Republicans Making False Claims Exposed

Rachel Maddow exposes Republicans who claim Barack Obama is a Arab, Muslim and Terrorist.

Also this video shows Republican Representative Allen West claiming that 78 to 81 Democrat members of congress are card carrying members of the Communist Party.


As shown above, the American Communist Party stated that there are NO members of congress who are members of the Communist Party.  Therefore Republican Representative Allen West is a LIER.  

The 1950’s and Mccarthy Witch hunts ended years ago.  Call Allen West at 202-225-3026 and tell him what you think about his outragous false statements.

More proof of how Republicans LIE and use scare tacticts to try to persuade feeble minded people into not to voting for Democrat candidates.  These are the same type of propaganda tacticts used by German Natzis to demonize the Jews.


Republicans are constantly accusing Democrats of increasing the size of the government and spending.  This video shows how BUSH increased the size of the Government and spending more than any other President since WW2.  And how President Obama is taking measures to decrease the size of the government and spending.

This fact makes no difference to Republicans…  they continue to LIE and card carrying Republicans and Tea Party nuts beleive them.