Sarah Palin Idiot

Listen to a heckler call Palin an Idiot with dumb ass Joe McCarthy look-a-like Ted Cruz standing at her side.   Palin & Cruz epitomize everything which is wrong with the Republican party today and why you would have to be an idiot to be a Republican with such dumb asses elevated to the status as voices and leaders of the party.   How can anyone be so stupid as to listen to and believe anything these idiots have to say.

I’ll bet Abraham Lincoln would be in disbelief at what has happened to Republican party and he would be appalled at how they have treated the first Afro-american president.



Most reasonable people would agree that Sarah Palin is not qualified to be President, Governor of Alaska or even Mayor of a small town, yet there are many Republicans who support her and would have no problem voting for her as President.  These same people hate President Obama.

The type of people who support and would vote for Sarah Palin are intellectually challenged. Therefore their intellectual deficiency and closed mindedness is what keeps them from appreciating and supporting President Obama.


Sara Palin is an Idiot for saying President Obama should be impeached. Obama has been standing up for the middle class and the poor while dumb ass Republicans like Sara Palin has done nothing but criticize and obstruct.

Anyone who actuality listens to Sara Palin and believes anything she says is as STUPID as she is.

Even the sound of her voice is offense… every word she says sounds like a nagging wife saying “Take out the Trash!”