Rudy Giuliani Sucks & Acts Nuts


Rudy Giuliani Facing New York State Bar Revocation

Rudy Giuliani is facing possible expulsion from the New York State Bar Association over incendiary remarks he made to President Donald Trump’s supporters last week before they violently stormed the U.S. Capitol. NBC New York’s Chris Glorioso reports.


2 Associates of Rudy Giuliani Arrested!

The above article was posted on October 10, 2019 and there’s been no activity since then. Why? It appears Trump’s “Roy Cohn” Attorney General William Barr has stopped all investigations which might implicate or embarrass Trump or any of his friends like Rudy Giuliani. #LawlessAttorneyGeneral!


Former Prosecutors Call For Rudy Giuliani To Be Disbarred And Indicted

A group of former federal prosecutors are arguing that Rudy Giuliani should not only be disbarred for his actions, but possibly even indicted if the allegations against him are true. Giuliani is said to have been one of the architects of Trump’s Ukraine request to investigate Joe Biden and his son


“Giuliani ‘Needed Yovanovitch Out Of The Way’ On Quest For Dirt In Ukraine

Rudy Giuliani triples down in saying he wanted Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch out of her job; ‘I forced her out because she’s corrupt'”.

No evidence has been shown by anyone that Marie Yovanovitch was/is corrupt. To the contrary, it’s clear she was removed because she stood in the way of Rudy Giuliani and Trump’s corruption.

Bar Licensed Attorneys are considered “Officers of the Court” and are supposed to be ethical & truthful.


Rudy Giuliani’s actions under scrutiny in Trump’s call with Ukrainian president

Rudy Giuliani’s efforts to dig up dirt on the Bidens is a central focus of President Trump’s July phone call with the Ukrainian President. In one key quote from the White House notes, President Trump told the Ukrainian leader: “I will ask him to call you along with the Attorney General. Rudy very much knows what’s happening and he is a very capable guy. If you could speak to him that would be great.”


Rudy Giuliani admitted he was “meddling in an investigation” in Ukraine. Aired on 09/25/19


“Crazy Eyes” Rudy Giuliani Gets Busted Lying About Mueller Probe

Rudy Giuliani’s legal strategy for Donald Trump appears to be to just make things up as he goes. This past weekend, Giuliani claimed that the Special Prosecutor’s office said that the investigation would end on September 1st of this year. But apparently no one told the Special Prosecutor’s office about this, because they have not set an official end date and don’t plan to do so. Giuliani is lying through his teeth and causing Trump even more embarrassment than usual, as Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins explains.


Video shows Rudy Giuliani’s hypocrisy claiming Joe Biden has mental issues when all of his claims apply to Trump


Video title: (Jimmy Kimmel Live) Rudy Giuliani is Very Confused

Giuliani Unhinged Interviews

Giuliani gave damaging unhinged interviews (complete with crazy eyes) on Donald Trump’s behalf last week during which he directly contradicted statements Trump made about the payment to Stormy Daniels, to the point where Trump had to say Giuliani is new and doesn’t know all the facts. Giuliani also had a chat with George Stephanopoulos yesterday, where he said something so confusing, that we had no choice but to take out the chalkboard and break it down.


Rudy Giuliani Made Trump Look Foolish

On Sunday, Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani resurfaced with new talking points on the Mueller investigation, calling it the most corrupt investigation he’s ever seen.


Rudy Giuliani makes fun of a man with Parkinson’s


Video title: Obama doesn’t love America

I think Rudy Giuliani is an Idiot and sucks for saying President Obama doesn’t love America. Rudy Giuliani can EAT SHIT and suck a big one.


This is the same hate talk we’ve been hearing for years from Idiot Republicans.

This type of BS is one of the many reasons REPUBLICANS SUCK and I’ll never vote for a stinking Republican.

Jon Stewart Shreds Rudy Giuliani


The above just goes to show what a delusional IDIOT Giuliani is… blaming Obama for 9-11 when Obama wasn’t even president at the time. Dumb ass Republican BUSH was the president during 9-11.

Reports show BUSH failed to read and act upon briefings that terrorists were planning an attack on the World Trade Center. No mention of THAT by IDIOT Giuliani!


Video shows Rudy Giuliani Dressed in woman’s cloths


Rudy Giuliani is a strange looking & acting human being. I commend who ever made this meme and agree that he bears a striking resemblance to the fiend, Nosferatu from the 1920’s vampire movie.


Rudy Giuliani is 2016’s Mr. Deplorable

If Donald Trump’s presidential campaign were one of his beauty pageants, instead of a “Miss Congeniality” consolation prize there would have to be a “Mr. or Ms. Deplorable.” According to my score card, the winner is Rudy Giuliani. Trump is the master of ceremonies, so he’s ineligible.

Washington Post Article: Rudy Giuliani is 2016’s Mr. Deplorable


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