Rudy Giuliani Sucks & Acts Nuts



“Crazy Eyes” Rudy Giuliani Gets Busted Lying About Mueller Probe

Rudy Giuliani’s legal strategy for Donald Trump appears to be to just make things up as he goes. This past weekend, Giuliani claimed that the Special Prosecutor’s office said that the investigation would end on September 1st of this year. But apparently no one told the Special Prosecutor’s office about this, because they have not set an official end date and don’t plan to do so. Giuliani is lying through his teeth and causing Trump even more embarrassment than usual, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


Video title: (Jimmy Kimmel Live) Rudy Giuliani is Very Confused

Giuliani Unhinged Interviews

Giuliani gave damaging unhinged interviews (complete with crazy eyes) on Donald Trump’s behalf last week during which he directly contradicted statements Trump made about the payment to Stormy Daniels, to the point where Trump had to say Giuliani is new and doesn’t know all the facts. Giuliani also had a chat with George Stephanopoulos yesterday, where he said something so confusing, that we had no choice but to take out the chalkboard and break it down.


Rudy Giuliani Made Trump Look Foolish

On Sunday, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani resurfaced with new talking points on the Mueller investigation, calling it the most corrupt investigation he’s ever seen.

Rudy Giuliani makes fun of a man with Parkinson’s


Video title: Obama doesn’t love America

I think Rudy Giuliani is an Idiot and he sucks for saying President Obama doesn’t love America.  Any respect I had for this POS is now gone. Rudy Giuliani can EAT SHIT and suck a big one.



This is the same hate talk we’ve been hearing for years from Idiot Republicans.

This type of BS is one of the many reasons REPUBLICANS SUCK and I’ll never vote for a stinking Republican.


Jon Stewart Shreds Rudy Giuliani


The above just goes to show what a delusional IDIOT Giuliani is… blaming Obama for 9-11 when Obama wasn’t even president at the time. Dumb ass Republican BUSH was the president during 9-11.

Reports show BUSH failed to read and act upon briefings that terrorists were planning an attack on the World Trade Center. No mention of THAT by IDIOT Giuliani!


Rudy Giuliani has been a long-time supporter of TRUMP… more proof of what an IDIOT Giuliani is.



It appears that Rudy Giuliani and the FBI engaged in SMEAR Tactics to torpedo Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign to get Donald Trump elected president.

Giuliani saying “I think he’s [Trump] got a surprise or two” and “We’ve got a couple things up our sleeve that should turn this around” makes it seem that Rudy Giuliani, the Trump campaign and the FBI cooked up the scheme together to make an announcement about new emails.

Giuliani was gloating, smiling ear to ear as he stated “WE’VE got a couple of things up OUR sleeves that should turn this around” , then 2 days later the FBI made an announcement about new emails which DID turn things around to the point that Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers plummeted from a double digit lead to no lead.

Click here this link to view the details;  Rudy Giuliani & FBI Conspiracy to Destroy Hillary Clinton


Video shows Rudy Giuliani Dressed in woman’s cloths

Washington Post Article: Rudy Giuliani is 2016’s Mr. DeplorableClick here to read

16 Reasons Why Rudy Giuliani Sucks –  By Jefferson. Under People, Politics –


Rudy Giuliani is a strange looking & acting human being. I commend who ever made this meme and agree that he bears a striking resemblance to the fiend, Nosferatu from the 1920’s vampire movie.


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