Sen. Bob Corker and Republicans Anti-Union Efforts at Volkswagon plant in Chattanooga, TN

GOP governor uses taxpayer money to bust unions
There are bombshell revelations about GOP Gov. Bill Haslam’s influence in stopping the UAW from unionizing the Tennessee VW plant.


Former Tennessee Rep. Harold Ford and John Nichols join Hardball to talk about the Tennessee Volkswagen plant workers who are deciding whether or not to unionize, and what that could mean for the local Republican politicians who are fighting against unionization

Sen. Bob Corker tries to stop workers at the Volkswagon plant in Chattanooga, TN from joining the UAW Union of Auto Workers

Sen. Bob Corker is also one of the Republicans who violated his oath of office.  See details…

Since he is a public servant, you have a right to tell him what you think about this conduct.  Here’s his office phone number: 202-224-3344

Union leaders condemn ‘despicable’ GOP effort to influence UAW voteRead article…


Volkswagen sides with the unions
For weeks, Sen. Corker has claimed he’s not anti-union after intimidating workers. Ed Schultz and guests discuss how the vote might actually hurt TN workers.