Supreme Court Sucks

Supreme Court Sucks

The US Supreme Court has proven that it is not just.  Proof is how they almost always vote down part lines.  This underscores how flawed our justice system is in general.

The US Supreme Court is nothing more than a tool to force the political policy of the prevailing majority of justices down the American people’s throats.



The Supreme Court ruled on McCullen v. Coakley, striking down a Massachusetts law requiring protesters to stay at least 35 feet from an abortion clinic’s entrance and walkways.


Video title: Supreme court delivers blow to women’s rights

On June 30, 2014, in a 5-4 decision, the Court ruled that Hobby Lobby and certain other private corporations may now deny female employees insurance coverage for contraception by simply claiming it goes against their company’s religion.

According to the all-male Supreme Court majority, Viagra gets covered. But if you’re trying to avoid getting pregnant–or have endometriosis and need a birth control prescription–you’re out of luck.  Why? Because as Justice Anthony Kennedy literally said during arguments, birth control is “not that important”.

Ninety-nine percent of women will use birth control at some point in their lives, 58 percent of them for a reason other than preventing pregnancy, like treating endometriosis. As a result of this ruling, women will suffer and be unable to afford the medication they need.

Ultimately, this is about respect. Five men on the Supreme Court just ruled that women’s health care needs are not legitimate health care needs.

What Does The Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Ruling Mean?

Video title: The state of the public unions

The Supreme Court ruled that public workers can opt out of paying union dues.

The Dirty Politics Behind The Supreme Court’s Decision To Limit Recess Appointments

Recent decisions of the predominately Republican Supreme Court “Justices” are total BS.  This is just another example of why ALL Republicans should be removed from office on every level of government.


 Clarence Thomas

Video shows part of Anita Hill’s Senate testimony on 10/12/91 on the confirmation hearing of Clarence Thomas.


His vote caused worst president ever, George W. Bush to be installed as President.

As a result of George W. Bush being president, the United States engaged in a unprovoked war against Iraq which resulted in the deaths of over 4,000 US deaths, over 32,000 US Troops wounded and over 100,000 Iraqi  deaths. The George W. Bush administration also ran up a debt of almost 10 trillion dollars.

George W. Bush also is responsible for 2 conservative Supreme Court appointments which caused the current dysfunctional Supreme Court.

The travesty of George W. Bush being president will likely be felt for generations.

Clarence Thomas’s vote caused a Key Provision Of Voting Rights Law to be struck down.

Clarence Thomas cast the key fifth vote enabling corporations to spend unlimited money influencing U.S. elections. As a result of this vote, outside groups spent nearly $300 million influencing the 2010 elections — much of which would have been illegal before Justice Thomas green lighted this spending.


Antonin Scalia – An Incompetent IDIOT “Conservative”

Antonin Scalia was appointed by President Reagan in 1986. Scalia was 50 years old at the time. He died at age 79.

Antonin Scalia is one of the Supreme Court Judges responsible for installing “Dumbest President Ever” BUSH as President.

Scalia was one of the “Justices” who voted for Citizens United (a 5-4 decision) which allows billionaires to funnel UNLIMITED amounts of cash to Super PAC’s which fund TV commercial supporting candidates who support their agendas, as long as they don’t directly coordinate with the candidate. Super PACs (Political Action Committees) are outside groups which raises money to support Political parties candidates.

Justice Stephen Breyer who voted against Citizens United stated “There are real problems when people want to spend lots of money on a candidate … they’ll drown out the people who don’t have a lot of money”.

Scalia’s solution for people who don’t like all the political advertisements unleashed by the court’s decision that ended limits on corporate contributions in political campaigns – “Change the channel or turn off the TV”.



Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Wanted These Innocent Guys Dead


Young Turks anchor Cenk Uygur destorys Scalia in this video and proves Scalia to be a complete idiot who makes his legal decisions, not based on the law, but on his own moral convictions.

Antonin Scalia – A Troll!


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Says Executing An Innocent Man Is Not Unconstitutional

The Supreme Court is giving Davis an opportunity to challenge his conviction on the grounds that seven of the witnesses against him have since recanted their testimony against him. But Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas disagree with the majority decision of their colleagues.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Says Executing An Innocent Man Is Not Unconstitutional



Japanese companies destroyed the United States Electronics industry by “dumping” cheap products such as Radios & TV into the US marketplace at lower prices than our companies could produce. This ultimately caused major consumer electronics companies which made Radios & TV to go out of business. The list includes companies such as RCA, Motorola, Philco and Zenith.

Per wikipedia; “In December, 1970, National Union Electric (“NUE”) sued most of the Japanese television manufacturers for violation of the Anti-Dumping Act and a conspiracy which violated American antitrust laws. During the dependency of that suit, Zenith Radio Corporation encountered increasing financial difficulty as their market share progressively went to Japanese companies. Concerned about losing market share to Japanese companies, Zenith filed suit in federal court in Philadelphia in 1974 against the major Japanese television and electronic manufacturers charging violation of the United States Antitrust Laws and the Anti-Dumping Act of 1916. Zenith joined two United States companies Sears, Roebuck and Co. and Motorola, Inc. as co-plaintiffs. The NUE suit was transferred to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania and the two suits were consolidated for pretrial proceedings and trial.[9] The suit, styled In re Japanese Electric Products Antitrust Litigation, sought $900,000,000.00 in damages.

By the end of 1983, Zenith had spent millions of dollars in connection with the litigation. In 1981, the trial court entered summary judgment on the antitrust and antidumping claims and dismissed the lawsuits. Plaintiffs appealed and the appellate court affirmed the summary judgment for Sears, Roebuck and Co., Motorola, Inc. and Sony. The case was appealed, and in March 1986 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of the defendants on Zenith’s antitrust claims. Zenith’s hopes to salvage a victory on the claims that the defendants violated the Antidumping Act of 1916 ended in April 1987 when the Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal from the U.S. District Court of Appeals in Philadelphia which upheld the ruling of the trial court in favor of the Japanese.



The Constitution was written at a time when it was inconceivable that someone would live long enough be a Supreme Court Justice for 30-plus years.

“The people who created the Constitution of the United States in the 18th century lived in a very different world than we live in,” said Michael Sappol, a historian and author of A Traffic of Dead Bodies, a book about death and social identity. “The idea that judges would get life appointments had a different kind of meaning then than it does now.”

As more Americans live longer, institutions like the Supreme Court are undergoing profound change. In other words, a lifetime isn’t what it used to be. And plenty of people have argued that the highest court in the land ought to be subject to some of the restrictions that lower-level U.S. courts and top courts in other countries already have in place. “Every place else in the world they have age limits or term limits,” says Paul Carrington, a law professor at Duke University.

The five most recently retired Supreme Court justices averaged more than 25 years apiece on the bench. That’s nearly triple the nine-year average tenure of the court’s first five justices.

US Supreme Court Chief Justice is paid $255,500 per year and associate justices are paid $244,400 a year.   It is clear from the horrible decisions made by the Republican members of the US Supreme Court, they are not worth a fraction of what they are being paid.   Their salaries is a waste of taxpayer money and another example of how hopelessly screwed up our government is.

A Supreme Court Justice term should be for no longer than 8 years. Anyone appointed should be non-political and not affiliated with any political party.


It’s Time to Retire Lifetime Appointments for Supreme Court Justices

When Supreme Court justices enter a room, you can feel the air change. I first noticed this two years ago at the State of the Union address from my perch in the elbow-to-elbow press balcony above the House gallery.