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CNN & Chris Licht SUCKS for Trump Town Hall

CNN SUCKS and CEO Chris Licht should be FIRED for hosting Trump Town Hall filed with LIES and outrageous conduct

CNN proves they have no decency or principles by treating Trump like he’s a normal candidate, hosting his Town Hall instead calling him out for the liar, lunatic and coup instigating traitor he is


CNN promoting their forthcoming Trump town hall as if Trump is a normal person who was not arrested and did not incite a riotous insurrection


Trump Town Hall Lies Lies


Trump town hall: How the media covers a seditious presidential candidate


10 questions for CNN to ask Trump

If CNN insists on providing Trump with a live town hall in New Hampshire Wednesday, they should consider posing these 10 questions Mehdi Hasan would ask the twice-impeached, and now indicted, former president.



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