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Sandy Hook Families Win Lawsuit Against Alex Jones

Sandy Hook Families Win Lawsuit Against Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for almost 1 Billion dollars after a court found him liable for defamation for spreading lies about the Sandy Hook attack. Jesse talks about the nearly ONE BILLION DOLLAR judgment against Alex Jones, which was reached lawfully by a jury of his peers. Not only did he laugh and mock and generally act like a ASSHOLE while the verdict was being read in court, but he was also supported and defended by conservatives from all over who came to his aide


Alex Jones mocks Sandy Hook Parents as almost 1 Billion dollars judgement amounts are read. Promised to keep from paying using litigation for years in court


Alex Jones Sandy Hook $965 Million Judgement Discussed

Attorney James Bergenn explains why Jones tactics to evade paying Sandy Hook Plaintiffs $965 Million Judgement won’t work


Alex Jones Hit With Another STAGGERING Fine In Most Recent Sandy Hook Trial


Sandy Hook families win legal victory against Alex Jones in defamation case


Alex Jones Ordered To Pay Over $965 Million To Sandy Hook Victim Families

A jury Wednesday ordered conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to pay more than $900 million to the families of Sandy Hook for making false claims about the shooting.


Alex Jones is typical of the type of lunatics which are Republicans





Sandy Hook Families Win Legal Victory Against Alex Jones In Defamation Suit


Alex Jones Declares Bankruptcy To Stall Defamation Lawsuits Against Him

Alex Jones has been fighting defamation lawsuits from his victims for many years, and he finally decided to file for bankruptcy to prolong the suffering of those who have been impacted by his words. This move means that Jones will be able to restructure his finances and his various businesses in order to shield money that the victims could otherwise be entitled to


Alex Jones Gets SHUT DOWN By DOJ

Alex Jones was trying to avoid paying the Sandy Hook parents until the DOJ shut him down.


Megyn Kelly’s entire interview with Alex Jones


Is false Sandy Hook conspiracy free speech?

CNN’s Michael Smerconish explains how parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook school shooting are suing Infowars host Alex Jones for defamation for his repeated claims that the massacre was a hoax.


What Kind of Person Calls a Mass Shooting a Hoax?

A year and a half after the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, Lenny Pozner called to set up a meeting with Wolfgang Halbig. The 68-year-old security consultant was the de facto leader of a community of conspiracy theorists, known as hoaxers, who claimed that the shooting had been staged by the government.




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