2020 Could Be a Wipe-Out for Republicans

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From coronavirus, to party affiliation and fundraising, all the signs point to a Democratic landslide this November. Chris Cillizza explains why Republicans should be worried.


Why a Democratic landslide could crush the GOP for years to come

As November 3 draws closer, independent political handicappers are revising upwards the likelihood of Joe Biden winning the presidency and Democrats making gains in Congress. In other words, a Democratic landslide could be coming. CNN’s Chris Cillizza explains how this potential wave will crash hardest — and with the most impact — at the state legislative level.


Internal Republican Polling Shows Trump Getting CRUSHED Next Week

More than one dozen polls conducted by Republican groups have been released, and they all show the same thing – Trump has no chance of winning the election. This is the same thing that the polls showed 4 years ago, so are we headed for the same kind of upset win, or has the polling been corrected to reflect the true opinions of the public?

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