Rush Limbaugh Ratings & Radio Audience Declining

Just like other aging celebrities, Rush Limbaugh had his day in the sun but those days are waning like his aging Audience. Now let me be clear in saying I have never disliked old Rush. I think he can be quite entertaining and amusing.

The day will eventually come when very few people will even remember who Rush Limbaugh was. During the 1930’s & 1940’s, Walter Winchell was one of the top radio personalities. Now, how many people even remember Walter Winchell? Not many. If it weren’t for Winchell being the announcer for the 1960’s TV Show, The Untouchables, he would be totally forgotten. The same will eventually happen to poor old Rush.

Republicans / Conservatives may claim that conservatism isn’t dying by stating the fact that Congress and a majority of States are under Republican rule. The primary reason is because of Republican’s aggressive gerrymandering tactics which has been rigging elections in their favor since they implemented REDMAP (full story here). Conservatism rule will eventually fade due to the shift in demographics and younger age dominating the overall US population.

Church attendance in steep decline | Watch News Videos Online

Sat, Nov 19: Church attendance both Catholic and protestant is declining. A new study from Laurier University says that it’s the message is driving people away, it may no longer be in-step with what people feel today. Mike Drolet reports.

Most conservatives are church goers and church attendance is declining, a clear indicator of the dwindling conservative population.  Also, Millennial’s officially HATE conservatives and their backward values and thinking.  Other factors working against Republicans & Conservatives… their core base of older white Americans are dying off & becoming the minority due to changing demographics.


Here’s my absolute favorite video of Rush Limbaugh… being called “Brain Washed  NAZI” by an ex-marine


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