deserved.








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